One Thousand Attorneys SUE Over Wuflu Vaccine

I predicted (on this site) that stats describing the covid scamdemic would be modified as time went on, that is, they would be made more accurate and honest.

I didn’t think the process would start so quickly!

Obviously 1000 lawyers see gold.

There are many dimensions that most people don’t think of, going back to the Nuremberg Trials and the Geneva Convention. A good case can be made that lots of laws have been broken.

According to the article: “Democrats discuss WuFlu as if the science is definitive. However, anybody with a third-grade education can see the numbers don’t add up.”

13 thoughts on “One Thousand Attorneys SUE Over Wuflu Vaccine

  1. Uh, you left out the link to the article you are describing. Probably for the best. You bring enough stupid to this forum without outside help. Your referring to a virus that has killed at least 600,000 Americans in a single year as the “covid scamdemic” marks you as world-class stupid. Hard to beat.

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  2. It is not surprising that 1,000 attorneys are preparing to file lawsuits against the CDC, the WHO and other government agencies.

    It is certainly true that lockdown policies were a deviation from longstanding medical protocols. It is also true that the decision to use never-used-before mRNA vaccines on a global scale was made despite both known and unknown risks. Furthermore, the quality of pandemic information delivered to the public has been extremely poor, and much of it propagandistic.


    1. …”pandemic information delivered to the public has been extremely poor, and much of it propagandistic.”…

      You mean like drinking bleach and shoving a light wand up your hoo-hoo? Or downplaying the seriousness of it for political gain? Of telling everyone they can get the same medical treatment for COVID that POTUS received?

      Yep. Lots of extremely poor info and propagandistic.

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    2. “ …”pandemic information delivered to the public has been extremely poor, and much of it propagandistic.”…

      I found that by using a little thinking, most of the info has been just fine. True, the messaging might be a bit confusing when politicians on the right pounce on every possible conflicting information or deny the disease and disparage the vaccine as if it were a devious plot to enslave us.

      But then we had an administration that successfully taught its base to attack anything it’s leader demanded they do. Face mask politics driven by # LIBERATE was probably the best sabotage any enemy of ours could ever hope to develop. Divide the nation and kill a couple of hundred thousand Americans as a bonus.

      The worst terrorist attacks all added up for the last 5 decades pale in comparison as a rounding error.

      And now about 40% of the fans who lauded the development of a vaccine and the ex-president as Jonas Salk of COVID, they refuse to help us reach a safer nation.

      And it is from certain folks that the propaganda perpetuates. Another Big Lie by a disgraced fat golfer.

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    3. ANY jackass can file a suit in court. We know that from the aftermath of Trump’s resounding election defeat. The test is how those lawsuits are received by the courts whose decisions must be based on actual evidence and the law.

      I do not hesitate to predict that no lawsuit based on the claims and nonsense theories promulgated in this silly article will prevail in court IF they are even heard. A more likely result will be sanctions against those clogging the courts with unadulterated garbage.

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