BREAKING: CBS Reports DHS Has Detained 13,000+ Unaccompanied Kids at the Border, Calls It a ‘Crisis’

Source: PJ Media.

Its unofficially official. We can call the Biden border fiasco a “crisis” now.

Assuming that most Americans want our borders to be under control, this new crisis could become the Biden administration’s first major test. I hope they will restart construction of the wall.

24 thoughts on “BREAKING: CBS Reports DHS Has Detained 13,000+ Unaccompanied Kids at the Border, Calls It a ‘Crisis’

  1. Oh but B**** continues to talk out of the side of his mouth claiming it is not the crisis it obviously is. I don’t know if B**** is muttering Oh Dear, Oh Dear is his best Olive Oyl voice or standing behind CBP saying “go away” while waving a “free cash for illegal aliens” sign in the air like Obama did.


    1. I am sympathetic to people who wish to come to the US in hopes of a better life, but there are 7 billion people on Earth, and at least 3 billion of them would rather be here. We can’t accommodate them all, and the number we can accommodate at one time is also limited.

      When Biden stopped construction on the wall and ended the remain in Mexico and other Trump disincentives to illegal immigration, he invited those 3 billion to head for the border.

      This surge is the entirely predictable outcome of his pandering to the radical elements of his party, and he, and his party, should bear the consequences of his malfeasance. .


      1. Thank you for actually answering the question.

        I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt Biden’s border policy will stray too far from Trump’s, or Obama’s for that matter. He’ll stop building the wall and say some nice things, but border militarization will likely continue unabated.

        Also, I don’t think it’s “radical” (and apparently, neither do you) to want people to be treated with a modicum of respect and dignity. And, at the risk of beating a dead horse here, most of these people are fleeing conditions the US created.

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        1. There is no respect in issuing an invitation that can’t possibly be made good.

          There is no dignity in turning over your little girl to a coyote so she can wind up as a child prostitute.

          False promises have consequences.


          1. It’s not just tone. The “remain in Mexico” pending hearing is gone by executive order. Now you get here, and are released with a court date 2 years later, fewer than 10% ever show up.

            Unaccompanied minors are not sent back.


          2. Mixing asylum seekers with migrants, skews the results. Certainly, a higher percentage of asylum seekers who think they have case for staying will show up, but those coming for work don’t.

            I have sympathy for both groups but we just can’t take them all at once.

            Most coming from Mexico for work I would tend to let in, The ones that bother me are the ones coming in from the middle east and Somalia who apply for welfare on arrival, which is a problem in Europe and Canada as well.


          3. …”fewer than 10% ever show up.”

            Consider one big, yellow BS flag thrown on that. Len covered it.

            “Unaccompanied minors are not sent back.”

            Correct. They are being sent to the family members already here.

            As far as your child prostitution statement, that is fear mongering hyperbole.


      2. …”he invited those 3 billion to head for the border.”

        The majority of the folks now presenting themselves at the border have either been there before and trying again or they started their journey in April. They must be pretty good at predicting the outcome of US Presidential elections.

        A lot better than a certain retired dentist I am familiar with.


          1. NPR reporting from a couple of days ago. Could not find the link, but it was definitely reported that many Honduran refugees now presenting themselves at the border started the trip in April 2020.


  2. Insane. Only Democrats.
    How do you feed, protect, monitor, and chaperone 13,000 kids without 5000 adults to do these jobs? You’ll need an army base of barracks for the kids to stay in. Very expensive.
    Only question is, are Obama and Biden so obtuse they did not see what would surely happen? Or are they so ruthless they want this crisis in order to manipulate public opinion?


    1. You do what the Biden administration is attempting to do: Unite them with family members already here.

      The only manipulation of public opinion is being perpetrated by McCarthy, claiming that there are all of these terrorists streaming across the border. The same T****-style fear mongering attempted by the previous administration.


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