Are we being played?

Suddenly the news is filled with articles about protests against hate crimes against Asians. If such a thing exists, it would certainly be troubling but I can’t find solid evidence of such a problem. Not every crime crime committed against an Asian is a hate crime.

A sex addict killed 8 sex workers claiming he had to eliminate temptation. 6 of them were Asian. But they were killed because they worked in a massage parlor, an industry dominated by Asians, not because they were Asian.

Finding accurate statistics has been difficult, because crimes that would have been characterized as robberies or simple assaults a year ago are now seen as hate crimes. But even at their worst, the number if hate crimes against Asians is a small fraction of those against Jews, which has been going on for a century.

All this happens at a time when we are in difficult negotiations with China, and the CCP has thousands of agents in this country working on disinformation campaigns. This is certainly convenient.

I am reminded of a flash mob, a dance routine that appears to be spontaneous, but in reality is carefully planned.

54 thoughts on “Are we being played?

  1. I know that a couple of people here will be motivated to believe this is true simply because they can link it to Trump but if that were so, the identifiable hate crimes would be perpetrated by Trump supporters, yet statistically, crimes against Asians motivated by race are disproportionately committed by Blacks (the same is true regarding hate crimes against LGBQTLMNOP)

    falsehoods about Asian hate


    1. First of all, I thought the same about the massage parlor killings. It had nothing to do with hating Asians but now we supposedly have a new white male “crisis” to contend with to deflect from the real crisis at the border. Secondly, how many kinds of fruitcakes can we designate as “protected” and give them a letter?


    2. Uh, there are weak-minded people of all races. Trump’s support among minority communities grew between 2016 and 2020. Your point is a non-point. Trump demonizes “Chy-Na” and accuses them of bringing us the “Kung Flu.” It is no surprise that a statistically significant increase of hate crimes and incidents directed at Americans of Asian ancestry followed.

      Rather than simply accept that hate speech has consequences, you make up “thousands” of Chinese Communist Party agents in this country spreading disinformation. Once again, you have outdone my ability to make something up to make you seem ridiculous.

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      1. So the Black Americans are Trump supporters but not smart enough to distinguish between Asians who live in the US and the Chinese Communists?

        YOu are totally obsessed with race and you think others are too.


        1. LOL! I am obsessed with race but it was YOU who felt compelled to bring the subject up. Not me. Maybe you should try thinking a little harder before casting your boomerang brickbats?

          In case you missed it, my main point in this thread is to ridicule the idiocy behind a claim that there are thousands of CPP agents IN THIS COUNTRY spreading misinformation. That has nothing to do with race. Just idiocy.

          Black or white, most Trump supporters are not smart enough to distinguish between Asian-Americans and the Chinese Communists. After all, these are people who believe fabulous lies and magical promises.

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    3. Here is some more info on Asian hate crime status:

      The GA shootings may or may not be a hate crime. But, like Michael Brown, they may be a culmination after what seems to be an escalation of anti-Asian crime.

      FBI stats for 2020 are not out yet.

      I don’t see how CCP would affect both stats or that the victims were shot and killed.

      As far as tension with China goes, that has been pretty constant since the tariff wars began.

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      1. So the way to avoid tensions with China is to just let them steal our technology, destroy our industries with product dumping and let them dominate the world militarily.

        Churchill, I think,, referred to that policy as feeding the crocodile in hopes he will eat you last.


        1. “So the way to avoid tensions with China is to just let them steal our technology, destroy our industries with product dumping and let them dominate the world militarily.”

          How do you get THAT from what Len just posted?

          In case you missed it, our first real President in four years has taken a much harder line against Chinese (and Russian) policy in a number of areas. Hopefully he will be able to restore the TPP and organize – once again – a united front against egregious Chinese trade and human rights policies.

          It will not be long before “conservatives” start wringing their hands about why can’t we have good relations with China and Russia like we did under Trump.

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        2. You are being a bit silly. All I said was that the relations with China has been going on for years.

          “ All this happens at a time when we are in difficult negotiations with China.”

          If you want to defend the reasons for tariffs (tax hikes, really) and billions for subsidies for farmers, that is another topic.

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          1. My understanding is that once the reporters were dismissed, the posturing ended.

            Both sides testing each other is all.

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          2. “And the US MSM are just dumb enough to carry their water.”

            Thank God for Q eh?

            So, doubling down on this nonsense, I see. The increase in and protests about racist attacks on Asian-Americans should not be covered in our news because it is not real. It is disinformation being spread by thousands of Chinese Communist Party agents in our country. They are among us! That someone is orchestrating this “flash mob” is a paradigm of the bonkers conspiracy theory – events being explained by the malevolent actions of hidden but powerful forces. Look it up.

            And, now the beginnings of a new line of partisan attack – Biden has made the Chinese mad. Oh my! You are probably unable to admit that this is almost unavoidable if we are going to take a stronger position with respect to their policies that you objected to above.

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  2. “and the CCP has thousands of agents in this country working on disinformation campaigns. This is certainly convenient.”

