Virtue signaling fail

Environmental theater

Pete Buttigieg was photographed unloading a bicycle from the SUV carrying him and his armed security detail before riding a short distance to an appearance where he spoke on the need for the little people to accept higher taxes on driving and gun control.

The sad thing is that 51% of voters are as stupid as he thinks they are.

25 thoughts on “Virtue signaling fail

  1. “The sad thing is that 51% of voters are as stupid as he thinks they are.”

    Not stable geniuses like you and other Trump voters, I suppose?

    Leave it to “conservative” media to focus on trivia such as the preparations for this photo op. There are real issues that Buttigieg is dealing with that got very short shrift in this juvenile reporting. Why has the gasoline tax not kept pace with inflation? Is a tax per mile a necessary change as more vehicles get better mileage while using less fuel? Who better to pay for roads and bridges than those who use them?

    And do not get me started on the horseshit about the supposed hypocrisy of being for better gun control while needing armed security in the face of constant threats from gun-toting “conservative” pinheads and homophobes.

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    1. RE: “I’m OK with this.”

      I am, too, in a sense. Within limits, lies and propaganda by public officials are acceptable as tools of persuasion.

      But live by the sword, die by the sword. When a public official uses deception to persuade, it is fair to call attention to it and laugh at the miscreant.

      Buttigieg’s stunt exemplifies the fakery of the administration of Stumble Joe and the Hag.


      1. Then all depends on what happened after the meeting, no? You have provided evidence that he unloaded a bicycle, rode it to a meeting, and then…
        Back into the SUV?
        A ride in the park?
        A change of clothes and then a tour of the city?
        Curious minds want to know.

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        1. You’re really stretching.

          He showed up at the event on a bike, intentionally creating the impression he had commuted to the event that way.

          But if you’re happy with government officials lying to the public when it supports your agenda, then we will disagree.


          1. “ But if you’re happy with government officials lying to the public when it supports your agenda…”

            Really? After the last 5 years…oh, never mind.

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          2. Cmon gang. Sing along with me:

            H-Y-P ..Peed because our boy lost the election … C-R-I ..indignation and culture wars are all we have because our policies SUCK for the American people …. S- Y ..Y, because we can’t convince the majority of voters to vote for our Presidential candidates. Goodness, the GOP is becoming the Libertarian Party.

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          3. For over 4 years you gave the biggest lying politician a PASS and tried to explain it all way as misstatements, taken out of context, or some other mumbo jumbo excuse. You are therefore not allowed to complain about ANYONE EVER lying again. You gave up that right.


          4. “The big problem isn’t that a politician lied”

            You have a very broad definition of what constitutes a lie EXCEPT obviously when a proven and egregious liar spits out 40,000+ of them from the oval office. I think that was the point Adam had in mind, don’t you?

            I think this was a “photo op” designed to send a message. In this case, the message was that alternative modes of transportation are possible. THAT is hardly a “lie” in any meaningful sense. Maybe the Trump lawyer defense would apply to this “lie.” No reasonable person would believe that the Secretary of Transportation travels everywhere by bicycle.


      1. Your definition of deception is fertilizer. Naturally produced and spread to grow what YOU want it to grow.

        Sorry, Don. I will never allow you to call anyone out for lying again. You blew that by defending the lying POS who was voted out of office in November.


        1. Seriously?

          If what are characterized as Trump’s lies exempt Democrats lies then LBJ’s lies, which got 60,000 US citizens killed, exempt every Republican for the next 100 years.

          But it really doesn’t work that way.


          1. I am not exempting ANYONE’S lies; I am saying that after the T****-era liefest, and your lack of calling him out for it EVER, you have no credibility to call out anyone’s lies.


          2. I quickly learned that what Trump said was mostly just noise, and paid attention to what he did, not what he said.

            What he did was not always right, but generally was good policy that did not encroach on liberty or commerce.

            I’ll take that over Obama’s smooth words and destructive and authoritarian policy any day.


        2. Uh, LBJ paid the ultimate political price for his lies and, unlike Trump, that price was demanded by his own party. Lying is BAD and LBJ was removed from the stage for doing it. Compare and contrast that with Trump.

          “If what are characterized as Trump’s lies . . . ”
          “Characterized?” Even now you cannot man up and admit the simple truth – Trump lied constantly. He lied about little things. He lied about big things. He lied when there was no rational reason to lie. He lied when the truth would have served him better. He is literally a pathological liar.

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          1. There are some cases of actual lies, but most of what were characterized as such were hyperbole, error and opinion.

            By creating lists of thousands of statements that were not really lies, the actual lies are lost in the fog.

            I place more import on the effect of lies. Lies that are just bragging don’t hurt me, lies that lead to bad policy do.


          2. “. . . but most of what were characterized as such were hyperbole, error and opinion.”

            That, with all due respect, is a lie. You do not get to use your own definitions of words like “hyperbole”, “error” and “opinion” to spin away lies.

            Take for example “error.” An actual “error” once corrected is not repeated. Trump does not get to make the same “error” hundreds of times.

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  2. His office is the White House. I’m sure he brought pictures of his wi… anyway you get the picture. Since we don’t know if he loaded the bicycle in the SUV to take it home afterwards, then we could also assume that he is keeping the bike at the White House for future trips to the Congress or other offices around town.

    We also don’t know if this ride was suggested as a dry run for his security team, or if his security team discouraged riding from his pied a terre, wherever that may be.

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  3. At least Buttigieg didn’t order clubs and tear gas, stand in front of a bike store and hold up the Rules of the Road.

    Kind of an improvement in the realm of political photo ops.


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