16 thoughts on “Mystery grows with key suspect in Haiti president killing

    1. Haiti was born out of a slave revolt in one of the most brutal slave states in the world. It was incredibly bloody, but so was the history long before that. People do reach breaking points in the face of such treatment.

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      1. Not defending what went before, but when you murder children because of their skin color you are off to a bad start.

        There is nothing that justifies the intentional murder of children.


        1. What if I started my history of WWII with the atomic bombings of populated Japanese cities? These were deliberate acts that killed tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of children. Might I be accused of obfuscating the historical record?

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          1. Then I guess I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make by bringing up the massacre of the remaining whites after the revolution. That would be like if the response to the Kennedy assassination was, “well, the US had slaves, and had a policy of genocide against Native Americans, killed a bunch of kids at Ludlow, burned a bunch more alive in Waco and Philadelphia, etc.”

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        2. Not defending killing anyone, much less the defenseless.

          But this is what Civil War or Revolutions create and whenever I hear of 2nd Amendment solutions, I shake my head and wonder if the supporters of armed rebellions even think about that.

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          1. Not the same thing.

            For example. in the Russian revolution, the Bolsheviks had attained power, but chose to murder the Romanov children just to be sure the Russian people did not reinstate them.


          2. I may not have been clear. Revolutions and civil wars go hand in hand. Targeted or not, defenseless people, children included, are killed. Collateral damage is the excuse, but the fact is when we get to that stage, the nation is done for.

            Which is worse, children selected for death or starving them to death with the weaponizing of food which always affects civilians and children, not combatants.

            Why do we allow our weapons to kill civilians by proxy in Yemen?

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    2. The point of the article is that, as usual, the US may have its fingerprints on instability in the Caribbean.

      “Born in mass murder”, eh? And what kind of system was Haiti “born” from? If it “hasn’t done much better,” I’m sure that has nothing to do with constant US and European interference in its domestic affairs as well as multiple US occupations and sponsored coups. Oh, and they had to pay reparations to France for all the “property” lost during the revolution.

      And what do you care if they’re burning forest? Climate change isn’t real.

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  1. Haiti is a mess. From the article I would be willing to wager that drug cartels are involved.

    Our and Europe’s insatiable need for drugs coupled with draconian laws has made the cartels a destroyer of nations. Gangs run Haiti now.

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