AZ Recount being considered…again.

“Arizona Senators are considering hiring a California-based nonprofit to analyze ballot images and create a third set of numbers to compare with the recount from Dominion Voting Systems machines and the hand recount being conducted by Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based firm in charge of the current audit.”

This reminds me of a political version of this humorous T-Shirt:

“Floggings will continue until morale improves.”

I believe that if this additional efforts takes flight, there will have been 6 recounts, audits, paper shuffling, hand wringing and general low IQ proof that the GOP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump, Inc.

52 thoughts on “AZ Recount being considered…again.

    1. Of course, it takes time to alter 2.1 million ballots and then allege fraud. Or trying to find the Korean airline that brought in 3 million pre-printed ballots. The trick was to make sure that they were not leftovers from Kim’s election.

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      1. I can see it now.

        Cyber Ninja: “Here’s what we “found” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), now go show it to the world. But don’t mention that everything we “found” was dated January 6th, 2021″

        California-based Non-Profit: “Yep. You write the lies and we prove them. Just one question. Will or checks be signed by he-who shall-not-be-named or by the Arizona taxpayers?”

        CN: “Does it matter? You get your dough (tax-exempt) and Arizona gets its next failed hotel venture.”


          1. Hardly. You’re rejecting not one but two examinations of the ballots before they are reported and with no cause other than you fear the results.


          2. You are rejecting all the other recounts and forensic audits of machines that were carried out officially. By Republican officials.

            In return for that, we are letting some jack leg operation take full possession of ballots and machine to manipulate and damage in secret.

            I know you have no use for the unwashed masses having access to the voting booth. Unless they are your unwashed masses with guns, bear spray, tasers, knives and cuffs to take over the government without voting.

            Kind of a shame.

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          3. Redundancy at a level only normally seen in the military is on full display here.

            I do not fear TRUTH in the results. What I do fear, as should you or anyone who feels our democratic principles are under attack, is the absolute and total BULLSHIT of these actions in order to curry favor with an election loser and to continue to sow doubt on elections that have been so closely scrutinized, you would think they had the Hubble Telescope shoved up its backside.

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          4. Everything Cyber Ninja does is being recorded with multiple camera angles, The audit is fully transparent, if you are aware of any falsifications, please do present them.


          5. And everything they are doing is being called BS, by REPUBLICAN election officials.

            You are SOOOOO desperate for something to come of this, you just can’t help yourself from seeing how dangerous it is.

            There is ZERO evidence that anything fraudulent occurred in ANY state. But just gotta keep digging until a tiny sliver of bamboo is found (from an absentee ballot marked by a zoo keeper in the panda compound in the zoo) or until there has been enough time to fabircate evidence.

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          6. If there is no evidence to find, then why not let them make public fools of themselves? Surely you are not trying to save Trump’s backers from themselves.


          7. Remember the big deal Trumps legal team made of the video recording in Georgia by just showing snippets and screaming about “hidden suitcases”?

            When the whole video came out along with plenty of testimony by Republican GA officials that nothing nefarious was going on.

            The fly by night ninja company is doing all this in secret. Even a counter was a loser in the election. So what edited, phony evidence are they creating? We don’t know. The “pillow guy” and other loonies are funding every conspiracy there is.

            Republicans are starting to get mad about this clown show.


            There is no question the GOP is both divided and panicking.

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          8. “If there is no evidence to find . . . ”

            What part of “fabricate” do you not understand? We are talking here about the party of the Big Lie. NOTHING it says or does can be trusted.

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          9. Which BIG LIE?

            The Russia Collusion lie?

            The accidental destruction of Clinton’s public records?

            It would seem to me that the only party not guilty of the BIG LIE would be Libertarians, which is probably why we don’t win elections.


          10. Old news again? Come into the 21st Century and quite trying to equate the actual BIG LIE with the same old T****ian BS that you spout. Even true Libertarians think your rhetoric is a losing one.

            And let’s get some facts straight.
            1) The Russians DID interfere in the 2016 election. Meetings with the campaign had the appearance of collusion to those not blinded by the Kool-Aid. Maybe not provable in a court of law, but those meetings sure do smell fishy, even 6 tears after the fact.

            2) Clinton’s records were NOT destroyed. DOJ and State had everything.

            But don’t let facts get in the way of your attempts to protect he who should not be protected.


          11. The term BIG LIE has historical context connected to the Nazis

            To try to hang the term on the GOP should not go unchallenged, especially since Democrats have used the technique for decades to advance their agenda.

