Mic Drop


Greg Wallace drops the mic on the GOP and their new ownership. “Republicans in Congress will likely own Greene and her mad ravings for a long time to come, and it will serve them right. But congressional dignity and reputation will pay a heavy price.” Big price to keep two-thirds of the 22-25% of voters who still love this crap happy.

To those of you who say not everything is about the previous President, the GOP is ALL about HIM and HIM alone at this point.

They have no policies at this time except to obstruct EVERYTHING.

And their Elephant “mascot” should be replaced by the old RCA logo with an orange speaker with the dog replaced by a turtle.

26 thoughts on “Mic Drop

  1. I don’t know, I think a lot of people love Trump and the people who defend him. And they particularly like her antics. When neither party is offering any material benefits to working people, politics is all about the theater.

    As far as “congressional dignity,” LOL.

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    1. …”I think a lot of people love Trump and the people who defend him.”…

      They are just the loudest. They get the most press. Kind of like the violent protesters (both 1/6 and during the summer), if it bleeds, it leads.

      The guy has a 57% disapproval rating among all voters with an overall in the low 30’s.

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  2. What you insultingly think and profess is half the country is a bunch of mind numb drones drooling and chanting Trump, Trump. While there is,
    a small few who overly admire the man, this narrative is wild obsession with Trump aka TRS. The truth is most didn’t particularly like his personality but the Republican policies were spot on. All Democrats have on their plate to obfuscate and divert attention away from their extremist leftist agenda is to focus on Trump. It isn’t going to work.


    1. Half the country? Not really. About half the Republicans are cult admirers but many others are done with that putz.

      I would say around a quarter at best.

      However, the wishy washy right wing pols are scared of the primaries when Trump supports some half wit extremist to replace them. So if Trump says jump, they all cry out “how high”.

      Unfortunately Adam is correct. For now, it is all about Trump because every single move the Republicans make requires his approval. And they have to swear allegiance to the Big Lie or be bounced.

      Sad state of affairs for a once noble party.

      If the economy is cooking by 2022, which it should be despite all the efforts by the GOP to stall it, Democrats will prevail big time. And the Trump fans who will have better internet, higher paying jobs and medical care will drop him.


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      1. Classic TRS. It isn’t going to work but keep it up so more will see through the left wing drama. Economy heating up and vaccinations are all as a result of OWS. You know, before B**** but you know he will try to claim ctedit. Just say thank you Republicans.


        1. “Economy heating up and vaccinations are all as a result of OWS. You know, before B**** but you know he will try to claim ctedit. Just say thank you Republicans.”

          You mean like 45 inherited from 44? And EVERYONE here who supported 45 gave every single ounce of credit to HIM?

          By the way, 45’s stimulus packages received bipartisan support; Biden’s have all had GOP obstruction to overcome.

          The GOP’s obstruction of everything from infrastructure to a Jan 6th commission , along with a continuing economic growth pattern could EASILY lead to a big surprise for the GOP come 2022.

          Classic TBS.

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          1. The 3rd stimulus and a possible 4th were/are not needed. They are only socialist handouts by spend happy Democrats. That is why they are rightfully opposed.


    2. I guess that locks you into the 20-24% of the electorate, which is the number I used, not “half the country”.

      Spot-on is not the way I would describe GOP policies. Unless I was the CEO of a major corporation who had the businesses taxes cut damned near in half and then pocketed it, not spent it on resources (pay raises for those who DO the work) or used it for stock buybacks to increase MY pocketbook, Mian Sty. be damned.

      And now the GOP is all about the culture wars that they accused the Democrats of playing at.

      Great freakin policies for America. AS long as you pay tribute to the MaL/NJ resident who owns the GOP.

      It ain’t what you refer to as TRS, Mr. Smith; it T Blindness syndrome because you see the bright shining orange headed de facto leader of the GOP as some sort of G-d – King.

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      1. Your medications are seriously eating your brain. All of these continuous and far fetched accusations of me worshiping anyone is proof positive you need to see your doctor…or better yet, commit yourself to a mental health hospital due to these hallucinations you keep having. Could be Parkinson’s you know. Seriously…


        1. Your words betray you. If your constant refrains of how Great the Orange headed one is aren’t worship, what do you call it?

          Consider the BS flag thrown and methinks you doth protest too much every time I call you out for your statements.

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      1. No, both Trump and MTG play the comical sidekick to the GOP mainstream.

        Another way to look at it is comparing the cheerleaders to the fiitball team.

        BTW, if you remember Roy Rogers from your youth, Gabby Hayes was colorful and outspoken, but had an absolute moral compass, arrived at the right solutions by a different route, and exhibited impeccable marksmanship.


        1. Well, thanks for clarifying. Now that you have, I do not buy it as a fair analogy. I would offer Trump’s Paul Winchell to the GOP’s Knucklehead Smiff as a better one.

          I do remember Gabby Hayes which confirms that I am of a certain age. And, I will add, his “absolute moral compass” further confirms that your casting Trump and MTG in his role simply does not work.

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        2. …”both Trump and MTG play the comical sidekick to the GOP mainstream.”

          You have it completely backwards. T****, MTG, Gaetz, et al is no. The GOP mainstream. And the spineless members of the remainder of that party just play along to get along. Can’t piss off the 23% of thee total electorate that make up their base.

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        3. Hayes may have a moral compass. That is something that is sorely missing from today’s mainstream GOP.

          A man who is as smart as you should not drink Kool-aid, but it appears that you have.


          1. “. . . something that is sorely missing . . .”

            Right on. Whatever the principles and patriotism that may once have defined the Republican Party, there is little sign of them now.

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          2. It is not the GOP that lacks a moral compass, it is the party that campaigns on the promise of stealing the rightful earnings of others for the benefit of its voters.

            The Democratic party is based on the concept of theft by proxy.


          3. The party of theft?

            Uh, when does raising revenue to finance Constitutionally authorized public programs become “theft?”

            Your answer is obvious. No need to state it. If a public program is one that YOU do not approve of the taxes to pay for it is “theft.”

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