Who is the Trumpiest of them all?


I am reminded of what happened to Mike Castle in Delaware. Instead of keeping a safe Senate seat held by Ron Portman, the Trump GOP will offer Ohio the Trumpiest candidate they can find. Yay!

One of the candidates J.D. Vance – author of “Hillbilly Elegy” – who said of Trump in 2016 . . .

“I can’t stomach Trump, I think that he’s noxious and is leading the white working class to a very dark place.”

has now gone cap in hand to Mar-a-Lago with a billionaire donor in tow to make his obeisance. This is what the death of party looks like. Hopefully not of a country.

15 thoughts on “Who is the Trumpiest of them all?

  1. Please refer to Mr Robert’s post.

    Your arrogant disregard for the deplorables is why Trump remains popular with his base. The thought of such nasty, snobbish people in power makes Trump look good.


    1. Why do you feel you are “deplorable”?

      You are reading what you want into personalities based on suppositions. A “smirk” by Obama was the defining image.

      Arrogant disregard for Democrats is your mantra. You despise them, yet accuse us of TDS.

      Look for the log please.

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    2. Don’t like the word “Trumpiest.” And you accuse me of being – not just arrogant – but humorless.

      There is nothing in my post that is arrogant and I did not say anything about the people who support Trump. Your instant, uncivil and angry reaction tells me that the truth hurts. You also believe that your hero’s attempts to drag this county into a cesspool of hate, lies and divisiveness are leading to political disaster for you people.

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  2. Despite protestations to the contrary, politics in America is all about Trump.

    100’s of voting laws changed, social media controversies, gangs, death threats to party members deemed disloyal, international relations repairs, vaccination, assault on our Capitol…all this from the words of one man.

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          1. RE: “Are there any parts of the GOP agenda that is not influenced by what Trump demands.”

            Can’t say. To the extent I think about politics at all, I often go weeks without thinking about Trump.


  3. RE: “This is what the death of party looks like. Hopefully not of a country.”

    Death of country has already happened.


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