            Neither side in our current disputes should be using Nazi references, for many reasons, not the least of which is diluting their true meaning,


          12. “The term BIG LIE has historical context connected to the Nazis”

            So I own a brown shirt. Does that make me a Nazi?

            Do you see how idiotic your commentary is in this regard? Probably not, but I will continue to point it out until you realize how completely fallible the majority of your comments in regards to this situation are.

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          13. The point being that it is impossible to win hearts and minds, or even find consensus, when you’re calling anyone who doesn’t agree with you a Nazi.


          14. Kool-Aid! So good!

            The Trump campaign’s PROVEN collusion with Russia is no “hoax.” And only stonewalling and criminal abuse of the pardon power kept evidence of Trump’s personal involvement hidden. Your silly repeating of Trump’s obvious lies is laughable.

            Without dwelling on how pathetic it is to regurgitate the phony baloney email nonsense, Clinton’s PERSONAL emails were deleted by her lawyers AFTER vetting them for work content. If there is any doubt about their judgment then keep in mind that every email has both a sender and a recipient and usually several people copied. After MILLIONS of tax payer money wasted there were never any emails found that should not have been deleted by those lawyers.

            The current “Big Lie” is that Trump actually won the election. Your pretending to be confused on that point is a very lame rhetorical device.

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          15. So, Mueller was lying when he said there was no collusion? I thought you claimed he was above reproach.

            There is no excuse for applying Nazi terminology like the BIG LIE and DENIER in our current disputes. Especially by those who live in glass houses.


          16. “Nazi references”

            So, you are worried about protecting the language and to do that – whine – Trump’s monstrous and damaging LIE that he won the election but was robbed should not be referred to as a “Big Lie.” So unfair! Sniff. Sniff.

            Never mind that it – like the Big Lies of the Nazis – was at the heart of an attempt to destroy our democratic and republican form of government. And it still is as the Big Lie is being trotted out to undermine the right to vote all over the country.

            Your tender sensitivities have been noted and will – by me, at least – be ignored.

            I challenge you to defend your “little lie” that the Democrats have been spreading “Big Lies” for decades with an actual example. You cannot. There is nothing remotely close to Trump’s “Big Lie” in the historical record. Facts matter and made up ones do not count.

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          17. “So, Mueller was lying . . .”

            No, you are lying. Mueller did not say there was no collusion. His report had 200 pages documenting exactly that. He was unable to find proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the crime of conspiracy. That is very different. And, he made a point of saying . . . “that the investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there was no evidence of those facts.”

            Those 200 pages of documented contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian agents would be enough for an honest man to stop referring to the whole mess as a “hoax.” Are you going to stop?

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          18. “The point being that it is impossible to win hearts and minds . . .”

            Uh, that assumes that Trumpists have hearts and minds. Sadly, far from obvious.

            But thanks for your advice about calling people Nazis – which nobody did in this case. You had to scratch around to be offended.

            Let me suggest that you and your fellows need to follow this advice yourselves. Examples of you NOT doing so are too numerous to list. It was your MiniMe who opined just last week that all who disagreed with you and him were “thinking like Nazis” because we have no problem with private companies purging LIES and LIARS from their platforms.


          19. “A free press cannot be protected from libel by the government and be free.”

            Again. think that through. It is the protection from libel that makes it free.

            And they are not totally protected either. But if a wealthy person, president or major corporation is called on the carpet, then only the largest, wealthiest media would prevail.

            Your insults of some politico might get you sued, costing you $100K in legal fees or you settle.

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          20. Again, not the point.

            The traditional press can, indeed, be sued for libel, and often is.

            But the big tech platforms, under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act are protected from libel under the pretense that they are platforms for other’s speech. They are protected as platforms in a way that content providers are not.

            But when they filter the content so only one point of view is allowed, they effectively become content providers and should then be liable for libel and other torts.


          21. Are you serious?

            On climate alone the censorship is unprecedented in US history.

            See anything on social media or MSM about an armed citizen intervening to stop a hate crime against a Jewish family?


            Seen any Pro life messages on Facebook lately?

            How about objections to biologically male, trans athletes depriving female athletes chances at scholarships?

            The censorship of conservative opinion, and supporting news, by the MSM, supported by social media and even entertainment TV is suffocating.


          22. You are dismissing the entire, massive, popular and very profitable right wing media.

            FOX, Sinclair, Murdoch’s NewsCorp, Newsmax, Breitbart were all huge in setting the narrative in the last decade.

