NYT: Republicans Aren’t Done Messing With Elections

Election law scholar Rick Hasen calls out state legislatures for not only changing voting laws because the guy at the top of the ticket lost, but for changing the way votes may be counted.

“Republican state legislatures have also passed or are considering laws aimed at stripping Democratic counties of the power to run fair elections. The new Georgia law gives the legislature the power to handpick an election official who could vote on the state election board for a temporary takeover of up to four county election boards during the crucial period of administering an election and counting votes. That provision appears to be aimed at Democratic counties like Fulton County that have increased voter access. A new Iowa law threatens criminal penalties against local election officials who enact emergency election rules and bars them from sending voters unsolicited absentee ballot applications.”

The claim of transparency and voter integrity are major issues that need be addressed. I see these laws to be solutions in search of a problem. the biggest issue in the 2020 election with regards to integrity was the drum beat from the Oval Office and that occupants’ minions and toadies, saying the election was stolen or was GOING to be stolen if he lost.

According to a new report by Protect DemocracyLaw Forward and the States United Democracy Center, Republican legislators have proposed at least 148 bills in 36 states that could increase the chances of cooking the electoral books.”

Cooking electoral books is exactly what 45 was begging for in GA and hoping for in other states. Making laws to overturn the will of the voters? Seriously? And GOP voters are all in because they are losing number and the only way to continue to win elections is to rig the systems so only their votes count.

“It’s also steps like the Arizona State Senate demanding the seizure of November ballots from Democratic-leaning Maricopa County and ordering an audit of the votes to be conducted by a proponent of the bogus “Stop the Steal” movement who falsely contended that the election was rigged against Mr. Trump. Never mind that Arizona’s vote count has been repeatedly subject to examination by courts and election officials with no irregularities found.”

Like I said: A solution looking for a problem.

“every jurisdiction in the United States should be voting with systems that produce a paper ballot that can be recounted in the event of a disputed election. Having physical, tangible evidence of voters’ choices, rather than just records on electronic voting machines, is essential to both guard against actual manipulation and protect voter confidence in a fair vote count. Such a provision is already contained in H.R. 1, the mammoth Democrat-sponsored voting bill.”

So HR1 has that requirement, which has bipartisan support. But the GOP did it’s Nancy Regan imitation. Again.

5 thoughts on “NYT: Republicans Aren’t Done Messing With Elections

  1. The only reason the 2020 election is being used to change election laws is because Trump said it was rigged. He said it was rigged for 5 years, and the cult believed him. Even more incredible is that the ex-president convinced the gullible that if he lost, the election was rigged. If he won, it was fair.

    (Of course, these are the same folks who took selfies of themselves attacking the Capitol, beating police half to death, and posting them online. They believed the president told them it was OK to do that. So how does this explain the “superior intellect” of conservatives?)

    So based on a liar’s false complaint and his attack on Congress, we are now told that people need to be assured we have “fair” elections. Of course we had the most scrutinized and transparent election probably in history and nothing was found.

    And the party doing all this legal shotgunning is packed with conspiracy nuts and toadies. Oh, let’s toss in a pedophile sex trafficker for good measure.

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    1. Coming from an immature moron as yourself, I’ll pass on your useless advice. So rich for you to tell someone to grown up when it is you who is probably the most immature ass on this board.

      If Dems were thinking of doing what GOP legislatures are attempting and it was targeting GOP districts to attempt to lower the vote participation, you would be whining like a baby about the lefties coming for your votes.

      Take a serious look at what is coming and don’t forget, as Magic Mitch likes to say, What goes around comes around.


      1. Oooh, my feelings are so hurt from your dumb ass assault on myself and maturity in favor of arf arf arf Democrat nonsense. Don’t give up the day job….if you have one….asshole.


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