Recount in AZ opposed, as always, by Republicans not Democrats.

What are the Republicans trying to hide? Turning over 2.1 million ballots to a fly by night tech company with little or no oversight puts the Republican run Maricopa elections officials on edge. They fought the Senate demands from the beginning.

25 thoughts on “Recount in AZ opposed, as always, by Republicans not Democrats.

    1. #45 in all his glory spewed the lie that the county database had been erased when it turns out that the ignoranti conducting the “audit” had no clue as to what they were doing.

      The GOP has turned the corner from being a party to being a gang in the service of a fat golfer.

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      1. It is not an audit, it is a scam. Why do you think the GOP is opposing it? And now the word from the leader is that databases have been erased.

        If this were a “roles reversed” event you would be screaming. But, like all Trump supporters, you are betting on enough confusion both from intentional and ignorance caused manipulations to add to the Big Lie.

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        1. The GOP?

          It is the GOP State Senate that is conducting the audit.

          The county GOP is resisting.

          That in itself is curious.

          I will wait for the results, and any commentary on the conduct of the audit before making up my mind, but trying to prevent the audit is highly suspicious.


          1. “…trying to prevent the audit is highly suspicious…”

            You keep saying that, but the complaints are not about having a 3rd audit and 3rd recount so much as how it is being done. No oversight by Democratic observers and a tech company that has no knowledge of how voting systems are supposed to work.

            The “audit” is much more suspicious than any attempts to either block it by the GOP or open it up to more transparent scrutiny.

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          2. Calling a recount an audit does not make it one.

            Nor does auditing a sample from a county equal a full audit.

            But again, if you are confident the prior examinations were accurate, then why fear a reexaminiation.


          3. In other words, you have no argument supporting the “audit”.

            Verifying an election with recounts and long recognized sampling methods has been around for quite some time.

            Having losers count their own ballots, counting and handling ballots in secret and using a company that has no experience in even monitoring an election, never mind this fiasco.

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          4. Again, if chain of custody and transparency are maintained, it doesn’t matter who does the audit. If they aren’t, then you are free to discount the results.


          5. Chain of custody? Yeah, when 2.1 million ballots arrived, the “audit” team could not figure why there were bags inside of locked boxes.

            Then those boxes disappeared inside of a rented facility and we haven’t seen them since.

            So I would say there is no chain of custody and absolutely no transparency.


          6. “Calling a recount an audit does not make it one.”

            Calling what the Cyber Ninjas are doing an audit does not make it one either. They will continue to “audit” until they get to their preconceived result.

            And you will be just fine with it.


          7. But But But.. I thought it was the Democrats who were afraid of the audit? Make up your mind.

            You’re being awfully defensive of something that should not be defended.


          8. But the GOP election officials are throwing the BS flag at the GOP State Senate. They should join the suits.

            And seeing as you are buying into the BIG LIE, you are wasting a lot of energy in defending it – IMO

            An audit conducted by those who are 1) EXTREMELY partisan and 2) EXTREMELY incompetent will do Extreme Amounts of NOTHING to provide faith in the system. IMO, it will add to the distrust.

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          9. “… preserve the evidence for external examination…”

            In other words, another audit of the “audit”. Trump Republicans are both desperate and pathetic.

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          10. They can barely preserve the votes and servers that have been entrusted to them by the lackey-to-45 GOP Senators.

            And Yes it does matter how partisan they are. If it were a Democratic-run audit being conducted in this manner with NO GOP observers allowed, you would be screaming your Libertarian brains out about transparency.


          11. “If they show their work and preserve the evidence for external examination, it doesn’t matter how partisan they are.”

            That is just plain dumb. It matters a great deal that they are partisan hacks entrusted to do work that should be done objectively.

            The fact that they are partisan and known to be such is enough to discredit whatever they find whatever it is. Duh.

            You think these Big Liars will “preserve the evidence for external examination?” You envisioning an audit of the audit of the audit? Who is going to do THAT “audit?” Partisans like these Big Liars cannot be trusted to preserve anything that does not fit their agenda nor to refrain from creating evidence that does. That is what makes this “audit” a phony sham offensive to both Democrats and honest Republicans alike.

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          12. “That is what makes this “audit” a phony sham offensive to both Democrats and honest Republicans alike.”

            Honest Republicans? Extinct today.

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          13. “Nor does auditing a sample from a county equal a full audit.”

            You are making a distinction that does not exist. An audit and a “full audit” are the same thing. I have been an auditor. I worked with auditors for years. An audit does not involve examining every single transaction. Sampling is a routine and essential approach. What YOU want to call recounts WERE audits where randomly chosen ballots were not merely counted but scrutinized for fraud.

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          14. “Again, if chain of custody and transparency are maintained . . .”

            Try to keep up. BOTH of YOUR criteria have already been violated beyond repair.


      2. There is nothing to hash out. This has been phony, corrupt and incompetent from the get go. It ought to be disbanded now. Its report, if any, will not be worth the paper it is printed on.

        Maybe you are not embarrassed that you directed your ugly rhetorical fire at Democrats for opposing this nonsense because they “must” have something to hide but you obviously should be. Four of the Five Election Board members are Republicans and their statement about this scam could not be more damning.

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