Do you want to see something truly pitiful?

Why do so many “conservatives” hate America? Just listen to this cringeworthy loser doing his hate schtick and you will begin to see why.

Hey, Sean, quit your crybaby whining. The man controlling the Republican Party is still newsworthy and the media has always preferred covering a train wreck to reporting good news.

36 thoughts on “Do you want to see something truly pitiful?

  1. I’ve never really liked Hannity’s tone, but everything he said was factually true.

    I can see how those who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome might take her side, but she simply isn’t doing her job.


    1. Some of his facts may have been true.
      Maggie Haberman does write for the NYT.
      She had filed 40 pieces.
      A majority were about Trump.
      All true.

      His opinions, whining tone, stupid name-calling and piggy eyes were laughable and pathetic.
      Haberman is a national news journalist. Trump is national news. She IS doing her job.

      TDS is something you suffer from. You have to be deranged if you cannot see him for what he is and you – like Bob – obviously cannot.

      There is no “side” to take. Haberman needs no defense.

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        1. And you know that stories involving Trump have nothing to do with the Biden Administration?
          I would wager that some of them, at least, involved the Biden DOJ. Not that it matters. Haberman is capable of pursuing multiple stories at the same time and this whining about her being a “Trump stalker” is pitiful as I noted when I shared it.

          BTW, Haberman has not had a piece published in the NYT since June 5th so why is she a Hannity target now? Could it be that she is on to something damaging to Dear Leader? Or Hannity? Cornered rats always strike out from fear.

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  2. The only thing I saw that was pitiful was the heading for this post. I don’t watch Hannity but he has this lady, Paul and Len nailed down to a tee with all things Trump. Do they think they can sway the midterm elections by trying to keep this dead horse breathing? How is calling out facts “hating america”? The demented left strikes again…


    1. All things Trump?
      Uh, who are you addressing? Me or Hannity?
      He is the one using a national platform to talk about Trump.
      I was talking about Hannity.
      I said NOTHING about Trump except that he is newsworthy.


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        1. Yes, I posted it. Sure, but my posting was about how pitiful Hannity is. I said nothing about Trump. But you are so eager to start your whining and name calling that you did not stop and think. Do you EVER stop and think?

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          1. Your insulting inferences don’t phase me. You called Hannity pitiful due to the clip of him complaining about Haberman reporting on Trump. It’s true. Of course your point was about Trump. You aren’t foiling anyone with your attempts at snarkiness and obfuscation.
            The pitiful one is you.


          2. You say that you didn’t bring up Trump. In your original post, “The man controlling the Republican Party is still newsworthy and the media has always preferred covering a train wreck to reporting good news.” To whom were you referring.


          3. To whom was I referring?

            I was providing the reason why any good journalist – such as Maggie Haberman – would be taking an interest in Trump and that therefore Hannity’s crybaby whining was cringeworthy nonsense. But, yes, in talking about Hannity I did mention Trump. You got me.

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    2. “Dead horse?” Trump is the head of the GOP right wing caucus. Not hard to grasp.

      Every time he opens his mouth, the GOP shuffles nervously and wonders what they can do to please him. Congressmen have blatantly told us that they have to cater to Trump and his followers to regain the Senate and House. He even entertained the idea of becoming Speaker, to which McCarthy dodged, hemmed and hawed.

      States have changed their voting laws because of Trump and his demands. Liz Cheney is shoved aside. We have this farcical “audit” in AZ by some fly by night tech companies who are clueless about election procedures and they are looking, in part, for bamboo slivers to show 2.1 million ballots came from China in a plane at night. All that because Trump demanded it.

      So media should not cover such a man? Biden is essentially doing his job, meeting with Congress trying to work compromises, meeting with leaders across the world, administering the boring work of governance. He is not grabbing the spotlight just because. So coverage is more on policy issues, immigration, taxes, etc. The less exciting stuff.

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  3. Typical, whiny BS from the FOX gang. Hannity wouldn’t recognize good journalism if it bit his honey. Trump is responsible for Americans having to watch his deadly antics in live, living color on 1/6/2021 and telling his ‘foaming-from-the-mouth’ gang to “…fight ’em as hard as you can…” to stop the official states’ presidential ballot counts. So why the heck WOULDN’T journalist stay on Trump’s butt!? Who knows when he & his Proud Boys & all his other America hating friends might get all whacked out again.

    Good heavens, as many people as possible should be watching and reporting on Trump and that entire bunch of Trump lovin’ GOP folks. They are dangerous.

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          1. Attaching a funny name to something, and then attacking that name, and then acting as though you have said something reasonable… It all seems childish to me.

            Obama would not release his college and immigration records. Why? The common theory is that those records would reveal that Obama got a scholarship or some other advantage because he was a foreigner. What other theory is there?

            Trump challenged Obama and offered to pay 5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if the records were released. Obama didn’t budge. He could’ve made Trump look like a fool and taken a lot of money away from him. QED: His records are not in order

            What’s bizarre? My main focus is on K-12 education? I maintain that our schools are bad by design. I can prove this one bogus method at a time. In fact, I have a book explaining the details, Saving K-12.

