14 thoughts on “Smokescreen Trolling

  1. Trolling is just another way to keep spreading lies and if done online, anonymously to boot, it eliminates “nasty” personal discussions.

    The need for scapegoats is very strong among conservative thinking, such as it is. Mexican rapists, diseased brown children, CRT, gay rights, welfare queens (only non-existent Black ones count), BLM, Texas power failures due to windmills only, taxes instead of debt, Gates microchips in vaccine, blood libel, 2 million bamboo paper ballots from China, WuFlu, etc.

    Trolls keep those mostly non-issues in the forefront. Any fact checking is all biased or “elitist” thinking.

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  2. I was thinking pretty much the same thing about Democrats, calling anyone who doesn’t want the government to control everything racists or those who look at issues with different priorities ‘science deniers.’


    1. “. . .calling anyone who doesn’t want the government to control everything racists . . .”

      I am prone personally to calling racists racists. It has nothing to do with their view of the proper role of government. Trump’s Birtherism, for example, has nothing to do with the role of government and everything to do with his racist pandering to racists.

      You whine about the term “science deniers” but do not hesitate to impugn the intelligence of anyone not persuaded by the outlier analyses that you are prone to take as holy writ. You also do not hesitate to impugn the motives of the vast majority of climate scientists, government employees and any public figures you do not like. You proclaim “corruption” everywhere that it isn’t and do not even see it where it is. So, given your characterizations and rhetoric “climate science deniers” is pretty mild stuff.

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        1. “Every advance in science was at one point an outlier”

          That may well be true, but it is very likely that the vast majority of ideas thought to be outliers when they were proposed turned out to be wrong.

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  3. Strange, this as a left wing tactic and the article is a prime example. Babblers will be babbler and then claim the other side is the troll. There are several on this forum starting with who posted this nonsense. On to better things…

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