1/6 terrorist attack is ignored by compliant GOP.


Two men blew up a federal building in Oklahoma. 20 men took down the WTC and damaged the Pentagon. A few dozen attacked the consulate in Benghazi. A few thousand assaulted the Capitol, hundreds armed in tactical gear entered with the sole purpose of overturning an election. Question: which terror attack is being ignored? Or reinvented as an open house for “tourists”. Hint: a morally bereft Senator from KY (or using “KY”😇) wanted to scrub an investigation as a “favor” to him. (Or more correctly, a favor to “Him”, the Holy Golden Golfing Buddha.)

44 thoughts on “1/6 terrorist attack is ignored by compliant GOP.

  1. Don’t forget the wishy-washy, “his master’s voice” Minority leader on the opposite side of Congress.

    What is it they fear? The results will be used against them in upcoming elections? As I see it, rejecting a bipartisan commission, one in which Pelosi COMPROMISED with the assigned GOP negotiator to give the GOP in the House everything they wanted, is an attack cudgel that could be used against those who voted against it in the House and any GOP Senator who is up in 2022 that voted NO… ya know as a personal favor to the Senate Minority Leader.

    The hope is that by Nov 2022, the electorate will have forgotten about it. But there is enough stock footage of McCarthy and McConnell flipping and flopping around on the issue to remind people regularly about who they REALLY are working for. Because it sure as hell ain’t their constituents.

    “I’m Ted Cruz and I don’t work for you, my fellow Texans; I work for Mitch McConnell. So vote for me so I can continue to assist doing his good work of obstruction and pandering to …” You get the picture.

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  2. So, you couldn’t sell it as an insurrection so now you’re trying terrorism?

    But go ahead and keep fighting the last war, people will be as sick of it in 2022 as they are of CRT right now.


    1. Terrorism is using violence to exact a political goal. So no reason the attack, pre-planned for months by those in charge politically, can’t be labeled both.

      The only ones “sick of it” are the GOP leaders who are trying to ignore a serious problem.

      Keep your eyes on CRT, abortion, guns, God and Gays. The rest of us will be happy with good paying jobs, new roads, affordable education and healthcare, potable water and universal internet.

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      1. No one was “in charge.”

        There may have been subsets of organized groups with criminal intent, but 90%+ of those there simply got carried away in the moment.

        Most simply walked in, wandered around and left, staying between the stanchions in statuary hall and doing no damage or vandalism.

        I’d show you the video, but Youtube and Google have disappeared it.


        1. You are just as wrong as Clyde and his “tourist” argument. No debate is possible with the deluded, but those who know better should be ashamed.

          Gaslighting others is despicable, but gaslighting yourself is just kinda pitiful.

          Hundreds injured. Dozens hospitalized. Some dead. Millions in damages. Rally organized by the top of the GOP. Caches of weapons. Pipe bombs. Zip ties and gallows. Told by the president that the VP could legally overturn any state certification, so “hang Pence” was the clarion call. Congressional leaders begging for protection and ignored.

          9/11 open our eyes to religious foreign terrorism. 1/6 did the same for our domestic terrorists. We finally got Osama bin Laden and we will get those responsible for the assault on our Capitol. We know who they are, it is just the right that wants to bury the facts.

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          1. The only homicide was the shooting of Ashli Babbett by a capitol hill policeman with ties to BLM.

            But again, you are tarring the 90% of those who did not damage or vandalism with the actions of a few small groups, and by extension, the entire GOP.

            That is no different than assigning the looting and arson by a few in the BLM protests to all of the protestors and to all Democrats by extension.


          2. You just don’t get it do you?

            Rabid Islamist terrorists attack our consulate, 7 investigations.

            Rabid, armed, domestic gangs attack our Capitol specifically to overturn an election that Trump lied about for 5 years as always rigged and that he also commanded them to standby.
            Standby for what? Now we know.

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          3. Spears, clubs, knives, bear spray and, yes, some pistols as admitted to by gang members. Plus caches of guns and Molotov cocktails were found.

            Are you saying that the assault was by BLM? I think there was one guy who was recording protests on all sides and he has been touted as proof that it was a left wing planned assault.

            The truth is that Trump planned this for months, if not years, to ensure his re-election. The Big Lie was fodder for the faithful. The rally to “get wild” was scheduled specifically to interfere with Constitutional duties of legislators and his own VP. The cowardly gangs you so admire were ordered to be on standby.

            Despite what you have been led to believe, the attackers were not patriots, the were scum and no better, even worse really, than ISIS.

