The Dumbing Down Continues

A political activist in Cleveland wrote to tell me that the people in his city are 66% functionally illiterate. Possibly the worst stats in America. He wanted me to write something about this tragedy. I immediately knew the title: “Hey, Cleveland? Why do you hate your children??”

Cleveland is uniquely dysfunctional. On the other hand, Cleveland’s story is the country’s story. Incompetent, probably corrupted bureaucrats aim low and hit their target. There may also be external pressures by the geniuses of sabotage we refer to as the Comintern. (I say may also be to be polite. But really, who else but Communists and other slave owners would deliberately strive to keep children illiterate?)

In which context I mention the famous interview with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov. I urge everyone to learn more about his explanation for our decline and fall. The video is linked at the end of my article. Only 14 minutes and then you’ll know everything.


Cleveland?! Why do you hate your children?

32 thoughts on “The Dumbing Down Continues

    1. Incompetent, probably corrupted bureaucrats…. That is the dictionary definition of Democrats, you know.


      1. Unicorn believing libertarians are anathema to democracy.’ Your purity is idiotic, to believe that only democrats are incompetent. At least they aren’t trafficking in teenagers and showing pictures of their sexual conquests to their fellow congressional members.

        The deflection, or ignorance of what Gaetz is doing is a bit disturbing. For if it were a Democratic member of COngress being investigated for these things, the uproar from the right wing fear mongers here would be deafening.

        Even Q has defended Gaetz because he sucked the shoe polish off if T****’s loafers.

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      1. “Your hatred is so scarily blinding . . .”

        The irrational and over-the-top name-calling, slanders, drooling hatred and threats Tabor has produced are the kind of things one would find damning of broken background checks should they come to light after a gun rampage by a maniac. And that’s the truth.

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      2. Still sticking to that hoax?

        The foreign influence you need to worry about is China, and they have Biden in their grasp with plenty of evidence to but Biden’s son in prison, which is where he belongs anyway, for lying on his Form 4473 when he bought a handgun while a crack addict. (Question 11 e)

        Click to access atf-form-4473.pdf


          1. In what way did a red flag law work here?

            And the problem is that we don’t prosecute Form 4473 violations. They are felonies carrying upto 10 years, but less than 1 in 1000 are prosecuted. What good are firearms laws that are supposed to keep guns out of the wrong hands if they are simply ignored by the courts?


        1. I’m the same way. In this case, you can watch the Yuri Bezmenov video to acquaint yourself with the source material.


          1. Let me ask you this: would you take Alejandro Cao de Benos de Les y Perez’ critiques of capitalism with a grain of salt?

            My point is, if any of you had even a basic understanding of Communism, you’d understand that America is nowhere near it, and everyone with any institutional power is categorically opposed to it. You can all relax, the Red Guard isn’t lurking around every corner.

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          2. RE: “My point is, if any of you had even a basic understanding of Communism, you’d understand that America is nowhere near it…”

            When I was young it was fashionable to refer to the so-called Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto for purposes of marveling at how many Marxian objectives had been realized in America. I find it is still a useful exercise for measuring progress.

            Number 10, by the way, is “Free education for all children in public schools.”


          3. “Number 10, by the way, is “Free education for all children in public schools.”

            Uh, free taxpayer supported public education in the United States began in 1639 – more than two centuries before the Communist Manifesto was even written. You would have to be a real dope to see free public education as evidence of the inroads of Communism in America. Don’t you agree?

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          4. RE: “You would have to be a real dope to see free public education as evidence of the inroads of Communism in America. Don’t you agree?”

            No, I don’t agree. There may have been a few taxpayer-funded schools in the colonies, but it wasn’t until the late 1800s that taxpayer-funded schools became the norm throughout the nation. Universal compulsory school attendance didn’t occur until 1918. There was ample time for Marxian objectives to affect the formation of our national public school system.


          5. The obvious “Marxian objective” is to have a population that is literate and well-educated. I can well understand why you think that is a bad thing. Educated people start to get uppity ideas such as that they are entitled to equal treatment under the law or worse that they can change the direction of this country if they get up, get out and vote. Just look at what that biggity woman in Georgia was able to do.

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    1. The problem with these people is they believe that social democracy is the equivalent of communism. Because what they reed tells them that and they don’t realize how idiotic it is to compare the social democratic programs that thrive in the EU to Venezuelan, Russian or Chinese communism.

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      1. Hate to be “that guy” but Communism has never existed in the modern world. Those countries have implemented some vaguely Socialist/SocDem policies, which, to your point, earned the ire and thus the “C” label from the US ruling class.

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        1. The “C” word is just fear mongering because they know how it is generally perceived by the general populace. But if folks would take the time, including the right-wing folks here, to REALLY look and understand how well SOCDEM works, they might come onboard.

          But I have found after a few years here, that ain’t happening. They accuse others of their own defects, ie closed mindedness.

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  1. Just noticed the “tags” on the post. Seems BDP claims to be illiterate. Explains quite a bit.

    As far as sight words go; THEY WORK. My granddaughter is proof of that, so screw off.


  2. I love America, and I want our schools to be as good as possible, i.e., much better than they are. Anyone who reads Bezmenov and Orwell has a good sense of what Communism is. Or you could read the Forbes article titled “100 years of Communism, and 100 million dead.” ( ) Communism is a murderous menace. I learned all this from a second perspective, by analyzing the many idiotic theories and methods found in our public schools. John Dewey started the switch from academics to social engineering in 1900. The Communists intensified this transformation starting in 1920. The damage was obvious by the 1950s. Prof. Arthur Bestor, one of our foremost historians, wrote his famous attack on the left-wing professors: “Educational Wastelands: The Retreat from Learning in Our Public Schools.”

    Point is, the weirdly dysfunctional methods used in our school system are designed to sabotage. They work. Americans are getting dumber all the time. The aspect I was slower to see is that the media was a silent partner all along. You could look at the archives of any of our major newspapers; you would find almost zero interest in this relentless undermining. All of my work is aimed at helping parents understand what their children are up against. It ain’t pretty.


    1. If you really, really believed in your so-called work you would not be systematically destroying your credibility by spreading conspiracy theory nonsense. I can’t think of one that you have missed. Birtherism. Pizzagate. Vince Foster. Russian “hoax.” All in on all of them. Just today you referred to the pandemic which has taken the lives of 553,000 Americans so far as a “Scamdemic.” What the Hell!

      Early in my career, I was a public school teacher and I have a degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. From my informed perspective, your “drunk history” of Communist influence on public education is right up there with the other nonsense you constantly spread – so divorced from reality as to be not just laughable but also pathological. Of course, to people like you, Harvard is referred to as the “Big Red Schoolhouse” so I am sure you will be able to rationalize not believing the simple and obvious truth of the crackpottery I am referring to.

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