            You don’t consider them MSM? They are not only mainstream, they are very influential.

            It seems you see media as the enemy, when you are on the side you like and pointing fingers at the other.

            Just like your complaint about left leaning MSM not reporting the controversial psych professor speech, and it turns out the NYT broke the story. Your media bubble just copied it and made it fit their position by context manipulation.

            Tha log in your eye is blinding you and many others. You were sold on “fake news” and never looked back.

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          23. Why should the News on FOX and CNN not be identical?

            Commentary of course would be different, but the news should be the same. Yet it isn’t.

            Again google “armed citizen stops attack” (or better, duck duck go) and see how many of those incidents there are, NONE of which made it to the MSM.


          24. If what you say is true and millions and millions of guns defending against crime then that is not news. That is “dog bites man”.

            Incidents that result in gunfire or casualties do make the news. Last year a story ran multiple times about a 7/11 robbery thwarted by an armed citizen. I guess you missed it.

            Also a man shot an intruder who broke into garage.

            There have been others.

            There are plenty of stories if you care to look a bit beyond the right wing bubble.

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          25. So, in one post it is advised – “Don’t call people Nazis” (when that was not done) and in the next it is “You are thinking like a Nazi.”

            What I am actually thinking is just how full of shit you are. There is nothing in evidence more Nazi-like than the Big Lie that you repeat and defend. It’s only purpose is to undermine democracy. It has already proved its power to do that by leading to a violent coup attempt which – like a good little Nazi – you try to minimize in every possible way. Just like Nazis minimized the failed Beer Hall putsch.

            Facebook and Twitter are not banning opinions. They are not even banning LIES. They are banning dangerous LIES. And that is what they should be doing to protect our country from – you know – Nazis.

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          26. “Why should the News on FOX and CNN not be identical?”

            Uh, that is because they have different ideas about what is important.

            The problem with Fox News is not that they emphasize facts that support the “conservative” world view, it is that they disseminate “alternative facts” for that purpose. The latest and most egregious example is their coverage of the Big Lie as if there is even a tiny grain of truth in it when there clearly is not.

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  1. The California firm is being hired to verify the calls on questionable ballots made by Cyber Ninjas to remove all doubt. It is exactly what should be done.

    Amazing how much panic there is among Democrats over the audit if there is nothing there to be found.


    1. You know for a fact that the Republican election officials in Maricopa fought the phony “audit” for months before the Democrats started their objections.

      So you might consider that your argument is totally bogus.

      What is next, bring in a masters thesis student to back up the back up to the backed up audit?

      Along the same lines, that crooked bastard Paxton from Texas spent 22,000 (that is “thousands”) man hours to root out massive fraud in their election which Trump won.

      They were successful in finding 16 ballots with wrong addresses, reasons not given. That is $1375.00 per error.

      A reasonable conclusion from all this is that there was no fraud, never was. That the Republican party is so wrapped up in finding nothing except a reason to create more violent attacks on our government. Keeping the Big Lie as a major platform for the GOP may kill a few folks here and there eventually, but it tells most Americans that they are full of nothing but BS and are best at changing Trump’s diapers.

      With all due respect of course.

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    2. Right. Keep working to find the unfindable until it is found.

      What you keep calling panic is actually “You need to get over the fact that what you are trying to prove DID NOT HAPPEN!” These continued attempts to prove the BIG LIE, when ALL evidence shows it to be a lie, are just another way for the GOP to try and maintain power (or regain it) through any means necessary, including the old stand by used by 45, just making shit up.

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      1. Which BIG LIE? The Russian collusion lie? The accidental erasure of Hillary’s public records while under subpoena or the Joe Biden was unaware of his son’s business connections in Ukraine while he was removing a hostile prosecutor.

        Democrats have pushed so many BIG LIEs with the cooperation of the MSM, it is hard to keep track.


          1. “If you’re going to allege a lie, then be specific and provide support.”

            Are you now pretending to not know what the “Big Lie” refers to? Really?

            Okay, I will play your childish game. The “Big Lie” is that Donald Trump actually won the popular and Electoral College vote but was cheated out of victory by some shadowy conspiracy spanning the entire country and including both Democrats and Republican traitors. Peddling the Big Lie is how Trump gathered his seditious forces in Washington and motivated them to storm the Capitol to “Stop the steal.”

