Vaccine bribery is a thing now.

And if it gets more folks vaccinated, I don’t see what is wrong with it.

JVL has some more stuff in his daily post, but this was top of the list and it was easier to link to the entire article.

17 thoughts on “Vaccine bribery is a thing now.

  1. I read that if you don’t get the jab, you have to move to Mississippi.

    That is what they say. 😇

    (Bring bottled water since the capital has not had reliable, potable water for a long time. Red state economics.)

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      1. Jackson. And they are having a terrible time. Lead isn’t the main issue, but just deteriorating water supply infrastructure.

        Being one of the poorest states and a poor city like Jackson with low income all add up to serious problems.

        At least they can go maskless, which is a huge deal for many conservatives. Like Mr Potato Head’s gender issue, Dr. Seuss…

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        1. Mentioning Mississippi. Wonder where that came from. Wouldn’t have anything to do with the put down Kerry Dougherty gave you the other day would it Lennart?


          1. It might be. The question is, does it matter and why?

            Yes, Kerry did disagree in her own inimitable fashion. Yet, that is what debate is all about.

            Don’t you agree?

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  2. If a Krispy Kreme donut a day for a year isn’t bribe enough, that isn’t going to do it.

    Being free of fear of death is another powerful incentive. I am greatly enjoying knowing the mask I wear in public places is just to make people feel comfortable and that I am no longer at risk.

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    1. No longer at risk? True 90-95% effective against serious illness is good. But I look at my age and have decided I will do my best to stay in the 90% crowd.

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      1. At some point you have to live your life.

        Think of it this way, unless you are immunocompromised, you are no more likely to die than an unvaccinated teenager.

        So, get on with life or you might as well be dead.

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        1. I probably wasn’t clear. I am living life well. We are traveling, eating out, golfing, boating, etc. but wearing a mask in public crowds indoors is still on my agenda.

          No big sacrifice, just, to me at least, common sense until this virus is behind us.

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    2. Not a KK fan. I would probably negotiate for something a little better. Like a 17-year old Eagle Rare Single Barrell Kentucky Bourbon (Need a gift for dad’s birthday and I can’t find any at the local ABC stores).

      Moot for me as I have received my vaccines and the Mrs. is waiting for her second. The only one left is my son. He’ll get there. But that bourbon sure would be nice to have.


      1. Check your local ABC store to see if they can special order the bourbon. I’ve ordered several unstocked items this way. They ship to the store and notify you when it’s ready to pick up.


  3. Vaccine hesitancy is driven by the irrational fear of unknown long term adverse side effects.

    Let this be the first right leaning blog to counter this. (eerie music, scene goes all wobbly)

    DATELINE January 2031 — Reseachers confirmed today the result of tracking over 100 million persons who received the mRNA Covid19 vaccines administered a decade ago. The study, which ended last year, showed that not one person in the study cohort developed any form of cancer, nor have any died from age related diseases.
    Researchers began to suspect that permanent changes to the immune were having a positive side effect when cancer remission rates in the vaccinated populace began to approach 100 times that of the unvaccinated or those that received the so-called “one dose” forms of the vaccines.

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