The beginning of the end of the Pilot?

As soon as the sale went through, we had to know this was coming.

I get it that the VP has become more ads than news, especially Wednesday, but the importance of local news organizations, including print, are an invaluable tool for those who want to be informed about local things BY local reporters.

For those who say the VP was too liberal, you haven’t been paying attention to the national columnists that have been published pretty regularly over the past several months. (Since the Tribune takeover) Lots of Cal Thomas, Ross Douthat, and Jonah Goldberg pieces come to mind.

And I’m really gonna miss Pearls Before Swine with my morning coffee.

12 thoughts on “The beginning of the end of the Pilot?

    1. I’ve seen several LTE’s addressing issues in Chesapeake. if they really had issues with those, they would not have printed them – IMO.

      But ask yourself this: DO you want local news reported by someone who doesn’t understand the construct of Kempsville Rd in this region?


      1. LTE’s not articles. Slander, false info, raising taxes (pro/con), water/drainage/ditches, traffic, all this needs to be explored if they want local $$$. We already had people who had no idea of what Purple Reign was/is, so what is the difference?


  1. Go to

    and register, they don’t annoy you.

    Look through the large number of comic strips available, which includes Pearls, and add them to Comics I follow

    Then you’ll have your own comics page.

    There are some that aren’t available, but you can get them at and

    I have all my comics arranged in a favorites folder and have not missed any since I went to online and Wed & Sunday only for print.

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  2. The excessively liberal slant in the Pilot is not limited to the editorial pages. By selectively ignoring stories that contradict its narrative, it has slanted its news section as well.

    It used to be that letters to the editor by informed readers kept them honest, but now they only print the letters that support their slant, For a while, the reader comments served that purpose pretty well, as the writers knew someone was fact checking them.

    But when the comments section was first limited to impossibly short statements and then eliminated, all checks and balances were lost and the quality of the reporting tanked.

    Now, the Wall Street Journal is my daily paper, and it has a robust comment section with informed commenters.

    Absent some form of checks and balances, Journalists can’t be trust with a newspaper.

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    1. IWhat stories are they ignoring? If it is national news, they use the usual suspects for national reporting (NYT, WAPO, USAToday, etc.)

      Also, because you don’t get the Thursday edition, you don’t see the Thursday “THE BUZZ” where they pose a question for readers to respond to and then published the following week. Almost weekly I see the usual suspects form the T****iverse or at least the Right, including Don Vtipil, Joseph Bass and Don Lovett (a few of the “old guard” from the Comments section.)

      Most of us are here because the ending of the comments. I was not pleased about it either and I agree with you that ending it was bad. But as far as checks and balances go, I don’t fully agree.

      From my own view on that, the day after the Oceanfront shooting event, there was ZERO reporting on the website and only information I saw was from the national sites. A bust by them that I wrote an LTE about and it never got published.

      “Journalists can’t be trust with a newspaper.

      Then you have to say the same about your beloved NY Post, The Washington Examiner and anything owned by Sinclair or Breitbart.


    1. Since I don’t use my crapper the same way I did 14 years ago, I am limited to my recliner or garage chair (for smoking purposes) for reading. The Puzzle pages get ripped out and handed to the son and his girlfriend. I do the crosswords online when time permits at work.


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