Has it come to this?

Your ideas are stupid

Now we must rely on Bill Maher as the voice of reason on the left?

But the Democratic party now follows Gen Z like a puppy on the road to perdition.

13 thoughts on “Has it come to this?

  1. Accusations about who or what the Democratic party follow coming from you is laughable, especially when you consider what the GOP has become; a lap dog to the former President.

    If you don’t believe that, check how many candidates are running to Palm Beach County Florida for blessings from their king. Or better yet, the number of laws being passed or considered in the various states because of the Big Lie.

    Bill Maher has never given fealty to either party. HE displays a level of open mindedness you will never find from the likes of Carlson, Hannity, Greenwald and the rest of the right wing bubble headed talkers.

    Seriously, Don. Take a closer look at what the party you tend to back is doing and has become before casting stones at those you have ALWAYS said you hate.

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    1. You guys are so obsessed with Trump that you are blind to every other issue.

      I have my issues with the GOP, but right now, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

      The GOP, even under Trump, did not attempt to undermine the very structure of safeguards built into the government to get their way, as the Democrats are actively working toward now.

      No one in the Democrat party has even considered what the changes they wish to make would do to their agenda if inherited by a future GOP majority. They are determined to wreck our protections for the rights of the minority in their lust for power.


          1. I figured that would be your answer.

            The Democrats efforts to rebalance the courts are a legitimate response to the GOP’ behavior over the past 8 years. Egregious blocking the appointments of emininently qualified jurists by the hundreds, stealing the SCOTUS seat that rightfully belongs to Merrick Garland and removing the BAR association from the process of vetting judges so that they could PACK the courts with Liberty and Regent Univeristy levels of hackery.

            As for the filibuster, it is long past its sell by date. The Republicans threw it out to get Kavanaugh and Barrett on the bench. There is no reason to allow this non-Constitutional anachronishm to hamstring the government any more and doubly so since the power of “conservative” and reactionary forces are already over-represented in the Senate.

            As for possible future mis-use by the GOP – they have ALREADY shown that they will respect nothing in the pursuit of their agenda so really nothing will change when the filibuster is gone.

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      1. It is not an obsession; it is the comparison between the 2 and 45 is still holding sway over the party.

        Your issues with the GOP are so miniscule, they don’t even register or permit you a comment on them except to say “Not everything is about”…

        You needlessly fear the Democrats more than you fear the mob that is at the forefront of the GOP. That is your problem.

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        1. It is beyond laughable how Tabor constantly worries about mob rule while remaining true to Trump whose only skill was to stir up the anger of the mob. Even to the point of insurrection against the rule of law.

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        2. You do know this emotion spaw ned left wing Trump “cult” hate babble isnt helping your credibility one iota. I know, I know, it’s all you have in your little quill but everything will be fine when Republicans sweep Congress very soon.


          1. Is it hateful to say that 45 holds sway over today’s GOP? If so, please enlighten us with your blindingly enlightened view.

            Not possible. You are neither enlightened nor enlightening.


  2. RE: “Now we must rely on Bill Maher as the voice of reason on the left?”

    Maybe Maher is the reason Kamala cackles.


  3. The kookiest kook in the Democratic Party Congressional caucus cannot hold a candle to the typical members of the GOP caucus. The inability of the GOP to appeal to and incorporate the values of young people is a bad thing – a clear sign that they are on the road to extinction. But rant on if it makes you feel better about the parties you support slipping into the dustbin of history.

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    1. Sure, because 20 year old products of our public schools have such a deep understanding of history and science.

      Refer to Maher’s statement.

      Young people’s values like ‘lets give Marxism a try’ like no one has done that before.


      1. “. . . lets give Marxism a try”

        You are talking about a very select, cherry-picked and small number of “young people.” It would be like me treating Kyle Rittenhouse as a typical young Republican.

        Protecting the environment, universal healthcare, affordable access to higher education and better control of guns – these are the issues where young people are pulling the Democratic Party away from what you prefer. You can call such ideas “Marxist” if it floats your boat but that does not make it true.

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