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          4. Not claiming BLM was behind it, just that the one we know was there was armed.

            Spears? You mean flag poles?

            Again, there may have been a handful with malevolent intent, but if you’re going to hold everyone there accountable for what a few tried to do, then everyone who attended a BLM protest is an arsonist and a looter.


          5. Forget the analogy. Violence in the BLM protests was in about 7 percent of the thousands of demonstrations worldwide.

            The hundreds of “trained” gang/militia guys with climbing gear, zip ties, Kevlar, batons and, yes, spears with sharpened tips on the flag poles were all about violence.

            You just don’t get it… again. 1/6 was not a protest that got out of hand, it was a planned assault posing as a rally. And a commission to investigate is a minimum we need to help avoid our serious domestic terrorism problem becoming bigger.

            BTW, a federal judge is not buying the “I was deluded by the propaganda and swept up in a mob” excuse. That was the excuse used for lynchings when whole towns turned out with picnic baskets and children playing to watch a Black man burned to death.

            Republicans are actually denying it happened. The same buttheads who cowered behind blockaded doors are now saying it never happened. Tourism, don’t you know.

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          6. …”you are tarring the 90% of those who did not damage or vandalism with the actions of a few small groups”

            You did the same damned thing last summer. Good grief, Don. Don’t you even realize what you are saying.

            Here is how I see it. If “your” side does something it is no big deal and only a handful of people were bad actors. But if the “other” side does it, they are ALL criminals who need to be imprisoned.

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          7. Never said anything of the kind.

            Those who took advantage of the BLM protests to loot and commit arson should be imprisoned, not the protestors.

            The same is true of the Capitol riot should be treated the same. If they committed a criminal act should be prosecuted accordingly.

            But for nearly all of them, the worst they did was trespass. That’s a fine.

            If a small number assaulted officers, then prosecute them for that.

            But don’t hang the trespassers for treason, and don’t hang all Republicans who weren’t even there.


          8. “… don’t hang all Republicans who weren’t even there.”

            There are a few ethical Republicans, true. But they are getting deposed, shunned, censured and generally screwed by other Republicans.

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          9. “Never said anything of the kind.”

            Uh, yes you have. You tarred ALL protesters last summer as criminals while ignoring the fact that about only 7% were violent.

            Trespassers don’t use bear spray, clubs, flagpoles and hockey sticks as weapons. They don’t call for the lynching of the sitting VP or the head of the sitting Speaker of the House. And it wasn’t about hanging a picture; you don’t use a gallows for that purpose.

            And it’s not about hanging all Republicans for trespassing; it is about calling out those in Congress who believe it was a rogue tourist group that they RAN LIKE SCARED LITTLE CHICKENS from. If they weren’t afraid of the mob (JOhnson andROY) why did they not meet them and embrace them like good political operative would?

            You only tar and feather those you disagree with.

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  3. When commentary resorts to lewdness — e.g., “or using ‘KY’😇” — one can be certain it is quite unhinged.

    I see no useful purpose for a Jan. 6 commission.


  4. You are not allowing a bit of humor to “infect” our pristine blog? I guess I should send out a trigger warning first.

    You see no useful purpose for a commission? Of course you don’t.

    Benghazi si, Capitol no.

    I think when McConnell begged his caucus to vote no as a “favor” to him, not because of the good of the country, the proverbial cat was loosed from the bag.

    Most sane people would like to know who was responsible and what can we do to prevent such an attack in the future.

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    1. RE: “Most sane people would like to know who was responsible and what can we do to prevent such an attack in the future.”

      I think most “sane people” regard Jan. 6 as fairly trivial and much overhyped. If there are lingering questions, they will be answered by the prosecutions already scheduled.


      1. “I think most “sane people” regard Jan. 6 as fairly trivial and much overhyped.”

        No one can be considered sane if they believe what happened on 1/6 was “trivial”. If it had been an ANTIFA group running around, you, like Ron Johnson, would be having a fit. But because they were T**** supporters, it is just fine.

        THAT is the delusion.

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    2. Isn’t that the responsibility of the Justice Department and all law enforcement that is already conducting that exact investigation? Why duplicate efforts by a bunch of politicians? Oh, so you can have a continuing narrative next year to babble about!!! No thanks, not buying it…


      1. Those investigations are for the crimes committed by the gang members and their groupies. Beating police half to death, destroying property, disrupting legislative procedures, vandalism. What we need to know is who planned, abetted, aided and backed this assault. Those who arrived armed, with radios, climbing gear, sprays, tasers, planted pipe bombs, etc. were not tourists who had “Assault the Capitol” thrill ride tickets.

