And now they eat their own

“The Talk” cancels Sharon Osbourne

“The Talk.” which has all the intellectual rigor of a bunch of 13 year old girls at a sleepover to begin with, will be off the air for at least two days this week while producers review whether to continue with Sharon Osbourne after she defended Piers Morgan’s right to free speech when he was accused of racism by Sheryl Underwood over comments he made about Megan Markle’s Oprah interview.

Apparently, questioning an accusation of racism made by a Black woman if you are white makes you a racist.

What is truly sad is that Osbourne apologized for defending free speech.

But it is fun to watch as the left destroys itself in slow motion.

29 thoughts on “And now they eat their own

    1. The answer is in Dr. Tabor’s post: “But it is fun to watch as the left destroys itself in slow motion.”


      1. While the GOP continues as “the party that eats its own face” as it continues its featly to the anti-Buddha in Florida.

        The attempts at projection is almost hysterical. People in entertainment are not running the government or leading the political parties. But the pro-T**** factions keep pinging on “culture war” crapola because they have no policies that will generate positive buzz with their base.

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      2. “But it is fun to watch as the left destroys itself in slow motion.”

        The pushing and pulling between “The Left and “The Right” is now happening completely within the Democratic Party. Is THAT what you mean by the left destroying itself? Under Trump’s leadership the GOP has made itself entirely irrelevant at the national level. The recent negotiations on the content of the American Recovery Plan Act was ENTIRELY between Democrats. The only thing the moribund GOP could offer was whining about children’s books and toys.

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      1. I didn’t know The View was running anything political. Like the government.

        I don’t see anything to do with Piers Morgan as part of the Biden agenda. Why is it so important to discuss here?

        Oh, wait. Biden is actually doing things that HELP Main St. without pandering to Wall St. Gotta talk about anything but successes from the current administration. Go figure.

        Bill Maher’s points are more about how stupid it is to be discussing these things.

        And yes he has waited entirely too long for his little outhouse shed to be approved for solar.

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      2. That was a good video. As a nation we are devoting into silliness with a really dark trend.

        A lot of it, however, is from the right. Yes, some of the “woke” is over the top, but it is also becoming the main point of discussion on the right.

        QAnon is absurd, but it’s influence is just astonishing. A major pandemic and an economic crisis are relegated to second place as potato head gender is debated.

        You blame Democrats, I blame us, as in Americans.

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          1. I have seen that. We have extremes all across the spectrum of political and social strata. And I believe the internet has made it worse by multiples.

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          2. And T**** is NOT encouraging vaccination among his supporters. The number of Republican voters who are vaccine averse is a little to high for comfort levels to achieve herd immunity. All it would take is one statement from The Office of the Former President saying, “I got mine. You should get yours.” and those numbers would drop like a lead balloon. -IMO


          3. Trump and his family were publicly vaccinated and urged everyone to get vaccinated in his speech at CPAC.

            Just because you weren’t listening doesn’t mean he didn’t say it.


          4. “Trump and his family were publicly vaccinated and urged everyone to get vaccinated in his speech at CPAC.”

            No. He got vaccinated, IN PRIVATE, before leaving the Oval Office. And his urging was more of an aside than anything else. If he truly did URGE his supporters to get the vaccine, why are they the largest number of skeptics?

            Just because you THINK you heard it doesn’t mean it is true.

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          5. Per CNN “The revelation comes after the former President urged his followers to get vaccinated for the virus during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, telling the audience, “How unpainful that vaccine shot is, so everybody go get your shot.”


          6. Dr. Tabor has a bottomless barrel of truthy “alternative facts.”

            And, after dozens of times being called on the use of them has never shown ANY evidence of embarrassment or chagrin.

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          7. Uh, you stated categorically that “Trump and his family were publicly vaccinated.” That is simple FALSE. You made that false claim in response to the FACT that Trump has done very little to encourage his followers to get vaccinated. It is a classic example of relying on an “alternative fact” to support another “alternative fact.”


            As for Trump urging his followers to get vaccinated in that CPAC speech, you have pulled a sentence out of context. The context was a personal attack on President Biden . . .

            “But remember, we took care of a lot of people, including, I guess on December 21st, we took care of Joe Biden. Cause he got his shot. He got his vaccine. He forgot. It shows you how un-painful all that vaccine shot is. So everybody go get your shot. He forgot so it wasn’t very traumatic obviously, but he got his shot and it’s good that he got his shot.”

            That is NOT a serious attempt to promote getting vaccinated – just the verbal diarrhea that Trump offers all the time.

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          8. Perhaps it was Pence I was remembering getting vaccinated on TV, but in any case the challenge was about Trump urging his supporters to get vaccinated, and he did.

