Joe Rogan gets “quote of the day” award.

“I’m not a respected source of information even for me. But I at least try to be honest about what I’m saying.”

I suggest that this fits into the political arena as the “Theory of Everything”. Except the honesty part.

12 thoughts on “Joe Rogan gets “quote of the day” award.

  1. I don’t really see your problem. He stated his opinion, which was reasonable, but when presented with better supported opinion, agreed with the expert.

    Isn’t that what he should do?


    1. “I may have purposely burned down your house, but at least I am honest about it.”

      It just seems so ironic in the day and age of alternative facts.

      Throw out total misinformation to millions and see what sticks. Then called out, just say “I was 1. Honest 2. Joking or 3. “Who cares?” 4. “Look, a shiny object”.

      I guess after a half decade of this people become immune to truth.

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      1. Burned down your house?

        That’s a bit much. It is a marginal difference of opinion. A month ago, it was very good advice, as there was nothing to gain for 21 year olds to rush to the front of the line ahead of older people.

        With a new vaccine, it is not unreasonable to balance the risk of the vaccine against the risk of the disease. For a healthy 21 year old the risk of the disease is pretty slight, The decision for people our age, or even in their 40s , the risk of the vaccine is clearly smaller, but it is less clear for that 21 year old.

        I would come down on the side of the vaccine, but not to the point that choosing the other is burning down someone’s house.


        1. Burning the house was just a metaphor.

          I think the issue is transmission, not severity of the disease. The virus is raging out of control in India and I don’t believe it is just the elderly.

          I am slowly coming to a pessimistic conclusion on this. Variants are popping up regularly in both Brazil and India.

          India was the cream and now it has all gone sour in a matter of weeks. Modi has some serious problems after looking pretty good. Brazil’s president doesn’t give a damn about his nation except to be seen as “Mr. Bad Ass” and pleasing his oligarchs.

          So our COVID “deniers”, mask refuseniks, anti-vaxxers and a big chunk of the Republicans are pushing hard to copy those two nations through ignorance and hubris.


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          1. OK, let’s look at transmission, how does the 21 year old become unable to transmit COVID the fastest?

            If he gets one of the mRNA vaccines. its 5 to 6 weeks. If he gets COVID, it’s 11 days.

            Now, for part of that 11 days, he is very contagious, but if the quarantines properly, that isn’t an issue.

            Any way you look at it, it is not a binary, right or wrong, choice.

            I come down on the side of getting vaccinated, but for that 21 year old, not by much.


          2. So why would the 21 year old quarantine if he has no symptoms?

            Instead he’ll say “Hi” to his elderly neighbors who haven’t be vaccinated because they think Soros is involved.

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          3. Asymptomatic spread remains unlikely. Don’t confuse with presymptomatic

            That would have been tragic if they had not had the opportunity to be vaccinated, but if you are elderly and choose not to be vaccinated, you have made a poor choice, and choices have consequences.


  2. RE: “I guess after a half decade of this people become immune to truth.”

    Rogan’s comment wasn’t wrong. At most it lacked context.


    1. It WAS wrong. It was a stupid, stupid thing to try to sell to his audience. Everybody should get vaccinated at the earliest possible moment. For themselves, for their family, for everyone around them. Those who do not are parasites relying on others to protect them but refusing to do their small, painless part.

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      1. RE: “Those who do not are parasites relying on others to protect them but refusing to do their small, painless part.”

        Spoken like a true Nazi.


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