Finally, a public appearance, and it’s all lies

Biden lies about COVID vaccine

I said I would credit Biden if he improved the vaccine roll out, but except for continuing the Trump policy, he has only made it worse, by extending the “teachers first” priority, which the CDC never recommended, to nation wide.

Instead of making it better, he just saw a parade and ran out to the front with a baton.

You had your chance Joe, but you’re just another pandering hack.

53 thoughts on “Finally, a public appearance, and it’s all lies

  1. RE: “Instead of making it better, he just saw a parade and ran out to the front with a baton.”

    A baton or a bludgeon?

    After insisting that we all get vaccinated, Biden said:

    “If we do all this, if we do our part, if we do this together, by July the 4, there’s a good chance you, your families and friends, will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day. That doesn’t mean large events with lots of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together.”

    How good of him to offer his conditional permission!


    1. “Conditional permission” or signs of encouragement. You can have cookouts now, but caution is prudent.

      Much better to encourage COVID caution than attacking state houses, # LIBERATE. Or the US Capitol, doncha tink?

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      1. RE: “Much better to encourage COVID caution than attacking state houses, # LIBERATE. Or the US Capitol, doncha tink?”



      1. OK, try this:

        The point is that your bias and bubble completely ignores any criticism of the President by media because it is not supposed to happen.


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  2. Biden and Pelosi have hit the ground running and you just plain cannot stand it. “Sleepy Joe” has already done more for ordinary people in this country than any Republican ever. And that is in the first 60 days.

    You called every one of Trump’s 30,000 lies or so just normal exaggeration for a politician, jokes, misspeaking or hyperbole. Your opinion is clearly worthless since it is so entirely predictable and hypocritical.

    As for linking to PJ Media, what is wrong with you? You should not use a source to prove lies that is a source that lies. Elementary. This article gives Trump credit for the rapid development of vaccine. Bullshit. The first vaccines were not even developed in this country.

    And no Big Pharma company is going to sit on its hands in front of the biggest business opportunity in decades. As a free market cheerleader you should be the one pointing out this obvious fact instead of pretending that Trump was their inspiration.

    Trump’s vaccine rollout plan amounted to . . .
    1. Buy vaccine
    2. Have it shipped to the states.
    3. Hope they know what to do with it.

    So, it is wrong to say that Trump had no vaccine distribution plan. He did have a plan – a shitty plan that left vaccine distribution in chaos as he left office.

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    1. Are you trying for a place in Biden’s speech writing team? I can’t imagine any other reason for still trying to deny the triumph of Operation Warp Speed.

      Absent the risk protection provided, many of the companies that are making vaccines wouldn’t even have tried.


      1. As I have said many times OWS was the right idea. I have even praised Trump in this regard. But, now that we have seen how it went, calling it a “triumph” is way, way over the top. The “plan” for distribution was both flawed and poorly executed. At best, it was merely OK. And it was semi-moribund in the last two months of Trump’s Presidency as his attention was 100% on “Stop the Steal.” Goals for 2020 inoculations missed by 85% and states everywhere could not get reliable information of what was in the pipeline.

        Trump claims credit for rapid vaccine development. That is just another Trump lie. The prime movers of the first vaccine were in the UK and Germany. American policy had nothing to do with their efforts.

        I simply disagree with your disrespect for the willingness of for-profit companies to go big on vaccine production. It seems that your belief in the energy and entrepreneurship of the free market fails you if it means that you have to admit that Trump had – at most – a marginal impact on Big Pharma plans to cash in on the historic money-making opportunity presented by the pandemic.

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  3. Yeah, I knew this would happen and that dolt delivered on trying to claim credit. What’s worse is lefties pretending he did something and applauding him as king (rolling eyes). The latest is B**** telling states that they will make everyone “eligible” for a vaccine by May 1. First, everyone is already “eligible” anyway. If he means states will have adequate vaccine to give everyone a shot, states have no control over vaccine allocation and delivery from the Fed. The Fed does that you idiot!!!! States just place orders with the Fed and see what they get. Is it any wonder Obama never let him speak in public? Of course Northam likes to give our away.


      1. “… Elders . . .”

        There you go again.

        I have provided you with chapter and verse proving beyond doubt that the overall Covid death rate and – more significantly given your rants about Elders – the case mortality rate in Virginia is better than most other states and far better than some. But, as always, the actual facts cannot shake your preconceived idea that Northam is a “monster” pandering to political supporters at the cost of countless lives.

