2 in 1: Federal Abuse of Jan. 6 Protesters



As with JFK’s assassination, the full and verifiable story of the events of Jan. 6 may never be known. As details emerge through litigation, however, the federal role is looking less savory.

29 thoughts on “2 in 1: Federal Abuse of Jan. 6 Protesters

    1. I’m tempted to speculate that protesters were “invited” into the building and allowed to occupy spaces outside of a pre-defined internal perimeter. Ashli Babbit threatened to breach that perimeter; hence she was shot.

      It is, of course, just a speculation.


      1. There are a lot of unanswered questions about the attack on 1/6. I suspect most issues might revolve around a couple of points:

        Few actually thought a coordinated, well equipped physical assault against our own government was really going to happen. Especially not with our own president at the rally. Not a lot of precedence for that.

        Next, the president was still the head of government and it was his administration, his law folks and military, that was responsible for intelligence and its overall response. Now, if Congress is partly in charge through the Capitol police preparedness, we need to know that. There are lots of conspiracies about Pelosi planning everything…so let’s find out.

        Certainly the attackers who have lawyers were going to post defenses as for your man Anderson. He was arrested because videos showed him in the front line with a stolen police shield and got sprayed. If he has asthma then maybe an assault on our government wasn’t the best “recreation” for him.

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    2. Then we should really investigate why and who both instigated the assault and the lack of sufficient security.

      A bipartisan commission is a great idea.

      No you say?

      Well then, we have do a bipartisan House investigation.

      No again, eh?

      Tough crowd. What would please the minions?

      How about an annual “bring your gang members to Congress day”. BYO…clubs, knives, guns, tasers, bear spray, lances, body armor, zip ties. We will have a gallows building contest followed by wall scaling techniques and a class in zip tie usage. Fun for all. Bring your family.

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      1. Indeed there should be an investigation as to why, in so many Democrat controlled cities, the police stepped back and allowed the mobs to loot and burn businesses and homes, leaving it to the citizens to try to do their jobs for them.

        Rittenhouse, and others, were only out there because to the police were not.

        As to who should do the investigation, good question. It can’t be the local governments who abandoned their duty to keepo the peace. So who?


        1. Uh, bullshit. You seem to really believe what you are fed by “conservative” media. Sad.

          It is not up to militia shitheads from other states to set policing priorities and tactics. If police officials decide on restraint in a volatile situation as the best way to avoid loss of life then no private citizen, militia or vigilante has ANY legitimate right to involve themselves with deadly weapons except in their own homes. They are criminals far more dangerous than some looter or dumpster fire starter. Kenosha proves the point. There was unrest in Kenosha that night but the ONLY people killed were killed by the criminal pinhead from out-of-state, your hero – Kyle Rittenhouse.

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          1. That is ridiculous. Every property owner has the right to protect his property and to enlist the aid of others in doing so.

            The police have no power to decide to sacrifice private property to appease the mob unless they have seized and paid for the property through eminent domain. They certainly cannot give away the property owners rights.


          2. “That is ridiculous. ”

            Your ignorance of the law is what is ridiculous. Everyone has a right to protect themselves but deadly force to protect property is not legal in most jurisdictions. The only exception is your home as I mentioned. Kyle Rittenhouse was not enlisted by anybody to protect their home.

            As to your legal claims about what the police may not do – total nonsense. Their tactical deployments in the event of civil unrest are not governed by law. Period. Where do you get this bullshit?

            What is particularly ridiculous is how you parrot the overblown accounts of rampaging black people to defend White Supremacist vigilante gun violence.

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  1. The FBI infiltrates Mosques in order to entrap clumsy people all the time. Not sure what the faith of the agent has to do with this story either…

    The cops also brutalize protestors all the time. It’s not just an abuse of power when it happens to people you agree with.

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    1. RE: “It’s not just an abuse of power when it happens to people you agree with.”

      That’s certainly true, but only relevant if one believes the protesters were attempting a revolutionary take over of the government. If the protesters were merely buffoons, we should want the government to be more circumspect.


      1. And buffoons they certainly were. So I’m pleased to learn that we can look forward to your full throated disgust and condemnation when the cops inevitably brutalize people protesting something worthy and righteous, like centuries of oppression and state murder with impunity.

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          1. Assuming we would agree on issues worthy and righteous for protest is unwarranted.


      2. Preventing to duly elected government from taking office on orders from the ousted president is most certainly a take over of government. An autogolpe by any definition.

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  2. So, one obvious question . . .why the objection to the Bipartisan Commission to investigate the roots and the handling of the insurrection in detail? Could it be that those in the know in the GOP know that these various silly smokescreens and blame shifting stories are bullshit?

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    1. That, and the very real danger to some for sworn testimony about that day. McCarthy comes to mind for starters. The people around Trump both before and after regarding his plans and reluctance to stop his gangs from the assault.

      And, of course, Trump himself has a lot of ‘splaining to do, Lucy.

      Of course all this is kind of dependent upon the sad reality that most Republicans, leadership as well as electorate, could not care less about this country. They are just exchanging integrity for votes on the one hand and wrapping themselves in the flag, holding a cross in the other.

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      1. RE: “most Republicans, leadership as well as electorate, could not care less about this country”

        You should listen to yourself sometime. Archie Bunker would be proud of your bigotry.


        1. “Bigotry” – Yet another slander you sling but do not understand.

          An opinion based on evidence is NOT bigotry. Duh! The evidence to support Len’s opinion is overwhelming and irrefutable. You people HATE America as it is now and yearn for a different country from the past when old white male hegemony was unquestioned and everyone else knew their place.

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