Biden’s Lie-Filled Press Conference

Source: Frontpage Mag.

Stumble Joe’s press conference is old news. NYT’s fact check is more recent, and interesting for the questions it raises. One wonders, for example, how Biden supporters took it.

It must have been a shock to read in their favorite newspaper that they had replaced the old “liar in chief” (according to them) with a new “liar in chief.”

35 thoughts on “Biden’s Lie-Filled Press Conference

  1. Name calling. Sad. Desperation is palpable. Hypocrisy is rampant.

    So the NYT does the same kind of fact checking that was done during the previous administration and now all of a sudden you are on board?

    Let me know when Biden gets to 40,000 lies. Then I’ll be impressed. Oh wait. T**** was misunderstood or misspoke or was taken out of context (even when an entire interview was posted or published).

    Get over it.

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        1. Biden has made a career of claiming to be for the working man, and every time he made that claim was a lie, as we can see that as soon as he had the power to do so, he cut the working man’s throat at the behest of the coastal elites.


          1. Biden and the Democrats are getting things done that you do not want so out comes the ugly and childish invective.

            I am really beginning to believe that – in spite of your posturing as some sort of intellectual – you are not very smart. You enthusiastically support the most egregiously dishonest President in the history of the Republic while constantly minimizing his lies with a large variety of euphemisms. And yet with that background, you do not realize, how silly and hollow your accusations against President Biden are perceived by anybody with any sense. Nor do you understand how obvious the hypocrisy is as you whine for the working man while labelling Biden and the Democrats as “socialists” at every opportunity. Not smart. Not smart at all.

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          2. Trump didn’t take my stuff or transgress my rights.

            Biden is intent on doing both, and destroying the careers of most of my relatives.

            His claims to be all for the working man were a lie every time they crossed his lips.


          3. … destroying the careers of most of my relatives.”.

            Are they untrainable for new jobs? New careers? New and BETTER lives for all in the process?


          4. Do you expect oilfield workers to emigrate to China to make solar cells or windmills?

            Just what comparable jobs are going to instantly appear where they live?

            But it doesn’t matter, they’re just flyover country people.


          5. …”take my stuff or transgress my rights.”

            What stuff and what rights? You just hate the fact that a Democrat is President to the point you don’t even pay attention; you just rant about YOUR rights and YOUR stuff.

            Horse hockey!

            As far as jobs, the whole point of the package is to train people to build solar panels and windmill infrastructure here. The best place for solar and wind is IN flyover country. DUH.

            Your hatred for any and all things Democratic (including democracy) is noted and proves the blindness you suffer from.

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          6. The tens of thousands of highly paid oil workers who are losing thier jobs cannot pay their mortgages for 5 years waiting for lower paying “green jobs” that may or may not materialize somewhere, someday.


          7. “Trump didn’t take my stuff or transgress my rights.”

            I get it that you do not like President Biden’s policies. That does not make him someone who has lied 40,000 times. Or at all. In the “marketplace of ideas” the constant slanders and falsehoods you hurl at Democrats in general and Northam, Obama and Biden in particular are shoddy goods. They really and truly are the product of an unlit mind. No sale.

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          8. “No, the 21st when Biden stopped on Keystone and the wall . . .”

            Or was it in January 6th when the attempted coup d’état fizzled?

            I think President Biden was pretty clear about his intention on those matters BEFORE the people chose him to be our President in a landslide (by Trump definition) with a mandate (by Trump definition) to get those things done. Your hatred may be focused on President Biden but it is America, the people in it and democracy which you actually hate. Pretty clearly.

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          9. It’s still a knife in the back for the middle class workers and Trump is not the issue.

            And a 50/40 senate and a 6 vote margin in the House is NOT a mandate. Hating America is the progressive turf.


          10. Even T**** said HE had a mandate with a 3 million vote loss in the popular vote and the same numbers in the EC.

            Cannot have it both ways just because of your hatred.


          11. Oh, its a mandate alright. Much, much stronger than the one you claimed for Trump who LOST the popular vote. And, those 50 Democratic Senators represent about 45 million more people than the 50 Republican Senators.

            As for that “stab in the back,” you are simply full of shit. Biden has already done more for ordinary people in two months than Trump or any other Republican has ever done. The skills that offshore oil workers can bring will be needed as soon as President Biden can get his infrastructure program past your fellow America-hating “conservatives.”