        Since you are struggling with the science, let me help. If Virginia policy were actually sacrificing the old for the benefit of the young (as you claim) then our case load would be skewed toward the old and, since the elderly are more vulnerable, our case mortality rate would be amongst the worst and not among the best.

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        1. Your claim of superior understanding of what “science” means is beyond laughable since you absolutely ignore it unless it supports your ‘druthers.

          I have provided compelling data that demolishes your claims about the ill effects of Northam’s vaccination policies. You have NO ANSWER so out comes a classic bit of the ad hominem fallacy.

          Whatever my intellectual shortcomings may be, they do not change the fact that Northam’s policy as characterized by you would INCREASE the death rate and case mortality rate experienced in our state. If Northam is such a monster, “the science” would say that Virginia would have high rates of both. In fact, we don’t. We have done better than a majority of other states.

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          1. Virginia received enough vaccine outside the nursing home program to vaccinate every Elder in Virginia by mid-February. That would have effectively ended the deaths here before the surge.


          2. “Virginia received enough vaccine outside the nursing home program to vaccinate every Elder in Virginia by mid-February”

            LOL! You really think you can make up any “facts” you want.

            Let’s start with this fact – There are 1,366K Virginians over the age of 65. As of February 14th the TOTAL first doses received in Virginia was 924K. So, even with ZERO vaccinations for hundreds of thousands of front line health care workers, it would not be possible for your imaginary claim to be true.

            If you would like to base your opinions on the FACTS and not stuff you pull from your derriere, the state provides easy access to the ACTUAL data here . . .


            and for various views of the ACTUAL data you can go here . . .


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          3. The nuber I had seen was just under a million, and included those in nursing homes and patients of the VA system, both of which are vaccinated by Federal programs and not from the VA Health Dept allowance.

            But even if it had taken a week longer to get every last one over 65, vaccinating most of them before the winter surge would have prevented most of those deaths.

            Interestingly, many of Virginia’s Elders who did get vaccinated early got doses sent to hospitals for their staffs, who declined them.

            I don’t know why so many are refusing vaccination.


          4. Your claim that Virginia received enough vaccine to cover everybody over 65 by mid February is still complete bullshit. No amount of spin or shuffling of time frames is going to change that. The facts and the math are relentless.

            I have provided the definitive data. You were obviously not moved to admit egregious error by the facts. Nothing new there. So, instead you try to spin away the discrepancy between your claim and documented reality.

            So you try to spin away the data.

            Spin One – The Federal Long Term Care doses are not included.
            If you had bothered to look at the data provided you would have found this sentence . . .

            “Doses received include vaccine allocated to the Federal CDC Pharmacy Partnership for Long Term Care Facilities.”

            So spin one – the FLTC program distorts the numbers is completely false. Those numbers are included in the total doses received.

            Spin Two – The Veteran Administration has vaccinated a lot of people
            The Virginia figures seem not to include the Veterans Administration so I did some checking to see if your spin makes a difference. It does not. There are three Veterans Administration facilities doing vaccinations in Virginia. To-date (not mid February) They have provided a total of 27,433 first shots. Spin Two is not false but is not material.

            Again and again in your eagerness to slander Democrats you simply make things up and as in this case will not even man up and acknowledge the “error.”

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    1. Bobr, I know that self-awareness is not a thing with you people so let me advise – any supporter of Trump who calls Joe Biden – or just about any sentient adult – a “dolt” is simply being ridiculous. You can criticize his policy, refuse to take the stimulus check he is sending and/or claim that he is taking credit that is not due. But he is not a dolt (def: “a stupid person”).

      The reason this bit if name-calling is laughable is because there has NEVER been a more “stupid person” in the Oval office than Mr. Trump. And you are a fervent supporter. His frequently professed claim that he knows more than anybody on just about any subject is all the evidence you should need to understand just how incredibly stupid he is. In other words, Trump truly is a “dolt.” President Biden is not.

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      1. The B**** cult drools over nonsense like a dog salivates over a juicy bone. The dolt certainly captures the attention of the naive, they have no one else to worship.


      2. Bobr, thanks for confirming my observation about the utter lack of self-awareness that plagues you people. Seldom have I seen a more succinct and pithy description of the so-called Trump “base.”

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      1. No, to Democrats, unity means submission.

        Their whole philosophy is based on power over others. Power over your property, power over your children, power over your business.

        The only way to find unity with Democrats is to kneel and obey.


          1. Fully deregulating electricity is difficult, and maybe not worth the effort for most people.

            But at the same time it is irrational to blame the private sector for the results of bad regulation.


