DNA/RNA Vaccines: “Can They Alter Our Own Genetic Codes”

Source: GlobalResearch.

The CDC says, “COVID-19 vaccines do not change or interact with your DNA in any way.”


The writer says, “Not so fast,” and gives what appears to (uneducated) me to be a credible and informative explanation.

Just to be clear, I see the article as interesting in a purely academic sense. I don’t recommend seeking advice in it.

10 thoughts on “DNA/RNA Vaccines: “Can They Alter Our Own Genetic Codes”

  1. I wouldn’t worry about it.

    The vaccines are messenger RNA. They are not capable of reproducing themselves or changing DNA. It’s a one-way path. Messenger RNA is normally sent from the nucleus of the cell to the ribosomes outside the nucleus where it programs the production of a protein, in this case a partial replica of the coronavirus spike protein. The nucleotides making up the messenger RNA are then separated and recycled.

    Think of it as an instructional note that is read and then shredded.

    The vaccines are just a strand of messenger RNA coated with a lipid that allows it to penetrate a muscle cell. The ribosomes interpret the RNA as a message from the nucleus to make the protein and process it normally.

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    1. RE: “The vaccines are messenger RNA. They are not capable of reproducing themselves or changing DNA. It’s a one-way path.”

      Dr. Biegeleisen notes that reverse transcriptase in the cells can potentially convert virus RNA into DNA. If I understand you, it is unlikely that DNA so produced would enter the nucleus.


    2. But… in some layman’s (me) terms, they might, albeit unlikely. There is a cure for Sickle Cell that involves permanent changing the patient’s DNA in their bone marrow cells by using the H1V virus. Killed and hollowed out and with the corrected code inserted. 17 out of 18 cured, 1 dead by other causes.


      1. That’s interesting, I’ll look it up

        But HIV virus and coronavirus are to messenger RNA what the Constitution would be to a post-it note. They contain the instructions for replication, messenger RNA does not.

        But a cure for sickle cell would be a great triumph. It is a horrible disease. I wonder if the alterations are passed on or if each generation would need to be treated.

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        1. Since they literally kill the bone marrow and introduce the HIV with the correction, it probably only corrects the marrow, not the ovum and sperm. Besides, if I remember my sex ed, a woman’s ovum are established at birth. They just miraculously pick the right time, develop, and pop out.

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  2. We humans have managed to proliferate and survive because we have shielded ourselves from the natural world.

    Life is no longer “nasty, brutish and short” for the lucky few. who managed to be born and live in a handful of nations that have advanced medical and technological inventions.

    But we are slowly, reluctantly and with a certain resignation discovering that Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with.

    COVID is but the latest test for our superior intellect, yet we are learning the limitations of challenging it because of our very human traits regarding organizing and living.

    Our “Goldilocks” planet is fraught with peril. At some point we will have to learn to adapt ourselves rather than trying to change the natural order. The sad fact is if we don’t, the earth goes on without us and nobody can complain.

    The article sounds like a case of a little knowledge is dangerous. Kind of like one small step behind the Gates’ microchip through vaccination.

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