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          12. “Bribed them with their own money?”

            Would they had some money to bribe them with. After 40 years of Reaganomics very few actually do. If Biden has done ANYTHING for ordinary people it is more than Republicans have ever done since they have done NOTHING. Even Trump’s infamous tax cuts expire for working people while the cuts for the wealthy live on.


          13. Sure, we’re a third world country with people starving in the streets.

            The middle class lives better today than the wealthiest did a generation ago,

            But you are too driven by wealth envy to see the blessings of capitalism all around you.


          14. “Sure, we’re a third world country with people starving in the streets.”

            The fact that this statement was meant to be irony only goes to show how totally clueless you are.

            Wealth envy?” Uh, that would be another swing and a miss bit of ad hominem. The “blessings of capitalism” are found in every Western democracy. They need to be shared more equitably. We are all in this together.


          15. “If you divide the wealth more equitably, there will just be less to divide”

            Doctrinaire, ahistorical rubbish.

            There will be no wealth for anyone if we continue down this path of putting it ALL in a few hundred hands. “Let them eat cake!” never works as economic and social policy. It brought down the Ancien Régime, the Tsars and the USSR.


          16. The median family net worth is $121,411, most of that being home equity,

            If you redistribute wealth into the lower half of the population, you do not get enough investment to sustain the jobs that provide their income.

            Or as Reagan put it, you don’t get offered a job by a poor person. We need an investing class.

            Would I like to see more people invest? Sure, but they won’t and will prop up their lifestyle with debt.


          17. Still Doctrinaire, ahistorical rubbish.

            Here in the real world the economy thrives on demand – people with money to spend who need to spend it. There is no shortage of capital for investment.

            And now with a dose of ignorant stereotypical thinking . . . “[The poor] will prop up their lifestyle with debt.” Like you don’t? Paid cash for everything? Your houses? Your monster trucks? Your boats?

            Your “thinking” such as it is, is pathological and I mean that most sincerely. Blame the poor for poverty. Attribute policies you do not like to corruption and dishonesty. Always couch every issue as someone going after your “stuff” or stealing your “liberty.”


          18. Certainly I have used debt for durable goods like a house and cars and business, but not or vacations or lifestyle luxuries. And I am debt free now.

            But the point remains that most people do not invest,

            Moving capital from investors to consumers will increase demand, but it will create jobs in China, not here.


          19. “But the point remains that most people do not invest”

            Well, on that we can agree. You attribute that probable fact to the bad character – compared to yourself – of “most people” when the real reason is that “most people” cannot make ends meet in our economy as it is now structured and therefore have nothing left to invest at the end of the month. The pandemic has taken an already bad situation and made it worse for “most people.”

            Our economy was FAR more vibrant back in the good old days when taxes on the wealthy were still a thing and the proceeds were used to put people to work on things that we all need. President Biden is trying to get us back to that kind of vibrant economy after 40 years of Reaganesqe stagnation. For sure, the party of “No” with billionaires pulling the strings will try to stop it.


  2. My Dad told me one of the problems with lying is that you had to remember the lie for next time the subject came up to not be caught in an inconsistency.

    Biden can’t remember what he had for breakfast, so he’s in for a tough time.


        1. “The inability to hold a train of thought and the ‘sunsetting’ are clear signs of cognitive decline.”

          Funny, you did not seem to think so when Trump manifest these issues on a daily basis. For every lost thought by Biden here and there, I could find 100 thoughts that Trump lost. Unlike Trump, President Biden was able to handle a press conference and speak off the cuff coherently for more than an hour WITHOUT causing some sort of flap or the need for someone to walk back what he said.

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  3. The lies were rampant long before he took office. When Trump said something I didn’t believe I chalked it up to all politicians lie. B**** has taken it to whole new level far surpassing any before him and the worse part is his use of a compliant press corp to cover it up. In security clearances telling a lie or mishandling material is bad enough but trying to cover it up is far far worse. H***** behavior is just as bad being AWOL. The thing that is really bad about these socialist liars is their plan to jam massive tax and spend agendas on our tax “payers” and the economy for vote buying in the phony name of “justice”. Makes me sick.


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