A more compelling scheme to push people toward vaccines?


Of course it will cause one of the co-morbidities to move up the list.

15 thoughts on “A more compelling scheme to push people toward vaccines?

  1. During my service in the Navy, I spent 3 1/2 years on an old WW2 destroyer. At D&S Piers we would get delivery of dozens of Krispy Kreme glazed donuts every morning. Whoever had the quarterdeck on the 4-8 took delivery. Of course a “tariff” was extracted by the watch before taking them to the mess deck.

    Bottom line: I have lost my taste for donuts. (Except cream filled)

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    1. I do recall collecting said tariff. However, the first box went to the CPO Mess, The remainder went to the mess decks. The Wardroom would usually attack the Mess Decks for their unfair share. They’d get their butts kicked if any attempt was made tor aid the CPO Mess.

      Yes, Mr. Chandler’s 2 donut a day campaign promise would definitely cause a loss of “taste” for them.

      However, I am always available to receive ONE (1) Boston Cream Filled donut, per week. Anything over that quantity and my PCP will cut my pancreas out.

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  2. I saw the ad/promo for this KK deal (?) on TV earlier today. In all honesty my lips probably looked like the lips of the worst slobbering dogs known to man. Then, I noticed it was only for ONE donut. For some reason I thought it was for a dozen or at least a 1/2.

    Actually, me and THE MR. only have these when we visit the grandkids in FL. I get 1 or 2 of the chocolate custard ones for me. And, that’s that.

    Thank you, sir, for getting this in my head; NOT!

    I am waiting for the call from VAX IN VA, which should come today or tomorrow (for my 2nd covid shot.)

    But IF, IF, IF someone tells me I can only get that hallowed call if I scarf down a dozen of those choc/custard babies – I would bite the bullet and and make the sacrifice for the good of my covid health. I mean – wouldn’t I HAVE to??!!


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      1. This Thurs I should be getting my 2nd, but no call yet. I’m so sick of this I could scream! People who got their 1st shot will be getting their 2nd this Thurs. I called the VAX-IN-VA today and the best answer I could get was to go to the location on Thurs and ‘just show up’ and maybe they’d give me my shot since I have all the paperwork from my 1st shot.

        I’m so glad these people know what the heck they’re doing.


        1. I am sorry to hear that your experience is not the same as mine. I was concerned about getting my second shot on time and started going through the process to find out when there would be a clinic at around the proper timeframe (28 days – Moderna) to receive it. While doing that, I received the (promised) email from the VBDH to set up my appointment. I was called the day before to change the TIME, but still received my vaccine on time.

          The hit-and-miss of the program is certainly frustrating to read about all to regularly.

          I do hope you receive your vaccine appointment for Thursday.


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