All Biden had to do to succeed

Was to take a nap.

Shapiro: ruining everything

Biden came into office with COVID on the decline, an economy eager to come roaring back, energy independence and more job openings than we have workers.

He literally could have moved into the White House and watched Netflix all day and would have been a rousing success, but in 3 months he has derailed everything.

19 thoughts on “All Biden had to do to succeed

  1. Ben is his usual wing nut mode again.

    What is really telling is this:

    “His Food and Drug Administration pressed pause on a highly successful vaccine based on six cases of blood clots; his Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…”

    When I said Trump was in charge of those you said over and over and over that they were beyond his control.

    And now Uncle Ben says the President is responsible.

    Even more telling is that the current President as opposed to the former president won’t shirk that responsibility.

    And that is Trumpism in a nutshell.

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    1. Your reply is not at all convincing. Are you trying to say that B**** won’t shirk accepting responsibility for jacking up the cake walk he was given? Aside from claiming responsibility for what he had no hand in, his reckless bills are already having a profound impact. No one wants to work while getting free money and inflation looms largely to name a few.


  2. RE: “Biden came into office with COVID on the decline, an economy eager to come roaring back, energy independence and more job openings than we have workers.”

    That’s my impression, as well. It is unfortunate that he chose to be proactive in reversing the favorable conditions he inherited. We’ll begin to see the consequences soon.


    1. Funny how you had a differing impression when 45 took office. Rising economy, lowering unemployment. According to you and your ilk, only 45 got that done.

      Check your rear view mirror for a change.


    1. Delusional gaslighters would be the correct assessment in my view.

      Clinton inherited a recession and deficits. Obama inherited a near total collapse of the world’s economies. Biden was passed a pandemic that was roaring out of control and massive economic disruptions of world supply lines. And those disruption are the major problem for economic health, not the whipping boy of unemployment payments.

      Both Clinton (gave us a budget surplus) and Obama (cut the deficit in half) pulled us out of a mess. I think Biden’s on track to do the same.

      Oh, don’t forget all three were facing incredibly hostile opposition from Tea Party Republican and their nutjob successors.

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      1. Trump’s last year brought 2 Black Swans, the pandemic and the birth of CRT as a result of distortion of a number of police incidents.

        All of the other problems are the consequence of those 2. Trump didn’t create either, but the MSM was able to hang them on him.

        The solution to the pandemic was the vaccines and they were already purchased when Trump left. Those problems were solved and on the way to repair when Biden arrived.

        The Wokeness problem won’t be solved until Democrats and the media see it as harming Democrats instead of Republicans.

        But all over the country, people are catching on in spite of the propaganda. You can see it at School Borad meetings all over the country.

        But again, Biden didn’t have to do anything, and what he did do has only made things worse.


        1. Two Black Swans.

          1. The pandemic was Trump’s to manage or mismanage. He mismanaged it. In our system, so far, there is a political price to pay for failure.
          2. “CRT” is a thing mainly in the race-baiting “conservative” media bubble that you live in where every extreme or intemperate remark by anybody anywhere gets blown out of all recognizable proportion. Because people like you eat that stuff up.

          I understand why you want to talk about the state of things on January 20th as if everything was hunky dory. Admitting the truth would be to admit that ONCE AGAIN Republicans have screwed the pooch leaving behind another fiscal, economic and societal mess of historic proportions.

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          1. Trump did manage the pandemic, and with great success, The solution to COVID and the associated economic harm was the vaccines and they were available in record time. There was no need for Biden to spend trillions to rescue the economy, al he had to do was stay out of the way.


          2. “Trump did manage the pandemic,”…

            Delusional, at best. Dangerous at worst.

            Lying to the American people because he was worried about scaring them is not managing the pandemic; it was managing his image. All he had to do was tell us the truth and work towards protecting the country.

            OWS deserves credit for getting the red tape reduced to get vaccines out the door. NOT working with governors, regardless of party, to improve distribution was the NOT leading. It was. “OK I did my part. You’re on your own.”

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        2. “The Wokeness problem won’t be solved until Democrats and the media see it as harming Democrats instead of Republicans.”

          My you’ve become quite altruistic in your golden years. You are also more full of crap than an average freshly fertilized corn field.


        3. Great presidents are made by crises. The pandemic is one of the biggest in our history, certainly since WW2. Trump could have been a contender for greatness, but he was not up to the task.

          People were dying in the thousands, hospitals were overflowing and he famously said during one of his endless rallies “COVID, COVID, COVID, that’s all I hear…”.

