She will NEVER learn, will she?

Once again, the Gentlelady from Georgia invokes 1930’s German rhetoric.

Comparing offering door-to-door vaccines to the Brown Shirts proves, once again, that even a trip to the Holocaust Museum taught her nothing.

She is a game show host at best, and a Nazi obsessed idiot at worst. The problem is she is an elected representative of her district who does not represent her constituents. She just tries to stay relevant through idiotic comments.

7 thoughts on “She will NEVER learn, will she?

    1. All she has to say is “T**** Won”. Stop the Steal and NOT pass any meaningful legislation and they gobble it up. She represents 45 country well. The problem is 45 country are anti-democratic T**** lovers.

      Yet it doesn’t bother you one bit that an elected representative in this country, while not representing YOU personally, spouts off this kind of idiocy.

      Her rhetoric is dangerous and ugly. But, hey, she’s not representing me so why worry.

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    2. Only two kinds of people are comfortable with the brown shirts references: neo-Nazis, and their spawn plus the ignorant. You think those are her constituents? They might take issue with that.

      One of the bloodiest centuries in recorded history wrapped around the worst genocide. As a topper, there are survivors and participants still alive that went through it.

      Greene is either a neo-Nazi or a blathering idiot.

      I suspect both.

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      1. It’s not a national office. She represents a discrete congressional district.

        Hopefully, she will be primaried by a more carefully spoken Republican, but she isn’t in my district or yours.


        1. The House of Representatives IS the national legislature. But your quibbling aside, you still get to shine in the reflected glory of this prominent member of your movement. She incapsulates A LOT of what you have been spouting for years and most recently, The Big Lie.

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