GOP Finds Its Voice

No to Unemployment Insurance

No to Social Security

No to Medicaid and Medicare

No to Farm Subsidies

No to Food Stamps

And NO! to getting vaccinated.

As AOC tweeted – “You go girl!”

The fact that CPAC would welcome this insurrectionist who was live Tweeting the locations of Speaker Pelosi and other Representatives for the benefit of the rampaging mob on January 6th tells us just how corrupt and debased the “conservative” movement has become.

Too bad guns were not allowed inside the hall or Lauren could have really shown us what the Trump GOP is all about.

15 thoughts on “GOP Finds Its Voice

        1. “Who is the person?”

          The person is Lauren Boebert, a member of Congress and the poster woman for unfettered gun rights. She made a well-publicized stink about not being able to carry inside the Capitol. The idea that you have no idea who she is is simply not credible.

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          1. “And you have a source for the list of positions you attribute to her?”

            I do. I posted it. It is her own words proudly proclaimed at CPAC. Were her remarks made using too many big words for you? They were really quite clear – NO to government benefits. NO to Faucu Ouchies.

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          2. “or are you just lying again?”

            You have NEVER caught me in a lie – a statement of fact that is not true. Unlike you, I do not need to lie to support my views. Your continuous disrespect for the simple truth is not a secret around here.

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    1. If 230 goes you won’t see any political posts. Certainly not from Trump. Being responsible for the content is not something Trump wants or social media prefers.

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      1. The argument could go the other way. Section 230 technically makes the government responsible for the content, which violates the First Amendment.


    1. OK, so she posted that Pelosi was not there. So?

      Sounds like she was discouraging people from breaking in to look for her. Had she posted where Pelosi went, I would see a problem, but simply telling people there was no point looking for her there is discouraging the intruders.


      1. Or telling them that the entire Congress is in the House chamber, but the Speaker is not. So look elsewhere for her.

        Which is what she did tweet 1 and 2 minutes after news of the breach was tweeted.

        No speculation needed, just assurances from Boebert that what you guess is correct. Under oath of course. (“Trust, but verify”…RR).

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