There is No Biden Administration

Source: Frontpage Mag.

Daniel Greenfield riffs on the theme that Joe Biden doesn’t actually exist as President.

“The Biden administration is the equivalent of one of those cartoons of a bunch of kids standing on each other’s shoulders while draped in a trenchcoat so they can all pretend to be one adult.

“The illusion holds up until they try to walk.”

24 thoughts on “There is No Biden Administration

  1. No doubt.

    You might notice that Biden never speaks without Karris standing two steps behind and off to the side, intently watching his every move and hanging on every word, while waiting for him to tip over.


    1. There you go again. Ageism now.

      Again, So WHAT? Rather have an engaged VP who is paying attention to the job than a lapdog who sold his political soul to his boss, the devil.

      You people are SO freaking desperate. It is sad and disappointing.

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        1. And Pence? He got Trump in by nailing the Evangelicals, just enough to squeak a win in three states (prepped by polling data sent to Russian intelligence).

          I don’t disagree that we need some younger blood in the Oval Office. Yet, the nation preferred, by a large margin, an aging political pro is over a Mafioso wannabe who stole hundreds of millions before and after his term. (Tax evasion, charity fraud, business fraud and donations for his “legal fund”.)

          In two months the President has exceeded 100 million shots, got a stimulus passed, meeting with Chinese, addressing infrastructure funding, opening up health insurance windows, etc.

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          1. “I have also helped the careers of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Gavin Newsom, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and a host of other politicians.”

            I guess he slept with a lot of pols, man and women.

            You guys are both desperate and morally very selective. Dragging up sex lives from decades ago. Fair game in politics I suppose.
            But consensual seems to be the case.

            Trump raped, assaulted and bragged about it with details for technique. Heck, he “screwed” hundreds of students at Trump U.

            But that is ok. He is “one of us”, which seems to suggest that his supporters are all multi-millionaire heirs that rape.

            Tell that to your grandchildren for inspiration.

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          2. Trump is irrelevant to the issue.

            And I have no problem with other people’s sex lives.

            I do have a problem with using sex to gain political power or using political power to get sex.


          3. “…using political power to get sex…”

            Exactly what Trump bragged about, except he relied on his “celebrity status”.

            But hard to see that from inside the bubble.

            All we know is that Brown helped a lot of folks politically that he did not sleep with, if his recounting is correct.

            We know nothing about the true relationship of Vice President Harris and Mayor Brown. Just the words of sex obsessed conservatives.

            PS: Another GOP Congressman is accused of sexual harassment.

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          4. A Donald Trump cultist leaning in with the need for a politician to be a role model for children is a new pinnacle of hypocrisy. Even for you.

            Since “conservatives” have nothing sellable to offer in the “marketplace of ideas,” they are constantly throwing mud to see what sticks. This bit of character assassination was tried BEFORE the election (August 2020) and did little to help the “conservative” cause with the voters. But there you go running it up the flagpole yet again. Not too pathetic.

            Last time I checked Willy Brown has one vote in California. Kamala Harris won a city-wide (SF) and three state-wide elections in California. And she has been elected Vice President of the United States with a mandate to fix the many errors of the previous administration.

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          5. “I do have a problem with using sex to gain political power”

            Do you know that happened? How?
            Or in the days before the MeToo movement was Brown” using political power to get sex?”

            As Len pointed out, Brown acted as mentor to lots of California politicians. Male and female. You have no way of knowing ANYTHING about the motivation of Brown or Harris in their sexual relationship. Men in powerful positions OFTEN seem more attractive to some women than their age or physical appearance would seem to warrant. The simplest explanation is they found each other attractive. Besides, as you often points out when it suits you – correlation is not the same as causation.

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  2. Let’s have a contest between the two. Bike riding around the Beltway.

    Yeah, Biden slipped on the steps to AF1. So what? His administration hasn’t had any of the scandal, firings or corruption of the previous one.

    This word salad attack on Biden is just another way for the Right wing media bubble to refuse to recognize that Biden is doing more for this country in the first 100 days the T**** could even begin to imagine in his four years. Distract from the accomplishments by talking about ANYTHING else; even if it has nothing to do with the day-to-day operations of BEING President.

    And doing it with a lot more class and decorum. Ya know, “being Presidential”, which the GOP prayed would happen with T*** but those of us paying attention knew would never happen. And NEVER came close.

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    1. RE: “Distract from the accomplishments by talking about ANYTHING else; even if it has nothing to do with the day-to-day operations of BEING President.”

      Greenfield opines that there are no day-to-day operations of Stumble Joe BEING president.


    2. All B**** has done is undo common sense, create a border crisis, spend our children’s future and try to claim credit for Trump’s vaccination program that was in full swing before that dolt took office. B**** is so full of poo, H*****’s eyes are brown.


  3. “Biden’s term will test the question of whether it’s better to have a bad president or no president.”

    We had both under the previous regime. Half million dead Americans, economy in the pooper, natural catastrophes and all we heard was how elections are rigged followed by an attempted autogolpe.

    No comparison.

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  4. Any opinion piece that seriously offers these gems . . .

    “Obama was the teleprompter-in-chief”
    “Pelosi may not have all her marbles”
    “Jen Psaki can’t answer any real questions”

    marks itself as a sad joke from the get go.
    And, sure enough, “joke” would be a generous characterization.

    With that said, the racist and sexist dog whistles in this piece are more like bullhorns. It is pretty clear that the active role that Kamala Harris is playing is the real concern here. And, horrors, she is preparing to be President should the need arise. And just look at her. She is a woman and, OMG, she is not white. And, Biden needs a moderate cabinet to thwart her doing a “25th Amendment coup.” Maybe with the help of Stacey Abrams.

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      1. My oh my, what a sad little fellow you are!

        President Obama could and did speak off the cuff on any subject coherently, even eloquently.

        Nancy Pelosi is the most effective Speaker in decades. Unlike her Republican predecessors she has command of the House and gets done what she promises to get done.

        Jen Psaki is universally praised and admired for the way she is handling the job. The contrast with the bumbling dishonesty of her Trump counterparts could not be more stark.

        If you think otherwise, then you are the joke.

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          1. Thanks for proving my point. About your character.

            Whatever one thinks of President Obama, believing the slander that he can only speak with the aid of a teleprompter shows the believer it to be dumber than a bag of rocks. That slander is simply and obviously false.

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      2. How are they true?Because you and your right wing, hate-filled bubble say so.

        Your posts here NEVER bring anything meaningful to the discussion.

        Yet no one says to tone it down to you. Moderators really need to take a closer look at your history of posting and decide of ANYTHING you say is relevant.

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