Here Is What Republican Voters Really Believe in.

Some on this forum casually claim a perfect election. They have to know this is not the case. For example, our own Scott Taylor went to bed the winner and woke up the loser. This cannot happen in the real world. As the Romans used to say, the thing speaks for itself.

Wayne Allyn Root is a practical intellectual, a very reliable witness, unlike the left-wing media. Here’s his take.

40 thoughts on “Here Is What Republican Voters Really Believe in.

  1. If this fellow is really what passes for an “intellectual” in Trump circles, that explains a lot. It explains the abject failures and incompetence of an administration that left the country in shambles in just four short years. Trump just could not attract and keep smart people and the few he did manage to attract he could not keep.

    Here is something a smart fellow like you should understand – people believing a Big Lie does not make it True. If evidence is not required then anybody can be accused of anything. In this screed, the author makes a lot of accusations but offers not even the tiniest iota of evidence. That lack of evidence is actually quite important. Duh.

    Uh, by the way, Scott Taylor went to bed THINKING he was a winner. He was wrong. The winner is the one who gets the most votes. It often turns out that way. Trump claimed victory on election night. See how wrong that was. Biden won in a landslide.

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      1. Blocking audits.

        Please be aware that the Maricopa election officials that vehemently objected to turning over 2 million ballots to a fly by night operation that doesn’t know an election from an erection were all Republican.

        Your accusations are hollow and based on nothing.

        There is no oversight by Democrats. One of the counters is a Republican who lost his election. There is credible concern that the ballots are being damaged.

        In other words, the recount is by the pond scum of American politics today, Trump sycophants.

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          1. Maybe you are just too stupid to understand this but stating categorically WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE that public officials doing a difficult job under great pressure and scrutiny are “criminals in need of prosecution” is bad thing. You do understand that, don’t you?

            You do this day in and day out. You really ought to stop. And, if you have any self-respect, you should be embarassed to constantly display such ignorance.

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          2. An “audit” by partisan hacks can prove nothing one way or another. It is an abuse of process by people who would overthrow the government with violent insurrection if they could.

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          3. It was never meant to change the election. It was theater to sow doubt in American elections. Just like the Big Lie. Most Republicans in Congress don’t believe there was much, if any, fraud. Some voting procedural disagreements need to be resolved perhaps. But it is Trump’s show in the GOP theater so AZ Republicans do a phony audit.

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          4. …”there are criminals in need of prosecution and future elections to protect.”

            Let’s start with 45. Then add in MTG. Not to mention the GOP Caucus that just ousted Liz Cheney from leadership because she would would not give in to the BIG LIE. Then there are the Cyber Ninjas, non-qualified hacks looking for bamboo and watermarks while using blue pens.

            Yep. Lots of folks to lock up.


          5. Those have been tried, but again, what is it Democrats are so eager to hide?

            If the audit will show them to be right, they should be demanding it and eager to cooperate.


          6. Why are Republicans so desperate to find that which has been proven time and time again not to exist.

            Demanding to sow more doubt on election integrity? Really?


          1. Acting guilty is why Republican officials objected loudly to the phony audit?


            And what is true in Roots article? What judge agreed with anything presented or alleged?

            You don’t know do you?

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      2. Simple reasoning.

        Simple minded is more like.

        The Democrats are not acting like “thieves.” They are acting like people who want to preserve our democratic Constitutional order against thugs, insurrectionists and wannabe dictators. Phony “audits” run by known partisan hacks to accomplish nothing but to stir up Trump dummies are objectionable. Period. They are disturbed enough as it is.

        I tried to read your “better” article but stopped at the racist attack on the victim of police murder. Why would any decent person care what anyone who would do that has to say?

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        1. The point remains that if there was nothing to hide, then why so much effort to hide?

          Let the auditors make fools of themselves.

          But so long as they block the audit, we have to assume there is something to hide.


          1. If it were a real audit conducted in an objective manner you would have a point. It is not that. Not even close.

            You stupidly talk about the “audit” being needed for prosecuting “criminals” but the incompetent hackery already seen in this kangaroo audit makes any prosecution impossible no matter what they say they have found. So that “justification” for this charade is also simple-minded bullshit by insurrectionist sore losers.

            The whole thing is an abuse of process showing utter contempt for the law. Its political purpose is clear – lend weight to the Big Lie Trump dummies want so desperately to believe.

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          2. Three points which you are ignoring in your zealous fixation about the AZ “audit”:

            First, it was the Republican Board of Elections that tried to block the recount. They are responsible for safekeeping 2.1 million ballots for 6 months and a fly by night firm like Cyber Ninja is hardly a confidence builder. So they said no.

            Second, Democrats were blocked out of participation as observers in a closed door count.

            Finally, one of the losers in the Senate race was recounting his own ballots.

            So your harping about Democrats wanting to hide something is just petty ignorance about what is going on.

            Not that you care, but here is what was done officially before Cyber Ninjas arrived:

            “ Before and after every election, it’s standard procedure in the county to conduct a “logic and accuracy” test on election equipment. In 2020, those tests turned up no issues. State law also mandates a hand-count audit of a statistically significant sample of ballots after each election to be compared to the machine count. That, too, came up with 100% accuracy, according to county election officials.

            In January, after waves of protests, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved two additional audits of election equipment. The board hired two independent firms, Pro V&V and SLI Compliance, which are certified by the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission. The firms conducted their separate audits in February and found no issues.

            The audits included tests for malicious software and hardware, source codes, network and internet connectivity, and accuracy to detect vote switching. Observers from both parties were invited to attend, and the audits were live streamed.”


