Climate Change Damage Sooner and Worse than Expected

Chilling quote . . . “A dozen temperature trip wires have now been identified in the climate system for irreversible and potentially catastrophic change.”

We need to get our heads out of the sand and take this threat very seriously. Both in public policy and in all our personal choices.

20 thoughts on “Climate Change Damage Sooner and Worse than Expected

  1. With the Covid panic dissipating, the time is right for a climate crisis. Coincidentally, I read this morning that the government is re-activating the weather-controlling HAARP system in Alaska.


    1. I had no idea why HAARP is relevant or even what it is. I obviously should spend more time with Q.

      Being ignorant I used the Google to learn more and found this on your favorite authoritative source – Wikipedia.

      “HAARP is a target of conspiracy theorists, who claim that it is capable of “weaponizing” weather. Commentators and scientists say that advocates of this theory are uninformed, as claims made fall well outside the abilities of the facility, if not the scope of natural science.”

      So, what is the relevance? I suppose the Covid “panic” and the Chinese Climate hoax are similar somehow to wacko beliefs of the HAARP fearful?

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      1. I can confirm that Wikipedia is correct. I have personally witnessed conspiracy theorists speculating about HAARP.


          1. Well, seeing that the next IPCC Assessment Report isn’t due for over a year, dire reports based on an assessment that doesn’t exist yet does strain the credibility.


          2. I suspect that the reason France 24 is able to report on that next IPCC release is because those working on the science are alarmed by the rapidly approaching disasters and want to get the word out sooner rather than later. So, they leak their work in progress to the press. There is no good reason to believe that this reporting about its content is something that someone just made up.

            If there is ANY actual support for the nutty theories about the real purpose of HAARP I would be very surprised.

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          3. “Anonymous” does not mean unknown. Real journalists know who they are getting information from and whether they are in a position to know what they know or have what they have.

            Unless you have some evidence of dishonesty on the part of France 24, you might as well trust their reporting. They will have a lot of egg on their face if they are wrong. Competent and honest people really care about having egg on their face.

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          4. Big climate lie get the front page and are repeated across the globe, when they are debunked, if it get reported at all it is on page 17 below the gardening news.

            Opinions by then are set in stone, and based on lies.

            I get the First Order Draft on the IPCC assessments, and it isn’t due till fall 2022.

            I have no idea what France 24 based their report on, but it is worthless for forming opinion.


          5. “ Opinions by then are set in stone, and based on lies.”

            No, now you are thinking like a conspiracy guy.

            Personally I still find it hard to accept that thousands of scientists are corrupt except for the handful that poo poo AGW.


          6. What ever gives you the idea that those thousands of scientists are really closer to Paul than to me?

            Because politicians and news people tell you so? Have you ever really looked into what scientists really believe?

            And who do you think is denying AGW? It’s not binary, it’s a matter of degree and competing costs. There are really very few real scientists who believe in an existential threat.


          7. What is the “Big Climate Lie” that you are whining about? And why, do you suppose that it – whatever form you give it – gets such traction worldwide if it is all a Chinese hoax or something? Is it that most scientists just dumb and you are smart?

            BTW, don’t be so obvious stealing our “leftist” rhetoric. Makes it seem you are just playing. We know what the Big Lie is and can state it succinctly.


          8. The Big Climate Lie is that there is a catastrophic danger. There isn’t.

            There are costs which can be balanced against other costs to arrive at a realistic policy.

            Useless virtue signaling is not a policy.


          9. “The Big Climate Lie is that there is a catastrophic danger. ”

            That is a very different sort of LIE from the Big Lie. The Big Lie is binary – true or false. And, of course, it is false. Biden won the election decisively and fairly.

            What you call the Big Climate Lie is not binary. “Catastrophic danger” is a subjective, not an objective term. And, where YOU may be in very little danger, others have already lost their homes, lives and food supply to its effects. For them the catastrophic danger has already shown itself. And many millions more will suffer similar catastrophes in the decades just ahead.

            So, really, your insistence on calling very serious, very real concerns about the climate induced dangers we face “LIES” does you no credit. No more than does accusing the majority of those working in climate science of being “corrupt.”

            I believe we face catastrophic danger. You do not. It is a difference of opinion rather than a matter of truth. I do not hesitate to call you out for “alternative facts” and I have never said anything like that about your opinions on climate change. I have argued against them and challenged your evidence but have not accused you of lying when you say the danger is exaggerated.


      2. “I suppose the Covid “panic” and the Chinese Climate hoax are similar somehow to wacko beliefs of the HAARP fearful”…

        Don’t forget the big new boogeyman on the right – CRT.


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