6 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Says People Who Wear Masks Outside Should Be Mocked

    1. Oh, no way, we still know that boys in the girls bathroom/lockeroom is a gross invasion of privacy. If schools adopt it, we will move our kids to private and let the poofs poof each other. Glad to know you have no children.


  1. “He’s right,” says the fellow who will not get vaccinated to protect himself and others. One can not make this stuff up!

    Go ahead and mock me if it floats your tiny boat. I always have a mask hung from a lanyard hanging around my neck when walking or hiking and I put it on when approach other walkers or bike riders. I do not do this to protect myself. Unlike you, I am vaccinated. I do it to protect others who may be vulnerable since it is not yet known whether vaccinated people can spread the virus. I do it to signal that I care about the safety of others, that they need not fear my proximity, that wearing a mask is not unusual and that the pandemic is still a matter of grave concern. So mock away. Knock yourself out.

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