    Interesting! You should share that “fact” with the DNI who seemed to miss it in the report issued last week about foreign interference in our election. Right under his nose, thousands of Chinese agents are sowing disinformation (about attacks on Asian-Americans, I suppose) to strengthen their hand in negotiations with President Biden. Shocking! Or is it? Maybe this just another Trump cultist channeling Joe McCarthy?

    “If such a thing exists, it would certainly be troubling but I can’t find solid evidence of such a problem.”

    Since you do not want to accept the role of Donald Trump’s “Chy-Na” and “Kung Flu” rhetoric, it is not clear what you would take to be “solid evidence.” However, reputable organizations find that such crimes and incidents have increased substantially and that they are probably under reported – not over reported.

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      1. The one song I sing is that we should look at the evidence and leave the “alternative facts” in the dustbin where they belong. You should learn it.

        Do you really not understand how this ludicrous claim of thousands of CCP agents among us reeks of McCarthyism? But, okay, I will play along. What is your evidence that the Chinese Communist Party has thousands of agents in this country spreading disinformation?

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  3. Agitprop, the one thing the far left is really good at. Starting about 1920, the Communist government created a new department that would specialize in the creation of high-level BS. As Lenin himself said, “We must be ready to employ trickery, deceit, law-breaking, withholding and concealing truth[.] … We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.” –

    And so we have this nonsense about anti-Asian prejudice.

    As for McCarthy and the HUAC, where are they when we really need them?


    1. …” this nonsense about anti-Asian prejudice.”

      Review your history books, Mr. Price. At one time in our history, anti-Asian prejudice was the law of the land. To deny its existence is to deny history.

      And your calls for a reinstatement of McCarthyism is noted with disgust and as further proof of your nationalistic (ie. racist and anti-Semitic. Yes, I said it) tendencies. Did you enjoy the neo-Nazi parade at UVA? The one the night before the protest with young men in khakis and carrying tiki-torches chanting 1930’s Germany style claims?

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  4. Well, Dr. Tabor, maybe now you can feel vindicated in publishing your McCarthyite screed blaming the media coverage of anti-Asian violence on thousands of imaginary Chinese Communist Party agents in this country spreading disinformation. After all, just look at the deep thinkers who have chimed in with their attaboys. And now you have Mr. Price blaming this “nonsense about anti-Asian prejudice” on V. Lenin. He buys your thousands of Chinese Communist Party agents story 1000%.

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  5. Man, wouldn’t it be crazy if corporate media were carrying water for high-ranking political and intelligence officials? That really would be unfortunate. Can’t imagine what that would be like.

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  6. Whether the attack in ATL was anti-Asian hate based or not, we do not know. Jumping to conclusions is something both sides are guilty of. Once the investigation of the perpetrator’s “really bad day” is completed and we actually know if it was anti-Asian based, we should all withhold judgement.

    Anti-Asian sentiment is historical in this country as seen by laws passed in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

    What we do know is that there has been a sharp increase in hate-filled attacks (violence or vandalism) since the beginning stages of the pandemic. Even in Chesapeake, a Chinese restaurant was vandalized. (BZ to the locals who came to the defense of and support for the owners). Comments like “Thanks for the pandemic” and blaming those hard-working Asian-Americans who have been here, in some cases for generations, is ludicrous, and mis-directed.

    It has also been reported that the up-tick in these attacks has been tied to the rhetoric of the former president. To deny that he had anything to do with it is also ludicrous and dangerous. Words have consequences. Words from the bully pulpit of the Oval Office carry a great deal of weight, especially with the supporters of residents, both current and former.

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    1. “Whether the attack in ATL . . .”

      Thanks for the clear voice of reason and simple statements of facts. Too bad it is completely wasted on “conservative” conspiracy theorists who prefer to see powerful and hidden malevolent forces behind anything they do not like. They don’t want to believe Asian-Americans are subject to – and sick of – racist hostility so these reports must be coming from a plot by Chy-Na.


  7. “A sex addict killed 8 sex workers claiming he had to eliminate temptation. ”

    A SEFL-PROCLAIMED sex addict. Instead of killing a lot of people, maybe his “really bad day” should have sent him to an SA meeting.

    As I stated, let’s see where this goes before passing judgement on whether is is anti-Asian hate, anti-women hate, or just someone who had easy access to a firearm in order to culminate his “really bad day”.

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      1. Yes, and that is a problem. Obviously.

        According to the sheriff the maniac was having “a very bad day.” Maybe a waiting period would have got him to a less bad day.

        Only 10 states and DC have waiting periods for gun purchases. There ought to be a federal waiting period law – at least for handguns as in this case.

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        1. Waiting periods have been tried and found to do more harm than good. Virginia had one and after many years and no discernable net benefit, dropped it.

          The primary benefit is in discouraging suicides, but many people, particularly women, choose to arm themselves when they are aware of a threat to their safety, usually from an abusive spouse or stalker.

          Unless you can provide 24/7 police protection to people as they wait out a waiting period, you are putting people at risk.


          1. “Waiting periods have been tried and found to do more harm than good.”

