Local cops demonstrate what BLM is all about . . .

If this citizen was “scary looking” instead of a clean-cut soldier in uniform how much worse would this have been?

22 thoughts on “Local cops demonstrate what BLM is all about . . .

  1. RE: “Local cops demonstrate what BLM is all about.”

    Perhaps, but not in a good way. In fact, the story shows how useless BLM is, and how unnecessary it is to over dramatize distasteful events that have a racial component.

    Here the plaintiff is exercising his rights to bring a lawsuit against the police, clearly without any institutional hindrance and apparently without BLM support or involvement.

    I’d say the plaintiff had good cause to bring the suit, but it takes an overactive imagination to read more into the story than that.


    1. Sure, nobody was killed this time and the victim has recourse in the courts for the assault he suffered. That does not make this kind of racist abuse of police authority something that need not be protested. It is impossible to know how far these two cops would have gone if it were not for BLM making them understand that there can be consequences.

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    1. Too hard to acknowledge the outrageous DWB bullshit this guy was subjected to? I can understand why a racist would find that hard to do. What is your excuse?

      And, BTW, a “hassle” is a summons for a minor infraction. Guns in your face, incessant yelling and pepper spray after an illegal stop is not a “hassle.” It is a life-threatening assault.

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        1. The point is that we have right here in our own back yard clear evidence that BLM has PLENTY of reason to be protesting. You don’t want to acknowledge that and instead brush off the egregious and violent abuse of a black citizen as just another hassle in a speed trap town? WTF!

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          1. No, I am pointing out that Windsor makes a lot of stops. probably not knowing ahead of time the race of the driver.

            Why this one escalated I don’t really know.

            It may have been race, and it may have been that the driver continued on for a distance longer than the cop found to be reasonable.

            Did the cop fear that the driver continued to drive that far because he had friends waiting up ahead who might be a threat to the cop?

            I don’t know, and neither do you.

            You are presuming racism and not the behavior of the driver was the trigger, and that presumption is just as much a prejudice as racism.


  2. Some caution is warranted as this report comes entirely from the plaintiff’s lawyers.

    Even the statement by the cops are relayed selectively by the lawyers.

    So, it might be wise to reserve judgment when all you have is the plaintiff lawyers’ opening statement.


    1. Reserve judgement? Like you are doing for some reason? Uh, No. The video speaks for itself. It is always like this with you people – don’t believe your lyin’ eyes. There has to be SOME reason why an assault on a black citizen is justified.

      Leave it to you to twist the prudent behavior – slowly driving to a well-lighted place before stopping – into something threatening. A place with a prearranged gang of thugs waiting to murder these cops? Guess what, irrational racist fears do NOT justify an assault.

      It is possible that the race of the victim was unknown when the bogus stop was initiated but it definitely was known once they reached the filling station and the assault began.

      The reason for the stop was the supposed lack of a license plate. Once the vehicle was stopped there is no reason for ANY further action by these cops. The dealer tag was visible. They should have apologized and sent him on his way. They are lucky to be facing only civil charges.

      I give you full marks for consistency. There has never been one of these cases of undue violence by police against a black man, woman or child where you did not find reasons to, uh, “reserve judgment.”

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        1. So the quote of the officer saying it is normally minorities who drive to safer locations isn’t prejudice?

          And what else needs be said about the video viewed so far? Even 5 seconds of unprofessional, race-based actions by the officers is more than enough.

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        2. Pre-judging? AFTER seeing the video? You know what AFTER means, right?

          You want to make accusation of “prejudice?” Okay. I am reminded again of the totally different tack you have taken when the people on the receiving end of government force were white instead of black. The Bundy bunch, Koresh and Ruby Ridge come to mind. Plenty of empathy for those white criminals and plenty of outrage at law enforcement doing its duty. But none for this innocent citizen minding his own business and none for many other black victims of similar maltreatment and violence. Now, if that ain’t prejudice, I guess nothing is.

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          1. Someone with the record of bias and racial animus that you display ALL THE TIME really ought to avoid trying to accuse other people of “prejudice.” Really, you should not.

            As I noted at the beginning, simply acknowledging the obvious truth of egregious abusive behavior against a non-white citizen clearly visible in this video is just too darn hard for you. So, one excuse after another. Windsor is a speed trap. They “hassle” everybody (as if this was a mere “hassle”). Maybe the victim had somehow prearranged a group of friends up ahead that would put the cops in danger. There may be more evidence. Next it is going to be that the victim got detention in the eighth grade or maybe did not have license for his dog.

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  3. Question, did the driver comply with police orders or not? I watched the video and he clearly did not over and over and over. The driver does not control the situation and, quite frankly, if he had just pulled over initially or just gotten out of his SUV when ordered there would not have been any issues at all. Blacks seem to think they can tell the authorities what they will or will not do and THAT is the basic problem.


    1. According to the story and according to the video the two cops IMMEDIATELY pulled their guns. One shouted for him to get out. The other shouted for him to keep his hands on the wheel. The driver was clearly frozen in fear and did not know what to do. From those facts you LAUGHABLY conclude that it was HIS fault that things went south. And you share with us your opinion that blacks – in general – are uppity in dealing with the police and that is why so many are assaulted. It is all THEIR fault.

      No racist swill here. Move along. Move along. And that’s an order.

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      1. The police did have weapons drawn for not stopping while in a vehicle with tinted windows and I do have some issue with that but I have to put their shoes on first. After that it was clear that he would not comply with orders plain and simple. This lawsuit will go nowhere. Your pandering blather is racist in itself. Typical far left wing extremist crap rife with more far left wing extremist crap.


        1. There you go again: Accusing others of racism because they defend someone else. You play the race card more than anyone and it is disgusting how you attempt to equate REAL racist crap with your perception.

          You and Tucker Carlson push the same “replacement” fears and you should be ashamed.

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          1. Wait for it, wait for it…HA HA HA,HA HA,HA. What a load of nonsense. Paul threw the race card and you throw another one. If you were even remotely honest you would profess that there are racists in every culture including yours but they are all a small fraction of society. Your claims of widespread “systemic” racism is pure bunk.


        2. Uh, how do you comply with conflicting orders?

          The victim was as calm, polite and controlled as it is possible to be in a life threatening situation. The cops were on the verge of losing it. Those facts are plain to see in the video but you seem to be blind. For some reason.

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