No reasonable person . . .

Sidney Powell’s answer to the massive defamation suit brought by Dominion is that she is not liable because – wait for it – no reasonable person would believe the fantastic claims she was selling.

This is for you die hard Trump supporters. You know, those of you who did – with baited breath – take this woman’s crazy lies very seriously.

8 thoughts on “No reasonable person . . .

  1. Amanda Chase spread those same lies. She’s either an unreasonable person who believed Powell and Trump, or she’s a reasonable person who deliberately and knowingly lied ans slander the same corporations for political gain. Either is disqualifying.

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  2. RE: “This is for you die hard Trump supporters. You know, those of you who did – with baited breath – take this woman’s crazy lies very seriously.”

    Who cares? The bigger joke is on die hard Democrats who think that Stumble Joe and the Hag from California represent a legitimate executive.

    Everything in your source article boils down to a single straw man statement: “They [Powell’s own lawyers] claimed that ‘no reasonable person’ would believe the conspiracy theories spun by Powell.”

    But the “conspiracy theories” themselves are not defined, and whether Powell “spun” them is not shown. That is, the conspiracy theories attributed to Powell may not represent her actual statements. The author of the piece is playing the role of Don Quixote, asserting that windmills are dragons, or giants.Crazy talk.

    It is shameful journalism, really. And a shameful post.


    1. “Shameful” is are the words and actions of the former president as well as his team of actors in a tragicomic reality show.

      It has become increasingly clear that the goal was to overturn the election from day one by impugning the American election process for years, then dumping a ship load of lies and conspiracies onto a portion of the electorate enamored by a cult leader.

      Powell, et. al., never prevailed in court because they had no cases and they knew it. But if they could keep up the “efforts”, the donations would roll in by the wheelbarrow full. And, of course, it would set up the showdown on January 6.

      The simple, nefarious, devious, seditious yet surprisingly effective plan came close to working had not Pence and other cooler heads prevailed.

      Dominion is toast. The name, the product, the reputation are all under a cloud of suspicion that will affect business for decades worldwide. In the former life of the ex-president this was business as usual. Screw a company, vendor or investor, then sue them until they buckle under legal fees and die.

      Unfortunately for team Trump, this was played out on a national stage and not in the back conference rooms of a law firm. And the vast majority of Americans are not buying this train wreck. This is the big league and in the rules of the ex’s favorite sport, you have to play it as it lies. And in this case, Dominion is the free market solution to a “capital” crime.

      Right wing politics may wallow in cultural issues pandering for votes, but when it comes to attacking the core of our national pride, business, a whole new sheriff arrives in town. Powell and friends can no longer hide behind the ample suit jackets of #45’s immunity and are now facing the full brunt of the private sector’s muscle.

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    2. Mr. Roberts, are you a child? Third grade maybe? Stumble Joe? Hag?

      Can you not read and understand a simple story? There was no need to elucidate any conspiracy theory. Dominion was defamed by Ms. Powell’s lies. Her defense is that her lies were so over the top that no reasonable person would believe them. That was Bill Mahr’s defense when he claimed that Donald Trump’s father was an Orangutan. You are – supposedly – a reasonable person. You did not believe Mahr’s story. You DID believe Ms. Powell and spread her lies. Her defense will fail and so will the defamation defense of Fox News, Mike Lindell, Rudy Guiliani, OAN, Newsmax and others.

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  3. The leading candidates for governor are former governor Terry McAuliffe (D) with 26% of Democratic voters followed by Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) with 12% of that party’s vote, and Chesterfield Sen. Amanda Chase (Q) leading with 17% of the Republican party voters followed by Virginia House Speaker Kirk Cox (R) at 10%.

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      1. If she gets the nomination, I’m probably going to vote for her. As governor, she can do an incredible amount of damage, but she will destroy the RPV. She can’t get but 4 years so, what the hey? The next governors (sure to be Democrats) will have their work cut out, but then they’ll have 20 years to do it.

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