Sedition and Treason Continue

Disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn declares that Trump won the popular vote and the Electoral College vote and calls for military overthrow of the government.

Attorney Sidney Powell says we just need to schedule a new inauguration date and put Trump back in office. Simple.

This is beyond funny until you remember that these two seditious lunatics are senior advisors to the former President.

2 thoughts on “Sedition and Treason Continue

  1. It appears HE believes it as well.

    This is NOT how our country operates and for people, including the former President, to suggest anything like it is unconstitutional and traitorous – IMO.

    Unless of course it is OK to ignore the 80 million voters who DIDN’T vote for him. that’s what folks keep saying about T-voters. That they are being ignored.

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  2. And you know the absolutely most hilarious part of this constant push to overthrow our elected government? 😇

    (Hold on, I have to stop laughing.)

    OK, here we go. Nutjobs are going to take this up and kill people to water the “tree of dictatorship” with the blood of patriots. Kinda like the pizzagate fellow, although he realized eventually that he had been duped.

    Those right wingers, they really have a penchant for fun don’t they. They tried once and they will certainly try again.

    Now I imagine there are literalists out there who will call this post “tasteless”. Which is really even more hilarious since the dictionary definitions of “tasteless”, and “boorish” too, are accompanied by a photograph of a very recent Oval Office occupant who is pulling all the strings for about 1/8-1/4 of the nation. Not quite the same as being pictured on phony Time Magazine covers, but all publicity is good.

    The sad truth is that we can either laugh or cry. And send out “thoughts and prayers”, of course. We are not without pity, after all.


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