          Really, Mr. 45? So sorry to rain on your parade (or rally) perhaps we should ask people to just die quietly at home so as not to disturb your delicate sensibilities.

          Yes, Trump did not start the pandemic. Bush did not fly into the WTC. Obama did not cause the crash of 2008. Only Obama managed to focus on the task at hand. Thus, he handed Trump a growing economy, a growing Wall Street, and record months of hiring. He also cut the annual deficit in about half from what he had to contend with after taking office.

          You can’t brag about saving pandemic lives by constantly referring to a travel restriction that wasn’t very restrictive. And bragging about that for the rest of his term. People are not stupid.

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        4. Every president has had major issues to deal
          with, some more than others. Great presidents are the ones who led the nation through a major or a series of major crises.

          Bush had 9/11 that drove his approval ratings to all time highs of close to 90%. But then, as the weak man he was, he turned everything around with the invasion of Iraq. Follow that by a economic crash and his status is crap in the history of the office. How much of either crisis was his fault has been the fodder of historians, pundits and blogs. But what was handed to Obama was a real mess.

          Trump could easily have been a beneficiary of one of the greatest crises, the pandemic, to hit us in decades. Unfortunately his handling was at best lukewarm but mostly not very good at all. He forgot that he was the nation’s president and never crossed the partisan landscape and that cost him big time. Not just his loss, but Congress also.

          You are deflecting his responsibility just as he did during his tenure and still does today.

          So his legacy will forever be the attempted overturning of the election based on conspiracies and lies. Not just trying to politically muscle a review of the results, but an assault on the Capitol.

          In other words, he was a terrible president when it came to crisis management and capped it off with an attempted autogolpe.

          Biden is doing a lot, perhaps a bit more ambitiously than some would like. Trump started OWS along with other major industrial nations. Good thing. He apparently set up distribution systems that helped get vaccines to various storage areas around the country. But he neglected the finite details of jabs to arms. Most states foundered when they should have been prepared with administration money and input.

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  3. COVID in decline?

    Gaslighting everything today?

    The surge did not peak until a month after inauguration and continued for weeks to a month later. we set records almost every day with regard to infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

    Then when we finally got the jabs in people’s arms, a detail ignored by the past administration, things started to slowly come back down. Yes, there was a distribution plan to various depots around the country. But states, with a few minor exceptions were not ready for a lot of reasons, not all of them the fault of the state either. But then we had no president since the summer when he concentrated on selling the idea of a rigged election.

    Meanwhile, global supply lines were crippled, so companies cannot deliver finished products to a myriad of sectors. And that will not clear up until next year at the earliest. States were hit hard financially and let go millions of workers they are slowly rehiring as stimulus money arrives.

    Yes, restaurants and entertainment venues are having a tough time finding workers. The temporary unemployment boost has a small role in that. The fact is that all the restaurants are opening at the same time and competing for workers that have found delivery services, Uber, freelancing, etc. to be just as lucrative or more so than busing tables for minimum wage. There is a Korean restaurant chain in NY, 7 locations if I recall, that could not get hostess jobs filled for 20, then 30, dollars an hours. Unemployment income has nothing to do with that.

    Cake walk? Only if you love Trump and hate Biden. In other words, fantasy land.

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    1. Abd why did the surge peak instead of just continuing to surge?

      The vaccines are all the solution the problem needed, and further meddling just gets in the way of the market.


      1. Trump had next to nothing to do with the rapid development of vaccines. The breakthroug science came before the pandemic, labs all over the world were running with the DNA sequencing and the first vaccines out of the gate were developed in other countries. I think you know all that but being honest has never been a thing with you people.

        As for his mismanagement of pandemic, the record is what it is. And no gaslighting by any of you people can change it. Next you will be telling us that Trump won the election bigly and it was stolen from him by Hugo Chavez. Oh, wait . . .

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  4. When o see comments that change history by the ever Gaslighting conservatives, or rather Trump toadies, I have to give kudos to that obvious nutjob in the recent hearings.

    “ [Georgia Republican Congressman] Clyde said. “Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol and walked through Statuary Hall showed people in an orderly fashion standing between the stanchions and ropes taking videos and pictures. You know, if you didn’t know the TV footage was a video from Jan. 6, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit.”

    Comments like that in an official status tell any reasonable person that the effort to revise history to match a false premise is right out of Trump U.

    I would be willing to wager that Clyde was pooping in his pants on the afternoon of January 6. Either that, or he was in on the assault.

    And folks, the problem with our country now does not have anything to do with “woke”, Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss, and other cultural chimeras the GOP are chasing while Democrats are working to get the population healthy and working.

    IMHO, of course.

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