Good for them

BLM 757 protests violence in their community

When they’re right, they’re right.

BLM 757 is finally addressing violence in their own community. Considering that gang violence takes a hundred lives for every police involved fatal shooting, they are addressing the real problem at last.

I hope they can make some progress.

24 thoughts on “Good for them

    1. Not really,

      Most of the police shootings turned out to be justified, none of the gang murders are.

      When you look at the murderers in the community vs the UNJUSTIFIED police shootings, the bad police shootings are barely a rounding error.


      1. Yes, really. Unjustified killings are just the tip of an iceberg of THE REAL PROBLEM of unjust and unequal treatment of non-white people in all aspects of the judicial system.


        1. OK, going beyond deaths there is a problem, largely because of our drug laws.

          Of course, the name of the organization is Black LIVES Matter. But there are indeed injustices.


          1. LIVES are also ruined by unjust incarcerations and overly long prison sentences.

            Of course, you are right, the far bigger problem in terms of immediate deaths is gun violence. We should all do something about that, right? You know, because Black Lives Matter.

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          2. Don’t distort the language.

            It’s not ‘gun violence’ it’s ‘gang violence.’

            I have lots of guns, not one has ever committed an act of violence, They just sit there..

            Ig no one had guns and the gangs were killing each other with hatchets, the problem would still be there.


          3. It is you who is trying to distort the language.

            “Gun violence” is the common expression to describe people hurting each other with guns. Without guns there would surely still be gang violence but it would be far less deadly. Guns are very good at what they are designed to do.

            This fits in this context because your usual response to the horrendous gun violence in this country is that it is no big deal because it is mostly “urban people” shooting and dying. That may well be true but it does not mean that it is a problem to be ignored if you believe that Black Lives Matter.

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          4. “Gun Violence” is the common term only because it is the agreed upon talking point by the MSM and Blumenthal.

            Regardless, it is a meaningless term. I’ll lay out a table full of my guns for you and you can watch them and tell me when one commits an act of violence.

            This is just another example of the MSM using their pulpit to create a false mental picture. Reasoned people should not use the term.


          5. “Gun Violence” is the common term only because it is the agreed upon talking point by the MSM and Blumenthal.

            You are an endless source of bullshit. I hate to think you really believe the things you write but, by golly, maybe you do.

            It makes perfect linguistic and common sense for “gun violence” to be distinguished from “violence” because it is a uniquely dangerous and deadly form of violence.

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          6. No, it is a pejorative term to generate support for gun control and it is a poor choice linguistically.

            Are gang violence, domestic violence, random shootings, and armed robbery all the same thing, with the same cause, and the same means of prevention? Then is it linguistically efficient to call then the same thing because a gun was used?

            It is a senseless term that impairs discussion of policy to prevent them.


          7. Repeating your bullshit ad nauseum doesn’t make it smell any better.

            “Gun violence” is plain English with a clear meaning. It is not the product of some plot by Mike Blumenthal and the media to take away your guns. Grow up.

            And whatever kind of violence they are used in guns make that violence worse.

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          8. So, domestic violence and gang violence are the same thing if a gun is used.

            No wonder liberals never solve problems without creating worse ones.


          9. “So, domestic violence . . .”

            Just lame.

            But speaking of domestic violence it is something that escalates to gun violence many thousands of times each year. The sort of weaklings who abuse their women are frequently boosting their “power” by brandishing and sometimes using their guns.

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          10. LOL!

            There is no issue to address.
            “Gun violence” is plain English which everyone understands. It is not the product of a plot.

            If you see an insult in my remarks about the sort of bloke involved in wife abuse as an insult, well, that’s on you. But, it is a matter of fact that a very frequent use of guns is to intimidate, control and all too often kill women.

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          11. You can’t solve a problem if you won’t address it,

            Lumping gang, domestic, racial, criminal and spree violence under one label prevents addressing the causes.

            But you’d rather let those problems go unsolved to further your hop;ophobia.


          12. “But you’d rather let those problems go unsolved to further your hop;ophobia.”

            More ignorant bullshit.

            The solution to almost all of those problems is economic. I have advocated for years for policy changes to ease the burden of poverty – the root cause of gun violence and every other sort of violence. You have opposed any and all measures to address that core problem and regurgitated your silly mantra of “stealing” whenever they are discussed.

            Bottom line, admit that “gun violence” is just English and take your accusations and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

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          13. A, so the mass shooting at VA Tech was due to poverty. Domestic violence among middle class families is due to poverty. Gang shootings are due to poverty.

            Mental illness, misogyny, and addiction have nothing to do with them.

            You’re painting yourself into a ludicrous corner.


          14. Uh, it is you displaying a monumental level of – let’s be kind and call it – stupidity.

            Of course not every instance of gun violence is directly attributable to poverty, but to deny that it is at the root of most of it is clueless. Domestic violence arises from poverty. Gangs arise from poverty. Broken families and fatherless children arise from poverty. Even mental illness – untreated because of poverty – arises from poverty. Not always and only for all these, but significantly.

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          15. Nope

            Millionaire entertainers beat up their partners regularly. Alcohol and drugs, and narcissism play a much larger role than poverty.

            But even were your assessment right, you should be calling it ‘ poverty violence” not gun violence


          16. “Nope”

            You are just sad.

            The way to reduce violence of all kinds – including gun violence – is to reduce hopeless poverty. This is no secret and no mystery.

            Life is too short to run down all the tangents you spin up instead of just admitting the truth. Yes there are instances of violence among the rich, the famous, the middle class but it is endemic where there is poverty.


          17. As I have patiently explained to you before, guns usually are not the cause of gun violence but they are a necessary condition for gun violence to occur. Therefore, reducing the number and the lethality of guns will reduce gun violence.

            I said “usually” because having a gun in the possession of some weakling emboldens him to confrontational and aggressive behavior that he would otherwise eschew. Leading to gun violence.


          18. I would suggest that the possibility of the “weakling” like perhaps a woman or elder, might be armed more often dissuades the thug from acting aggressively.

            Do we call that “gun non-violence?”


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