Nurse shares undercover video bombshell: NY hospitals didn’t isolate COVID-19 patients properly

Some people on this site accept Fauci’s numbers, even though there were stories in newspapers about inflated cases and how the hospitals got what were essentially bribes from the government to attribute deaths to covid. Respirators were a good way to kill people but certain hospitals kept using them.

Meanwhile, there were really stupid, vicious attacks on hydroxy cocktail and Dr. Zelenko. Thousands died because of this. It seems Zeleno is going to get a Nobel prize of some kind. He for me was the real saint and scholar in this whole saga. He explained in his videos that the Hippocratic Oath requires certain behaviors, which Dr. Fauci did not exhibit.

ADDENDUM. I saw the story about the nurse on the Internet by accident. Two days later when I tried to Google it, it was gone. I always loved Google but not now. I decided to test Much to my surprise, a full page of relevant links came up. So Google was playing games. They’ll give up their rep to save Fauci and Biden. Wrong choice.

6 thoughts on “Nurse shares undercover video bombshell: NY hospitals didn’t isolate COVID-19 patients properly

  1. As a retired dentist, I still get the Dept of Health bulletins. Early in the pandemic, the guidance on ventilators was to intubate patients and put them on a ventilator early AS A MEANS OF PROTERCTING STAFF from aerosols if patients were allowed to cough.

    It was never about the benefit to the patient.

    Protecting staff is a reasonable consideration, but we should be upfront about it.

    Tenting patients with negative pressure provided equal protection for staff without the increased mortality to patients.

    It was not an evil plot, it was a learning curve.

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    1. I don’t know if I posted it here, but the 1920 Boy Scout handbook advised that if a drowning victim is revived, to put them on their side to facilitate easier breathing. Halfway through the epidemic, the hospitals started put patients on ventilators on their sides saying that they learned from this epidemic that intubated patients do better on their sides.

      Relearned! Over the last 100 years the respiratory folks began making their job easier by putting patients on their backs thinking that the ventilator solved the issue.

      Everything old is new again.

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  2. Of course, one thing to consider about all of this respiratory stuff — mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is less than 100 years old. Rolling people over a barrel and back compressions were the most successful methods of resuscitating someone on the day most of us here were born (early 1950s).

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  3. The Australian Crawl, i.e. Free style, is a method of swimming that was unknown in Western civilization until the mid-1800s. Of course, there’s good reason for this. Our great great great grandfathers thought of water as not something you play in or wash with. Oh, and toilet paper or something functionally the same, e.g., corncob? Not something they did in those days either. Can’t imagine the itch.

    Uh yep, we are stupid monkeys.

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