            The complete lack of ANY evidence to support this Big Lie does not stop shameless LIARS from spreading it and pitiful dummies from believing it. The failure to sell this Big Lie in about 60 courts does not curb its spread and repetition. Trump himself repeated it forcefully in his second public appearance since his resounding defeat just the other day. Simply disgusting.

            That this Bullshit IS a Big Lie is supported by the meticulous work of election officials of both parties who conducted, supervised and audited the 2020 election and about which Trump’s own DOJ opined that it was very clean.

            Your admiration and support for this criminal traitor and your spreading of his lies is – to be very, very generous – unflattering.

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        1. Russia? Hillary? Hunter Biden?

          Digging up ALL of the old favorites in an effort to ignore reality.

          You left out Benghazi, Pizzagate and damned near EVERYTHING we were told by 45 concerning the COVID issues.

          WAPO did a great job keeping up with the lies from the previous administration. But supporters ignored ALL of them because the Kool-aid tasted SOOOOO good.

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          1. And WAPO is ignoring the lies of the current administration.

            For example, the Emails on the Hunter Laptop show that President Biden’s claims he did not know anything about Hunter’s business in the Ukraine to be an outright lie as he met with Hunter’s employers while he was in control of aid to the Ukraine and prior to the dismissal of the prosecutor looking onto those dealings.

            Yet not a word in the MSM.

            The biggest lies of all are those supported by a partisan press.


          2. Do you have a source for the emails from the laptop? Was that the laptop that mysteriously flew from California to Delaware for a blind computer repairman to fix?

            The Biden administration has taken a lot of criticism over tax proposals, immigration, and stimulus.

            The difference is that this President doesn’t whine incessantly like a spoiled 5 year old.

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          3. No, the difference is that even when something critical does come up, it is dropped in hours, as opposed to being continued 4.5 years after it was known by the press to be untrue as was the Russia collusion hoax.


          4. Don, think this through a bit.

            Trump has kept the rigged election going for 5 years. Now why is it still news? Because he brought it up every day, every week, etc. And he still does.

            Just like all of his scandals, Trump keeps them going like an Energizer battery toy drummer.

            You just see what you want.

            So, you were saying about a source for the laptop emails?

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          5. …” think this through a bit.”

            They don’t think any more, Len. They just look for BS narratives that have been debunked numerous times and thrown out of every court they have been brought to for lack of evidence.

            My concern is that “evidence” will be fabricated by CN, then backed by some California non-profit who is desperate for funds.

            But as long as they get the answers they want, TRUTH be damned, it is just fine and dandy.

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          6. “Yet not a word in the MSM.”

            I have see reporting of the story in MSM. It ain’t worth front page news or the faux outrage you all of a sudden have about lying when Biden is in office. When 45 was there, you defended every singe piece of crap that flowed forth as some sort of misstatement or misunderstanding. You NEVER ONCE called a LIE from 45 a lie.

            Your hypocrisy truly has ZERO bounds. And you never even see it.

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          7. You have to shatter logic and common sense to show that Trump is not lying on almost every subject. And you have to do the same to show that Biden IS lying when he is not. In this case, Biden can know that his son has a business relationship in the Ukraine without knowing ABOUT it. I know that you ran a dentistry business but I do not know ABOUT it.

            And it is worth noting that in your recitation you are LYING yourself when you tie VP Biden’s role in the firing of the corrupt Ukraine prosecutor to Hunter Biden’s business activities. There is no connection and that has been proven again and again. When you ignore the evidence to repeat a disproven charge that is a LIE.

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          8. Russian collusion hoax?

            You really enjoy that Kool-Aid don’t you?

            There is no “hoax.” Russia and the Trump campaign DID collude. The evidence provided by the Mueller report is irrefutable and overwhelming. The only thing that was missing was the irrefutable proof of Trump’s direct involvement. So we are left with only two possible conclusions. He was in control but successfully covered his tracks with stonewalling and promises of pardons. Or, he incompetently had no control of the people working for him. The latter is possible but not likely.

            In either case, the word “hoax” does not apply.

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    3. “Amazing how much panic there is among Democrats over the audit if there is nothing there to be found.”

      Uh, there is ZERO panic among Democrats. The word is “disgust” and it is shared by the Republican officials who ran the election successfully and without incident.

      Meanwhile, as the farce continues in Arizona, the AG of Texas is bragging to Republican donors that he won Texas for Trump with his court fights to stop people from using mail-in ballots at the height of the pandemic. Once again the word “disgust” is appropriate.

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