The States fight back

Somebody has to enforce the Constitution

With only razor thin control of Congress, Biden has issued 60% more executive orders than any other President at this point in his term, many trying to bypass the legislative process to make fundamental change that should be fairly debated and adopted in a bipartisan matter, or not at all.

The Robert’s court has gone out of its way to defer to the legislative branch, but it is a mistake to believe it will be so lenient toward executive edicts .

As this develops, the textualist majority of the court may well have had enough and the Biden Agenda is about to walk into a prop.

7 thoughts on “The States fight back

  1. “Biden has issued 60% more executive orders than any other President at this point in his term”

    Not to be a scold again, but this statement is dripping with intellectual dishonesty. We both know that this number of Executive Orders has nothing to do with sidestepping Congress. The bulk of them are nothing more than undoing Trump’s Executive Orders with whom you apparently had no problem with his making “fundamental change that should be fairly debated and adopted in a bipartisan matter, or not at all.”

    I would add that someone calling for protection of the Constitution while making excuses for Trump, cheerleading when the 15th Amendment is ignored and referring to violent insurrectionists trying to overthrow it as “trespassers” rings more than a little hollow.

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    1. Indeed most of Biden’s EOs have been to undo Trump actions, including those that were very successful and should have been kept.

      BTW, it is now 18 days since Biden delegated the border catastrophe to VP Harris, and she still have not visited the border or met with Border Patrol Agents.


      1. “Indeed most of Biden’s EOs have been to undo Trump actions”

        Since you know that and you know that Biden is doing exactly what he promised he would do BEFORE he decisively won the election, do you understand that it is intellectually dishonest to spin this up as some sort of record breaking overreach?

        And my oh my doesn’t 60% sound so much worse than saying 38 versus Trump’s 23? Again, not exactly honest.

        I get it that you liked Trump’s Executive Orders but that does not excuse the hypocrisy on display when you chastise Biden for overstepping the Constitution while cheering when Trump exercised the same legal authorities in a way that you liked.

        You have no idea what Vice President Harris has be doing. If she thought a photo op trip would help, she would do one. Or ten. Likely she thinks that such grandstanding would send the wrong message reinforcing the phony “border crisis” rhetoric of the GQP.

        Biden made our position crystal clear. We are not going to deport unaccompanied children to fend for themselves south of the border. We are going to house and feed them in a safe environment until a solution for each of them is found. Do you have a problem with that?

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          1. Billions?
            We are several orders of magnitude away from billions of unaccompanied children approaching our borders. The entire population of ALL of Central America – men, women and children – is 181 Million. And that includes Mexico. Such nonsensically loose and dishonest language is typical of those who would try to make a problem into a crisis.

            The serious answer – and the Biden policy – is to spend the relatively small amounts that are needed to help make life more tolerable in those countries that are the source of most such unaccompanied children. Believe it or not, parents give up their children to strangers only as a final act of sheer desperation.

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          2. So, you are standing by a threat of “billions” of unaccompanied children arriving at our border. Because Biden will not leave them to die on the other side of the fence?

            You seem determined to prove my very negative opinions about the low moral and intellectual qualities of “conservatives.”

            We are NOT going to just let children die. And there are NOT billions of children whose parents are so desperate as to leave them forever in the care of strangers.

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