            I write a lot now about how the Comintern infiltrated so much of our society starting in 1920. Again I can name the people and quote them. This is our history. No theory required.

            More than a year ago I said that Fauci is a gangster. People are generally now getting that. Every detail was over-reported by Fauci and his gang in order to scare the country. A lot of people said he should be fired. Some even say he should be put in jail. By discrediting the hydroxy cocktailI, he caused many thousands of deaths. Zelenko was the honest man in this hoax. People are generally now getting that.


          2. “Attaching a funny name to something, and then attacking that name, and then acting as though you have said something reasonable”…

            What “funny name”? Birtherism? It is what it is called; it is NOT funny, and you DID promote it. You still are.

            “Trump challenged Obama and offered to pay 5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if the records were released.”

            Yet your orange-haired G-d King refused to release his taxes under some phony pretext.

            And what proof do you have, besides some unicorn believing theory that says his records are not in order? ACTUAL proof. Not some silly anti-Obama ranters points that have no basis in fact, Like the HUGE lie about the election.

            Your drivel is dangerous because there are way too many gullible people out there that will believe ANYTHING they are fed by certain sources. You being one of them. Both the believer AND the sourcer.

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          3. Thanks for your response . . .

            It shows that you obviously cannot help yourself.

            You are vindicated from the charge of bizarre conspiracy theories because . . .
            1. Obama MUST be a foreigner.
            2. Our schools HAVE been designed to fail
            3. Our society is overrun by the Comintern
            4. Dr. Fauci is a gangster and should be put in jail.
            5. The Trump cocktail IS a miracle cure.

            You left out of your comments the reasons you feel vindicated on the many other theories you have advanced on this forum. Pizzagate comes to mind. As does the stealing of the 2020 election from Donald Trump by sinsister forces in both parties.

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        1. I don’t post conspiracy BS such as that posted, supported, propped up and held up as truth as Mr. Price does.

          Take your judgment elsewhere . All I see from you is parroting or blindly supporting the T****ist wing on this forum.


          1. Most Americans don’t believe the bullshit you espouse and parrot.

            MOST Americans actually voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

            Most Americans vote Democrat vice Republicans.

            Most Americans would think you are just full of shit.

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          2. And using Breitbart as a source is eve more proof of how far off the farm you really are.

            Accusing me of trusting the wrong people is, in a word laughable horse shit (OK, 3 words)

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          3. “Don’t blame that on me.”

            You share the blame. You spent years in adoring support of the con man who is responsible for most of the distrust of ALL our institutions by so many people. Many millions have fallen for his lies and cons. You are obviously one of his eager victims.

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          4. #Green, no judgement involved sonny. Just an observation. Are you that naive that you believe everyone who reads your comments agree with what you say? Even you can’t be that self centered,


          5. Horse HOCKEY! You are as judgmental as the next person. To deny that is to deny the truth about yourself. You wanna keep lying to yourself, go ahead. Don’t try it on me.

            AS far as agreeing with me: I don’t expect anyone to agree with me. But I have found there are a helluva lot more people who agree with things I say than disagree.

            And you can take SONNY and shove it.

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          6. “#Green, no judgement involved sonny.”

            When it comes to matters of fact you SHOULD believe what Adam, Len or I post. You won’t find ANY of us posting “alternative facts” or “erroneous assumptions” to support our opinions. The same cannot be said for those on the other side of these “discussions”

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          7. Mr. Anonymous nivlac. Your childishness apparently knows no bounds. You know not enough about me to call me sonny or anything else than Mr., Sir, or Adam. Anything else just proves my point about hypocrites and bullies. You are both.

            And if you would like to attempt to shove anything down your throat, you better bring LOTS of friends. Of which I seriously doubt you have.

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          8. “OK sonny…..I would love to shove it….right down your throat.”

            Threats of violence are way out of line.

            You started this. Adam did not appreciate your addressing him as “sonny” and used a common bit of rhetoric suggesting that YOU shove that “sonny” up YOUR ass. That is very different from your inappropriate response. You should apologize to Adam and to the moderators for such an uncivil and ill-advised posting. IMHO.

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          9. I’m quite sure and confident I wouldn’t need any help from friends shoving sonny or anything else down your throat. And by the way, it’s your throat not mine. But then I’ve realized that reading comprehension is not your strength. Time and a place sonny, time and a place. I could come and visit you at work if that is convenient for you.


          10. #Murphy…..Grow up man. You sounding an alarm about not being civil is ludicrous. And that statement about you, Lennart and Green being accurate at all times is beer spit funny.


          11. “Grow up man”

            You should take that advice and try to be civil.

            As for the accuracy of the posters I mentioned I invite you to cite ONE that contains an “alternative fact” or “erroneous assumption” EVER.

            But I get it, you people are so deep in the muck of Trumpism and his world of lies that simple truths are something you are unable to accept. You should work on that. Maybe start with this one . . .

            Trump lost the 2020 election bigly.


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