            Plus, Republicans won all Maricopa races except for Trump. Think of the fancy dancing supposed fraudsters had to do in front of observers and cameras to pull that off.

            So I am sure you will keep yourself locked in the safe Trump bubble of lies, but the record is clear.

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          3. “If it’s really that screwed up then there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

            Are you really that clueless? Or just dishonest? I think you know that turning this “audit” over to known partisan hacks without the participation of all parties has no legitimate purpose. It can ONLY do damage to the bedrock of our system – acceptance of the peaceful transfer of power at the ballot box. THAT is something to be afraid of.

            If there was a legitimate public purpose for this exercise, it WOULD have been given to a legitimately objective organization with oversight by all parties. And it WOULD have been state-wide. A firm such as KPMG, for example, could have organized this task in a credible and objective way. Instead it is a major fiasco as described in detail here . . .


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          4. Nice try, but Democrats are not suing and refusing subpoenas to get the audits done better, they are trying to have them not done at all.

            And again, if they are done poorly, they will be easily challenged. There is no reason to obstruct other than if there is something to hide.


          5. …” they are trying to have them not done at all.”

            Because they have already been done. No partisan hacks are being called in BY partisan hacks to find that which does not exist.

            It’s not about fear; it is about integrity and the GOP, particularly in AZ, has ZERO.

            I am starting to wonder if the AZ GOP Senate is hoping 45 sill build or buy a golf course somewhere in the state and run it into the ground.


          6. But two HAND recounts are.

            Get over it. It isn’t about acting like thieves, which is idiotic considering the thievery committed by gerrymandering politicians (notice I did not specify party). It is about questioning of the integrity of elections that have been shown time and time again to be conducted fairly openly and transparently.

            The AZ recount is a gift to 45 so he won’t say nasty things about them.

            Also why aren’t recounts being done in the AZ manner in other states he won?


          7. You can carry on pretending that the Arizona “audit” is not and abuse of process and a political stunt to placate Trump and his followers all you like. It and you are patently ridiculous. You may be fooling yourself, Roberts and Smith but you are not fooling anyone else with this nonsense.

            Frankly, I find someone with your apparent ability spreading the Big Lie to be both pathetic and disgusting. But, maybe that is not fair. As I have noted before, maybe I give you far too much credit. Maybe you are really just as stupid as spreading Trump’s lies makes you seem. I dunno.

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          8. Deflect and insult?

            I deflected nothing. I have repeated time and again very valid reasons why this so-called “audit” is dangerous and ridiculous. You have failed to provide ANY bona fide reason to support it. Not One.

            If you find my disgust at your pitiful and – at best – dishonest promoting of Trump’s Big Lie to be an insult, that is on you. The disgust is real and deserved.

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          9. This stunt is NOT an audit.

            It is harmful no matter what it “finds” because it undermines the cornerstone of our democracy – faith in our elections and the officials and volunteers that run them. THAT is its purpose. Its only purpose. It is a bad purpose.

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          10. More than half the country already distrusts the electoral system. The audit(s) will either confirm that distrust or dispel those doubts.

            So, why so afraid?


          11. Half the country distrusts the election process because of the BIG LIE that YOU spread.
            So let me ask you – Why are you spreading dangerous LIES? Never mind, I know why. See below.

            What do I fear about this “audit?”

            I have tried to put it politely but since you keep asking I will put it plainly. What I fear from this phony “audit” is that the people who commissioned it and the people doing it are America-hating racist insurrectionists and LIARS and they will LIE to help Trump and his racist America-hating insurrectionist followers undermine our democracy with LIES.

            This fear is a part of a bigger fear and that is that our history of the peaceful transfer or power is under assault by people who spread LIES and condone political violence based on LIES. People like you who hate democracy and most of the people who participate in it.

            Plain enough?

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  2. RE: “Some on this forum casually claim a perfect election. They have to know this is not the case.”

    They may know, but there’s no reasoning with them in my experience. I can demonstrate.

    A story appeared a couple of days ago that compared Census data with 2020 election data. According to the Census, 155 million people voted, but according to the election tally, 158 million people voted. The difference suggests that at least 3 million invalid votes appeared in the official count.

    The difference between the two data points doesn’t prove anything in itself, but it does make skepticism of the electoral outcome legitimate.


    1. So that is how Trump got as many votes as he did. Subtract 3 million from his 74 million and you have a landslide for Biden.

      Or are you assuming that all 3 million were split ticket votes for Biden and down ballot Republicans?

      Republicans tried hard to cheat with mail slowdowns, daily accusations and exhortations that all voting is rigged, telling Republicans to not use absentee ballots, etc.

      Of course that last thing hurt the Republicans. It turns out that in many states, like FL, Republicans absentee voting had vastly outnumbered Democrats in the past, but were “ordered” to only vote in person by the head of the party. (Yes, the GOP won FL, but the margin was not huge.)

      And now with hundreds of new laws to contain the Democratic votes, there is fear on the right that they may have screwed themselves among older, white folks who, again, preferred mail in ballots.

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    2. What baloney. The 2020 election was both the most scrutinized election ever and the best run. Even Trump appointees have stated for the record that no major fraud occurred.

      The discrepancy is infinitely more likely to be with the census than with voting records. Three million votes cast by non-citizens would be impossible to hide. Especially with so many sore losers trying to find them based on one of Trump’s countless lies.

      The census data used is based on self-reporting on census forms. Those same forms have self-reporting on whether one is registered to vote. The total claiming to be registered is 168,308,000. According to a state by state survey of 2020 voter registrations done by there were 213,799,467. It is obvious from this massive difference that self-reporting of political matters on census forms is not very accurate.

      So the discrepancy cited is NOT a valid reason for ANY skepticism.

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