Happy Easter.

To those of you on this forum who are Christians and believe Jesus was your savior, may you find peace and comfort today.

To those of you of other faiths, this is still a good day to reflect on love and forgiveness.

For everyone else, enjoy the LPGA ANA Inspiration Major Championship, The Women’s Final Four Championship, the Opening weekend of Baseball (Except for MY favorite team, whose games were cancelled due to COVID…Another reason to hate the Nationals), The Texas Valero tournament (C’mon Jordan, get off that 3-year schneid), or some other form of indoor or outdoor entertainment.

My family will be practicing our new tradition of celebrating Easter Sunday with our Passover Sedar. Yes, I know Passover ended on Saturday, but this is our way of celebrating the diversity within our family.

Sincerely, Peace and Love is sent to you all.

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter.

  1. Yes, we will be celebrating with the family Easter Egg hunt here and at my son’s place, The youngest 2 grandkids still are enthusiastic about hunting and devouring the gifts of the Easter Bunny and the older 3 are enjoying hiding the eggs.

    So, indeed, Happy Easter, Passover and the return of Eastra bringing Spring and hummingbirds to the Compound.

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    1. “The youngest 2 grandkids still are enthusiastic about hunting and devouring the gifts of the Easter Bunny”..

      My 34 year old son-in-law enjoys this part as well. The grandkids also get the “hunting” to do.

      And my son, who is in Texas meeting his girlfriend’s family for the first time, will probably ask where his basket of candy is upon his return.

      Don, Seriously, enjoy the time with your family. I believe it is the ONE thing you and I will ALWAYS agree on.


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