            Further, where is the evidence that resistance to vaccines is common among Trump supporters anyway?

            And don’t forget that Trump had COVID in October, and you’re not supposed to get vaccinated within 90 days of having the monoclonal antibody treatment, so he wasn’t even eligible for vaccination until mid January.


          9. “ Some 23% of Republicans said they would “definitely” not get vaccinated, while another 21% said they “probably” won’t get the Covid-19 vaccine when it is made available to them.
            Four in ten non-college graduates also say they definitely or probably won’t get immunized.
            Only 7% of Democrats said they would refuse to be vaccinated, with 82% having already been vaccinated or planning to do so.”


            That is close to half of Republicans that definitely or probably WON’T get the COVID vaccine.

            We can safely assume that most Republicans voted for Trump.

            I guess if one believes a dead South American dictator rigged the election, then being afraid of the vaccine is not a stretch.

            From a demographic viewpoint, the loss of Republican voters to COVID might not be helpful to the GOP.

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          10. I’ve looked at at least 20 links to polls on vaccine acceptance to try to determine what is going on and I don’t know any more than when I started. The numbers for Republicans refusing vaccines vary from 25% to 60% and all claim a margin of error under 5%. I suspect that context has a big influence on answers.

            At this point it is hard to imagine anyone over 30 refusing the vaccine.

            In other news, I got an email from vaccinate Virginia offering a vaccine appointment, but the link doesn’t work. I wanted to go online and decline so they could make it available to someone else, but the link doesn’t do anything


          11. …”so he wasn’t even eligible for vaccination until mid January.”

            Fair enough. But not getting the vaccine for a medical reason is fine. NOT promoting the vaccine is completely different.

            Try this on for size: “While I was not able to get the vaccine due to the medical treatments I received while fighting the COVID infection I obtained in October, I tell you now that the vaccines are safe and effective. They have been tested repeatedly and passed all necessary hurdles for emergency use. I have since received the vaccine after following medically dictated protocols, and I urge all of my fellow Americans, those who voted for me and those who didn’t, to get vaccinated as soon as your are deemed eligible and supplies are available in your state. It is the best way forward out of this pandemic and will get us all back to our normal lives sooner rather than later.”

            Kind of moot today as MR. T**** made a statement last night urging, really urging and not as a fourth wall break, all Americans to get vaccinated.


          12. Simple. Because he cared/cares nothing for anyone but himself. The vaccine roll out idea was terrific and kudos to him for pushing the work. However, not until the other day did he STRONGLY encourage his supporters to take the vaccine. Whether that has any effect on people is yet to be seen. There is a lot of mistrust of the government from several different and differing constituencies.


          13. “And don’t forget that Trump had COVID in October”

            Uh, you apparently did when you made up the story of Trump and his family getting publicly vaccinated.

            As for his “urging” his supporters to get vaccinated, a minor off-the-cuff comment thrown into a Philippic against President Biden does not count. If you have a lick of common sense. The fact of the matter is Trump has left a significant portion of his followers unwilling to wear masks, unwilling to practice social distancing and resistant to getting vaccinated. To beat the pandemic, President Biden must find ways to undo all the public health damage that Trump has caused.


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          14. “At this point it is hard to imagine anyone over 30 refusing the vaccine.”

            You are trying real hard to be unable to understand why – compared to Democrats – there is much more Republican resistance to getting vaccinated. It is really not hard at all and is, in fact, obvious. The leader of the Republican Party has downplayed the virus from the beginning and made taking it seriously a sign of apostasy. People respected by Democrats (such as President Biden) have repeatedly, clearly and strongly urged getting vaccinated. Donald Trump has done virtually nothing along those lines.

            I too got the email about my turn to get vaccinated. The link worked and took me to a page with three buttons. One to make the appointment. One to say I have already got an appointment and a third to say I do not intend to get vaccinated. I clicked on the second and received a message thanking me for updating my status.

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  1. “And now they eat their own”

    As an ardent Trump supporter, I guess you missed the irony of this headline.

    If you actually compare this extremely minor squabble (and a few others like it) with the current self-destruction of the Republican Party being orchestrated by your hero then maybe you will see it. For example, look who is being “devoured” among Republican Senators . . .

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  2. Democrats are a lot less forgiving of their own politicians’ transgressions than the Republicans.

    Case in point is Al Franken being tossed for a tasteless photograph while the ex-president gets a free pass from rape and sexual assault accusations from 20 women. And he bragged about it while instructing a young protege on tips about how to physically attack a woman, right down to TicTacs for fresh breath while playing gynecologist.

    And the GOP did not even admonish the man lest they be called nasty names.

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