            You always seem to have an “alternative fact” to bolster your ‘druthers. This is one more cut from whole cloth. What “harm?” To whom?

            Even as you talk about doing “more harm that good” your next sentence claims “no discernable net benefit.” Which is it? And you acknowledge the known and proven impact on forestalling suicides. There is ZERO evidence to support the claim that waiting periods result in women being killed and SOME evidence that homicides are reduced by waiting periods.

            Here is a summary of the literature done by the Rand Corporation – hardly a gun-hating or leftist organization. They found “moderate evidence” that waiting periods reduce both suicides and homicides. They found no evidence of impacts on defensive gun use.


            Bottom line, again you put minor inconvenience and emotion ahead of the evidence, common sense and saving lives.

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          2. If you had followed the link to Rand you would have already seen that waiting periods had not been shown to have a measurable effect on mass shootings. Only on suicides and homicides – the opposite of “no discernable net benefit.”

            If we are going to go with anecdotal evidence, then we have in front of us clear evidence that the lack of a waiting period IS linked to mass shootings – in this case eight people slaughtered by a maniac who legally took possession of a handgun the day he bought it and the day he used it.

            By the way, why not have every purchaser of a handgun meet the same requirements as a Concealed Carry Permit? With or without the permit people are going to be carrying the gun on their person.

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          3. “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”


            I was agreeing with you – no benefit with respect to mass casualty shootings has been found for waiting periods. According to Rand’s survey of the literature. Are you now saying there IS such evidence but that President Obama hid it?

            Seems you were just too eager to pass on another partisan polemic against President Obama.

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          4. The CDC report Obama buried was not specifically about waiting periods. It was about the prevalence of defensive firearm use, showing many times more defensive uses than criminal uses.


            Had the study shown what Obama hoped it would, it would have been front page news, but since it refuted every claim he made about firearms, it is hard to find.


        1. On what basis would you have denied his purchase?

          If you can deny someone a purchase based on sex addiction, which isn’t reportable in any case, then another jurisdiction could deny a purchase based on gender dysphoria or even on being gay.

          he was legally entitled to bear arms just like anyone else, but he was not entitled to shoot people. That is where the crime is.


          1. “On what basis would you have denied his purchase?”

            There was obviously no basis. Which is a problem with instant background checks on a young gun-buyer. There will often be no record of any sort. This indicates the need for licensing of gun owners based on – at least – documented gun safety training. For handguns, there is not obvious reason why such a gun license should be less strenuous than a concealed carry permit.

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          2. Keep in mind, to 2A zealots, ANY attempt to ensure the safety of the public from gun violence is considered an affront and even the tiniest inconvenience is considered an attempt to block someone from exercising their 2A rights.

            And a three day wait COULD have made the difference between a “very bad day” which ended in several deaths of innocents to just a crappy day where the individual in question has cooled off enough to not do anything criminal.

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          3. But then how many other women would have been denied the means to defend themselves against an abusive partner or stalker?

            Sure, 8 were killed in this case at one time, and that makes the news, but how many women have been killed by abusers in jurisdictions that impose waiting periods over the last decade? Certainly hundreds. Was that the result of the waiting period? No way to know for sure. But certainly more than 8


          4. “Sure, 8 were killed in this case at one time, “,,,

            That comes off as EXTREMELY cavalier about the loss of life. Would you have felt differently if you had been directly affected? Probably not, but I had to ask.


          5. Well, if we’re going to license rights, and impose tests to qualify to exercise them, let’s start with voting.

            Proficiency at high school level civics and understanding of the Constitution should suffice.


          6. You miss the point,

            It’s not that I want to license people to vote, it’s that it makes no sense to require people to pass a test to exercise any right.


          7. “Well, if we’re going to license rights, and impose tests to qualify to exercise them, let’s start with voting.”

            Cute, but a complete dodge.

            You insist that women’s lives have been lost because they had to wait out a waiting period before acquiring a gun. There is no systematic evidence of that. If it were as common as you claim, there would be. And how many women’s lives have been lost because their husband/partner got a gun without a waiting period to act on his rage? My guess it would be a LOT more.

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          8. “Most women killed by abusers are killed with hands or blunt force objects”

            Okay. You have ANY evidence of that which contradicts the evidence I linked to?
            Obviously you do not. Or you would have provided it instead of the ad hominem “logic” about the sources. Besides, it is clearly a nonsense statement. You did not even include knives which ranks ahead of all other weapons except guns.

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          9. A three day wait in no way would have been an infringement, only a minor inconvenience. Perhaps in that 3 day period the perpetrator would have cooled off enough to NOT kill 8 people. Maybe he could have made it to a church counseling session or an SA meeting.


          10. Another fair reason for red flag laws. Both the ATL and Boulder shooters were known to family members as being in some sort of mental crisis.


          11. I don’t disagree with Red Flag laws with certain caveats.

            I would not support, for example, disarming a woman whose husband is planning to kill her and first calls the police to tell them she is crazy so she will be disarmed.

            Some kind of immediate due process is necessary


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