        1. …”to Democrats, unity means submission.”

          You have it backwards. Again. Unity to Republicans is do what we want regardless of party or we will do everything in our power to NOT negotiate and prevent any kind of progress in gifting the problems facing real Americans.

          2017, $2 Trillion added to the deficit that the GOP pushed for and helped the rich and large corporations. 2021 $2 Trillion to help reopen schools the economy, small businesses, improve vaccine distribution and actually help REAL Americans living day-to-day, and not one GOP member votes for it. ANd one even has the temerity to talk about how the bill is going to help restaurants, as if he supported it.

          The only way to find unity with Republicans is to give everything to those who don’t need it.

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          1. Please do tell me the GOP agenda that is implemented by force or the Democrat agenda that is not.

            Letting people keep what they rightly earned is not giving them anything.


          2. Please do tell ME how moves by the GOP to obstruct, not negotiate, but obstruct, ANY Democrat’s agenda is showing unity?

            The GOP’s plan is to stand up and say, regardless of anything but WHO makes the proposal is to say “No, it HAS to be this”. Not “That is your starting number, here is ours. Let’s work it out.”


          1. Seriously, you need help. Your choice of language e.g. “kneel and obey” betrays deep seated emotional issues.

            “What part of the Democrat agenda is voluntary?”

            What part isn’t?
            You seem to think that the “consent of the governed” means that EVERY individual has to approve every action of the government. That is not what it means.

            But, if you really want a literal answer, you can voluntarily return your stimulus check to the Treasury.

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  4. So, here’s your choice.

    Biden did nothing but ride the distribution wave that Trump had prearranged, or Northam is blameless for Virginia’s botched rollout and Trump is.

    One or the other. Can’t be both. Your choice. I accept either.

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    1. Northam has not followed the Federal directives under either President. His health dept is following a uniquely corrupt political agenda unlike any other state.


      1. …”corrupt political agenda”…

        Conjecture based sole on your hatred of Northam. You have NEVER provided any proof except to say “this is the way I see it”.

        Provide HARD evidence and not conjecture and the request charges be brought . Otherwise, just stop.


      1. ANY reality-based speech is going to sound like an attack on Trump for those who live in an alternative reality. The sentence you quote is 1000% accurate. THAT is exactly what happened.

        If you think “unity” involves perpetuating Trump’s lies then you are going to be disappointed. Just like you want to be.

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        1. “A year ago, we were hit with a virus …”


          “ … that was met with silence …”


          “ … and spread unchecked …”

          True and false.

          “… denials for days, weeks, then months.”



          1. You do not have to believe me. You do not have to believe President Biden. You can believe Trump.
            “I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down because I don’t want to create a panic . . .”

            And then when it started to sink in more broadly and certain states began to implement vital public health measures how did Trump respond . . .
            “#LIBERATE Michigan”
            “#LIBERATE Virginia”
            “#LIBERATE Minnesota”

            THAT is DENIAL of the urgency and it was MONTHS after the virus first arrived.

            Biden told the simple truth and it seems that “you can’t handle the truth.”

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          1. “The truth is: 6 and 9 are the same”

            Cute, but I do not agree that factual truth is a matter of perspective.

            For example, it is either True or it is False that Trump spent months downplaying the virus. The evidence – including Trump’s own testimony – is that it is True.

            For example, it is either True or it is False that the United States is among the worst impacted by the virus. The evidence is that it is True. If our response had been merely average, we would have somewhere north of 100,000 fewer dead.

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          2. “And the fact that Americans travel more and we have a different demographic has nothing to do with it?”

            Very little.

            Yes, we may travel more and have different demographics than, say, Europe.
            But, we travel alone in cars. Europeans use public transport.

            Yes, we have a different demographic. Ours is younger than Europe. They should have HIGHER death rates than we do, not lower.

            The one factor that makes us nearly unique is the massive dishonesty and incompetence at the top that we suffered under until January 20, 2021. In no other country was the wearing of masks mocked by the national leadership and made into a political loyalty test like it was here. In no other country was the public told the virus was relatively harmless and going to disappear on its own “very soon.” I could go on, but you get the idea.

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          3. The death rate has two parts. Transmission and age. Yes, we are younger, but young people traveling carry the disease back to the vulnerable. Right now, millions of young Americans are on Spring Break, enjoying themselves with others from across the country, feeling invulnerable in their youth.

            Their parents and grandparents will do the dying.


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