Now the Democrats are stealing elections from themselves

135K extra votes in NYC Democrat primary

But of course there’s no way to rig an election.

18 thoughts on “Now the Democrats are stealing elections from themselves

  1. And they caught the error. Inadvertently loading ballots used to test the software is a MISTAKE; not an attempt to steal or rig anything. Just like the systems that catch the miniscule levels of fraud.

    This falls in to the category of a nothing burger. But you just can’t help yourself, can you?

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    1. The point you are missing is that what was done by error could as easily have been done by malice, and on a smaller scale that would be harder to detect.

      The claim is often made that such tampering isn’t possible, yet this error has shown that not to be true. It would be pretty easy to preload a few hundred votes on dozens of machines and have each appear to be a minor glitch.


      1. Well the GOP has attempted it several times and failed because the SYSTEMS work. The ballots in questions should have been removed prior, and the system in place CAUGHT the error.


      2. Of course. And who is doing the loading? Where do they get the ballots? How many have to be in on the deal show they don’t show up on the recounts and sampling audits. Who keeps the secret?

        You are way to wrapped in the conspiracies.

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      3. There is no point being missed. It has always been true that computer data can be hacked. That is not some revelation. Nobody has EVER claimed that tampering is impossible. What has been claimed is that there are checks and procedures in place to make it impossible to get away with this kind of tampering. And that is exactly what happened in this case.

        And believe it or not, GOP measures such as making it a crime to offer water to someone stuck in a voting line or cutting back on early voting or requiring pumped up IDs will not help with this “problem” in any way.

        I note again your disgusting dishonesty. Democrats have not “stolen” any election. The Big Lie is a LIE but there you go pushing it again.


  2. “ “It has been determined that ballot images used for testing were not cleared from the Election Management System (EMS),” the board said of the fiasco.”

    I wondered how long it would take before this was posted.

    Quickly assessed and corrected. It was NYC’s first attempt at ranked ballots and this hiccup showed it.

    Meanwhile the AZ audit fiasco continues with 2.1 million ballots hidden somewhere in the hills of Montana and compromised voting machines costing millions.

    I read that the audit uncovered ballots printed on Mar a Lago stationary. French fry grease stains were the primary clues. 😇

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      1. Tell that to the majority of Republicans and the House/Senate GOP caucuses. Everything is about Trump.

        The audits.
        The votes
        Gaslighting history.

        All to please your man.

        And yet, when this is pointed out in a comment, you come back with your patented phrase.

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          1. The funny part is that Giuliani Jr, got ZERO support on the GOP side of the primary.

            But Len’s comments go back to the entire idea that the system was rigged in 2020, WHICH IT WAS NOT. But you can’t be convinced of that, so you keep trying to find a way to make it so,

            Was the error, maliciously or accidentally, caught before any real damage was done? Unequivocally YES! The systems IN PLACE work. PERIOD!

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          2. Silly me. This election hiccup in NY was not news except for the BIG LIE assertions that all elections are bogus. Even you said the correction issue was proof that it could tilt an election. Would you have asserted that without Trump’s obsession for the last 5 or 6 years. I doubt it.

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          3. Len, I have been writing that Democrats cheat in elections since long before Trump entered politics.

            They stole Chicago when Nixon lost to Kennedy. LBJ got into Congress thanks to Texans voting at the last moment alphabetically.

            Democrats cheat and have done so all my lifetime.


          4. Your examples have little or nothing to do with the modern era.

            No question that Chicago politics was rife with corruption for a long time. Virginia under the Byrd Machine was no better.

            This last decade or so has cleaned up state and federal elections considerably. Which is why this emphasis on fraud is so, well, fraudulent.

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  3. “Now the Democrats are stealing elections from themselves”

    Well, we’ve seen how the fix has been in against the Sanders campaign 2 cycles in a row now. Even very minor critiques of the status quo cannot be tolerated.


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