Fauci’s Fear Factory

From the start, I had the sense that Fauci was a fraud and a gangster. So it’s good to see that Kevin Jackson, a real conservative, more or less agrees.

His newest post to The Black Sphere is titled Fire Fauci the Fraud.

The left has exploited the so-called epidemic every way possible. Most recently, Kamala Harris seems to be hiding her cackle behind a mask.

The coronavirus was actually Biden’s deus ex machina. Without it, he didn’t have a chance.

11 thoughts on “Fauci’s Fear Factory

  1. “ In a world run by truthful people, Fraudci would be ridiculed for his flip-flop stance on the Wuflu virus. Then, jailed.”

    Unfortunately, during the past administration, truthful people were in really short supply from the top down.

    “Jailed” for changing some policies based on a very new and evolving medical crisis? Dictatorship 101.

    “Fraudci, Wuflu”. Really? Schoolyard taunts we’re Trump’s bailiwick and signature. I was hoping we’d move beyond that, however, I was wrong.

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    1. I would ask you to look in the mirror as far as school yard taunts go but I have to say you or even Adam can’t touch Paul in that category.

      That said, I think Fauci was in between two opposing dynamics trying to please both. Whether you think one side was more truthful than the other is irrelevant. Did he make questionable decisions, yes, but he couldn’t win for losing either.

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      1. Uh, I very rarely if ever resort to schoolyard taunts. That is the realm of Trump and is his main political skill. His bullying appeals to the same weak minds who pay good money to see fake wrestling matches.

        What I do is call out lies, liars, racists and fools for what they are. It ain’t pretty, but someone needs to do it.

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          1. “That statement qualifies as a schoolyard taunt.”

            How so?

            Did I call YOU some sort of name? Which one did you take personally from “liars, racists and fools?”

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  2. I know you try real, real hard to seem like a smart and well-informed commentator but when you use a phrase such as “so-called epidemic” you totally blow it. You then instantly and irrevocably come across as the polar opposite of smart and well-informed.

    Let me add, you better get used to Next-President Harris and her “cackle” because you know, Joe Biden is nothing but a stalking horse to get a “Commie” in the White House. Everybody knows that. Right?

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  3. …”Kevin Jackson, a real conservative”…

    You BADLY misspelled T****ist conspiracy monger. His entire piece is an idiotic hit job. And to claim him to be a “real conservative” is so laughable, I may not be able to keep my lunch down.

    Posting garbage such as this removes any remaining credibility you had to comment on ANY issue effecting this world today. Even your tags of “voter fraud” and “corruption” have ZERO to do with the topic at hand.

    Congratulations on your full capitulation to bullshit.

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  4. Two people questioning whether I have the right to speak, as if they have the knowledge or the ability to determine that. We see the same sort of pompous language, the same kind of totalitarian sensibility, in both. There really is a cult operating on this forum.

    Now, when I disparaged the so-called epidemic, I did that after reading several articles by doctors who concluded that the covid problem was only a little worse than the flu epidemic we have each and every year. Fauci’s job was to stir up panic as the bureaucrats cheated on all the data. Even Dr. Brix at the start mentioned that it was odd that a death with multiple causes was attributed to a single cause. Newspapers had many articles about how “cases” were being inflated, sometimes greatly. Anything that died was said to die of covid because the hospitals got a bonus for that! Gov. Cuomo did his share by killing thousands all by himself. And then you have all these useful idiots who accept everything Fauci says as gospel. Indeed, the Democrats have generated so much non-truth that we will need years to straighten it out.

    I predict there will be an appropriate correction on this epidemic. I think the election as well will be overturned in popular opinion. I see Mollie Hemingway has a book due in September, titled Rigged. Democrats will have to get busy soon to try to cover it up. I see some people are just realizing that there were guards letting people in during the so-called insurrection. Those pictures were available the first week, scenes from inside and outside which show conclusively that the people in charge of protecting the Capitol were part of the so-called attack. Another hoax..


    1. You have every right to speak and make a fool of yourself. Hell, you do it all the time. Ridiculing your nonsense is not challenging your right to speak. Duh!

      And you are making a fool of yourself again now. Your comment referring to this “so-called epidemic” was not nonsense, you say, because, gee, some doctor somewhere told you so. May I remind you that nearly 600,000 people have died of this virus in this country and MILLIONS around the world. That compares to maybe 25,000 who die of the flu here each year. Try thinking for yourself if you can. But since you are drooling in anticipation of a book by a Fox News liar that will be proving that the Big Lie is not a lie, it is clear that you can’t.

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    2. You have also predicted that 45 would win re-election. BZZZZ! Wrong.

      What kind of correction will there be on the pandemic? Will the millions who have died worldwide all of a sudden be resurrected and say “I was dead, but I feel better now.”?

      Popular opinion doesn’t overturn the results of an election. That statement itself is idiotic. And with only 85% of the 25% of the electorate buying into the BIG LIE, your math is, to say the least, inaccurate in predicting “popular opinion” will change the outcome.

      If you have a hard time believing that the attack on the capitol was no more than a bunch of “trespassers” or a “group of tourists”, I might recommend you search out the statements by the CP officers who were attacked and beaten.

      And the Congressman who said the attack was similar to a bunch of tourists sure had a funny way of welcoming them by screaming for the door to be barred. A good representative will welcome the visitors, not run from them.

      Mollie Hemingway is a stooge for the previous administration and appears to be angling for a donation from Mar-a-Lago. Or at least a blessing. A blessing from the individual who stated there was a massive fraud in Michigan that was about to come out that a judge tossed because, well, there was no massive fraud. Or that there was a database destroyed in Maricopa County, but it turned out the “auditors” assigned had no idea how to audit the database or even open it.

      You continue to prove your inability to post verifiable facts, but only loony conspiracy thoughts. You are absolutely allowed to post. And every post has the right to be challenged and called out for what it is. Cow Cookies!

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