Defunding the police may not be the problem

finding someone willing to take the job may be the larger problem.

17 thoughts on “Duh

  1. Well, if we actually limited the police to fighting actual crimes with actual victims and we automate more of traffic law enforcement we will need far, far fewer of them. And we could pay them better to attract better people. Problem solved.

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    1. And what do you do about those that don’t care about traffic laws, refuse to pay and keep on driving? You know, the ones that already do 100mph+ on I264 in the morning and afternoon? What about wrecks caused by your non-existant speeders. You know the same ones mentioned that no one is ticketing anyway. Just like vote fraud, it doesn’t exist because no one enforces it. What about DUIs, driving while doped, highway shooters, etc
      Aren’t they “real” crimes? Why have laws if you don’t enforce thwm?


        1. Laws are already enforced EQUALLY and FAIRLY!! Social drama queens want to believe otherwise but there is no grand conspiracy against blacks. FACTS prove that but you won’t listen.


          1. “Laws are already enforced EQUALLY and FAIRLY”

            That is simply not true. There are mountains of evidence across a wide array of metrics confirming that there really is systemmatic racism in policing and the administration of justice.

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          2. :FACTS prove that but you won’t listen.:

            Seeing as you have yet to provide ANY facts to back you statement, I’ll wait patiently for something legitimate to come form your keyboard.


      1. I did not say there were no speeders. And I did not say to eliminate highway patrols. What I suggested is that we “automate MORE of traffic law enforcement.” Other countries enforce speed limits with cameras and fines. We don’t need cops hidden in the bushes to get that work done.

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        1. Apparently we do need them but I rarely see them except in small towns that need traffic fine money for their budgets. Windsor, Emporia, Colonial Heights and all across America do it and they don’t care about what color you are. I know from experience.


          1. “. . . susceptible to bias”

            If that is any different from where cops choose to lurk you will have to explain why.

            Many years ago when I lived in Belgium they had already established a network of speed cameras. The registered owner of the vehicle speeding was responsible for paying hefty fines – which arrived in the mail – for offenses committed with his car. It was an effective deterrent and nobody was ever gunned down by a camera.

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          2. How large is Belgium compared to a typical Texas county?

            Evidence based traffic enforcement is another whole can of worms. My dad was a highway engineer when the Interstates were being built. the design speed, the speed for which turn radius and bank were calculated, was 95mph based on auto design from the 1950s.

            Speed should be the last thing on our list outside of school and residential areas. Chemical impairment and self induced distraction are where the effort should be.


  2. Well, the last thing anyone needs is someone with a gun and an attitude showing up at a fist fight either. Were I a member of a black community, I’d want a Guardian Angel-like group showing up at domestic dispute first, then if necessary, a cop who can be advised of the situation by a cooler head. It won’t be 100%, but it has got to be better than the lethal force being the assessor.

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      1. Well, obviously that case would be in the fail column. Others, not so much. Guys on the phone talking to a dispatcher would be alive.

        I love how when a cop thinks someone is about to commit suicide with a gun to their head, their negotiating skills start by killing them.

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