Colorado CRT professor on Black-on-Asian Hate Crimes

No, really, huh?

15 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. Actually Greene is a good representation of the Republican Party. The GOP is so beholden to the Trump cult, that Greene is just another one of them.

    The problem is that people like her, Clyde, Gospert, McCarthy, etc. try to act like Trump and it flops every time. He got away with insulting all American POW’s, mocking the disabled and lying about hurricanes because he was a novelty.

    Greene is just a jerk who thinks she can do the same.

    Han it’s was famous for inviting the looniest liberals he could find and beating them up for fun and mega bucks.

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    1. You should watch news sources that tell you the claims and the counter claims. When you do that you find Trump did not insult POWs, did not mock the disabled, but did make a hurricane call that did not pan out, because his news was 2 days old.

      So 2 instances of fake news and 1 mistake on his part.


      1. “ “He was a war hero because he was captured,” Trump said at the 2015 Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa.

        “I like people who weren’t captured,” the current Republican front-runner told political consultant Frank Luntz, who hosted the event.”

        Since all POW’s are by definition captured, our then future president showed his disdain for our combat veterans who were POW’S.

        Not hard to grasp by just listening to Trump.

        His mocking the disabled was well documented in a video.

        Weather fiasco was a mistake? Gaslight much?

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      2. …”did not insult POWs, did not mock the disabled, but did make a hurricane call that did not pan out”…

        He insulted McCain, and in the manner insulted McCain (I like heroes who aren’t captured), he insulted every single captured POW.

        By mocking ANY disabled person, you are mocking ALL disabled persons, regarldess of their disabilities.

        A hurricane call that didn’t work out because his news was 2 days old? What POTUS relies on 2 day old news? It wasn’t a mistake; it was proof of his own laziness, his inability to be FACTAUALLY informed, and his piss poor ability to draw a “cone of probability” for a hurricane. A Hurricane that had already had its track modified by professional weather forecasters.

        Your post is 3 pieces of bullshit and one big fast waste of time.


  2. “Huh?” I have the same reaction when I read stories from the Times and Post… Washington and New York, respectively. “Say what?” is reserved for Fox News.

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        1. The NY Post is a fish wrapper at best. Sports and trash. that is the bailiwick of that particular tabloid.

          Notice that is IS a tabloid, not really a newspaper. It prides itself on that. And the fact that some of the REPORTERS, not opinion folks or editorial board, there quit because of the BS they have attempted to spread speaks volumes.

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