How the GOP became the GQP

Offered without comment except to say that the author has unblemished credentials as an actual conservative.

11 thoughts on “How the GOP became the GQP

  1. Dinosaurs thrash about a bit as they are dying.

    Boehner is one of the last of the country club Republicans. I will not miss them. There are certainly some excesses as the GOP becomes the working man’s party but that is where it is headed. Reasonable members of the new guard will rise to the surface, especially as Trump’s influence wanes, Trump did turn the party in the right direction, but he is more John the Baptist than the savior.


    1. By the way, I forgot to snicker. At this . . .

      “as the GOP becomes the working man’s party”

      If they are for the “working man” they forgot to show it when they had full control of the government and did NOTHING for the “working man.” The only significant thing they got done was a budget busting tax giveaway to the bosses. They also forgot to show their concern for the “working man” when the Democrats passed relief focussed on the “working man” without a single vote from your supposed party of the “working man.” Actions speak louder than words and NONE of Trump’s “working man” rhetoric lead to a single meaningful action. No bounty of “great jobs.” No wonderful healthcare for everybody for less. No balanced budget. No jobs brought back from “Chy-Na” Nothing.

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      1. Perhaps you don’t understand the term ‘working man.’

        Working men are not interested in being given what they have not earned, nor do they see any benefit in someone else paying more tax. They are interested in having the opportunity to earn a better living.

        They got that, The manufacturing sector grew during Trump’s tenure as those jobs Obama told us were not coming back. Minority unemployment, prior to COVID, reached record lows. Median real family income increased for the first time in decades.

        Apparently you confuse those who vote for a living with those who work for a living.


        1. Uh, I know who working men are. I am not going to get down in the mud and wrestle with you over your personal and idiosyncratic definition of terms.

          Nor am I going to waste the effort to once again rebut the laughable falsehood that Trump brought about some sort of positive change in the economy. He did not. Not before the pandemic and, obviously, not after it spun out of control on his watch. You are immune to evidence presented many, many times so, why bother?

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  2. I say again, Boehner, for whatever his flaws and whatever brickbats you want to toss at him, is an actual conservative. You are not. And neither are the remaining Trump Republicans. Nobody knows what they are. Least of all them. But “Reactionary” comes to mind as accurate and fair.

    Leaving aside whatever opinions offered in this piece, the historical facts he shares are instructive and, actually do what I said, help explain how the GOP became the GQP.

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    1. Who cares?

      Those who care are those who might be interested in the view of our political life of someone who held the third highest office in the land for many years and had close dealings with several recent Presidents. So, you are not such a person? Fine. Ignore it.

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      1. RE: “So, you are not such a person? Fine. Ignore it.”

        I’m happy to ignore John Boehner, especially if YOU are unable to explain why I shouldn’t.

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        1. I cannot – and will not attempt to – convince you to open your mind a little bit.

          If I had linked to an article by say – AOC – I would expect people like you to dismiss it out of hand. But, I did think that the views of a lifelong leading conservative might be of some interest. Obviously it is not. I guess I forgot that Boehner is a persona non grata with people like you because he did not subscribe to the “Let’s make Obama a one term President no matter the cost” program.

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          1. If they do not preach form the T**** hymnal, they are traitors.


            Scroll down into the “CHEAP SHOTS” portion of the newsletter.

            Also in that link Charlie Sykes takes McConnell and other to task for their blatant hypocrisy on corporations taking a stand. I guess corporations are people when they are giving money to the GOP. Now it is time for boycotts and threats of removing preferential tax treatments.

            And Charlie Sykes is one of the remaining conservatives in the country.

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  3. The Mayor of Las Vegas, a lifelong Democrat, said that he can no longer in good conscience be a Democrat, as that is now the party of rich technocrats. Republicans, he said, are now the party of working people.


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