        The president did nothing except watch the assault and many of the attackers had an uncanny knowledge of the halls, access routes etc. Who helped them?

        Why did Trump tell the gangs to “stand by” just before the election? Why did McCarthy change his mind about his well documented phone call begging Trump for help? Why did the mob scream “hang Mike Pence”.

        If we investigated Benghazi for years, another terrorist attack on our government, what’s the problem with this one? This is worse because it was not ISIS, but rather our own gangs carrying our flags. Why?

        McConnell told his caucus to do him a favor. Some favor. Keep Americans from ever knowing what truly happened, why and the backers.

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        1. I am sure all of your concerns are being investigated by the DOJ. Adding a bunch of politicians with ZERO law enforcement investigative experience would add nothing of value.


      1. Your belief that 1/6 was trivial tells me that you are disappointed the gangs did not succeed in reaching the legislators or the VP. “Hang Mike Pence” was not about official portraits as a Luckovich’s political cartoon suggested.

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        1. RE: “Your belief that 1/6 was trivial tells me that you are disappointed the gangs did not succeed in reaching the legislators or the VP. ”

          Your psychological kung fu is weak.


          1. Well, you believed the election was a fraud, so wouldn’t you have wanted the election overturned? I believe you kept fronting the theory that the VP could do as he pleased with regards to the electoral results.

            And if the terrorist attack was a success, you probably would have been happy, but since it failed you now say it was just a big joke, ha ha.

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          2. You have a vivid fantasy life.

            The theory I fronted was that Congress could legally and ethically decertify state election results it considered to be dubious. The capitol protest disrupted the process that might have done just that. So, no, I don’t think it was “just a big joke, ha ha.”

            I object to your characterization of Jan. 6 as a “terrorist attack.” Perhaps you are unaware that the capitol and Congress have been targets of actual terrorism in 1915 (bombing), 1954 (shooting), 1971 (bombing), 1983 (bombing), 2017 (shooting). The unruly events of Jan. 6 don’t even come close to a hint of comparison with those incidents. Your characterization is therefore a deranged lie.


          3. Terrorism is violence to effect political change. So those gangs that attacked were terrorists. Homegrown, ISIS-like, beer bellied phonies who thought they could attack our government because of a friend in the White House. Many of those arrested have voiced pleas that they were just following orders from their leader. Or they fell under the spell of propaganda.

            At least ISIS adherents are willing to die for their cause.

            Simple as that.

            Now, about those who supported and continue to support their actions…history will decide.

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          4. RE: “Terrorism is violence to effect political change. So those gangs that attacked were terrorists.”

            Yes, that is how fantasy works; it is self-referential.


  5. Pathetic. All this hyperbole but the molehill remains a molehill. We see guards letting people lin. Case dismissed.


    1. RE: “Pathetic. All this hyperbole but the molehill remains a molehill.”

      Agreed. But you know how it goes: Witch hunters gotta hunt witches.


      1. But all the witch hunters are Republican. Benghazi ring a bell? 6 hearings to determine squat.

        I don’t know about you, but I don’t like gangs of pseudo-patriots attacking my government because aren’t mature enough to do anything but shoot guns, their mouths and drink beer. Plus who told them Congress or the VP can trash any election results they did not like? And who was ignorant enough to believe that.

        Others see them as patriots. Well, some see ISIS as patriots, too. In my book ISIS and Proud Boys, et. al., are made from the same rotten cloth.

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        1. So far I am a liar, unhinged and deranged.

          And that is just in the last 24 hours.

          A few days back I was told I needed mental help. I am not sure I was the direct target of “low integrity scum” but “idiot” probably was.

          It should be fun to see what other personal attacks are forthcoming. I wonder if those sources were natural or created in a lab.

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        2. So because there have been some other attacks in our history, 1/6 was just business as usual?

          Someone puts on tactical gear, a few guns and lots of ammunition and shoots up a workplace, a mall, a school, a theater or other venues because of perceived or delusional slights is a lot different than putting on tactical gear, climbing equipment, zip ties, probable guns (as per bragging online or to investigators), tasers, bear spray, knives, and trying to kill police at the Capitol.

          How so?

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          1. It wasn’t an attack because they weren’t “liberal/progressive activist”. They were “patriots”.

            Please check my nest post, compliments of that “patriot” Michael Flynn.


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