Arizona recount held in secret with no witnesses.

For the 2020 election the Trump campaign complained that their observers were not allowed to breathe on the counters and had to move back a few feet. Or that windows were blocked from street view. Or ballot boxes looked like suitcases. Or a water leak was caught voting for mermaid rights.

So now they are counting 2 1/2 million ballots in secret with a company saying they have trade secrets to protect. Any discerning human knows that the AZ GOP will cheat if they disallow any witnesses or the media.

The Big Lie has the Republican Party by what is left of their spine in a jar on a shelf at Mar a Lago. And it is trying so hard to scam Americans.

15 thoughts on “Arizona recount held in secret with no witnesses.

  1. Not so.

    It will be out of the public view but still supervised by the court.

    But it is revealing how desperate Democrats are to prevent that recount. Makes you think there might be something to hide.


    1. Supervised by the court?

      What court? It is a state Senate ordered recount with doubt as to who is counting. Will Democratic observers be there?

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      1. The court hearing the case.

        Think about it. If the company’s methods are made public, that also makes public the means to deceive the process next time.

        If nothing important is found, then the methods will stay proprietary, but if they result in prosecutions or challenges, they will have to be explained in detail, at least to the courts.

        The motives of the GOP Senate are defensible, but those of the Democrats seeking to prevent an honest recount are not.


        1. So the three previous counts are not accurate? Who says?

          What you seem to conveniently forget is that the only reason we are doing all this is because Trump said so. The evidence is not there, but his words are gold to the true believers.

          This is not a matter of Republican state houses or officials passing “unconstitutional” election changes. This is looking for something they have not defined other than that #45 said the votes were fraudulent. And that has been shown to be the Big Lie.

          And you have bought into it big time.

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        2. “ Think about it. If the company’s methods are made public, that also makes public the means to deceive the process next time.”

          We are not discussing military secrets or medical breakthroughs. We are just counting ballots that are dog eared from multiple counts already. There is no sampling or extrapolation just a one at a time count, by hand and by partisans behind closed doors with no impartial witnesses.

          Bottom line is you would be locking and loading if Democrats did the same. Your surrogates sent thugs in suits to violently stop a recount in 2000.

          You want a king in a country that firmly believes the only crown should be on damaged teeth. And it shows.

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  2. “A water leak caught voting…”. Now I get it, it’s a comedy skit show like SNL and all this time I thought it was an opinion and news blog.


  3. Here is Chalroe Sykes’ take from this morning on this and several other items of interest which I will address in another post. THE AZ recount is the first item he covers.

    Most interesting are these tidbits:

    “The story so far: the AZ GOP Senate, pondering ways of keeping alive the Big Lie that the state’s electoral votes were stolen from TFG, “used its subpoena power to take possession of all 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County and the machines that counted them, along with computer hard drives full of data.”

    They ordered the “audit,” despite the fact that three previous recounts had shown no problems, and no evidence of fraud. Despite that, the GOP senators insisted on a hand recount of 2.1 million ballots cast in the county that represents two-thirds of the vote statewide.

    This is where it gets even stranger. “They’ve handed the materials over to Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based consultancy with no election experience, run by a man who has shared unfounded conspiracy theories claiming the official 2020 presidential election results are illegitimate.”:

    Non-partisan recount? Can’t have that. It would reveal the truth we already know: Biden beat 45 handily and no amount of recounts is gonna change it. And there was no fraud to the level to overturn those results.

    Look out, Biden. The Cyber Ninjas are comin’ for ya!

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    1. The GOP is infected with loonies and sycophants. They are the populist party funded somewhat by corporate America and a select group of billionaires who see a weakness for conspiracies among their constituents as a bonus to be milked handily. (Oh, and devotees who were duped into donating to a “legal fund”…but tha is another sad tale.)

      President Biden knows this and is sticking to jobs, healthcare, the pandemic resolution and a better economic security for working classes.

      Letting the right wing wallow in the election conspiracies, abortion, guns and Mexican rapists.

      Immigration is the toughest issue, but in the grand scheme of things, we are talking about 10’s of thousands of refugees for the third largest nation in the world, both population and land mass. And the existing level of undocumented folks of around 10 million maybe, is less than 3% of our population.

      And the kicker is, we depend heavily on illegal labor.

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  4. Again, if any legal remedies or prosecutions are sought, the burden will be on the GOP Senate to prove fraud.

    If the Democrats have nothing to fear, they should welcome the GOP wasting its money on the process.


    1. Too bad it isn’t the GOP’s money being wasted, but that of the AZ Senate meaning tax payer dollars.

      Not to mention the company doing the “audit” has ZERO experience and no credibility to conduct it. They are a consultancy that helped spread the “Big Lie”.


      1. Well, then they should fail, and your side should gain. You’d think Democrats should be heeding Napoleon’s advice, but instead they are acting a lot like they have something to hide.


    2. Already the counters were armed with blue pens in the counting area. They are normally forbidden since the scanners can read blue.

      But the job is to find fraud, even if they have to create it themselves.

      Three recounts are not enough for the Big Lie idiots.

      And they are idiots.

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