The Bulwark: “Election Integrity” Means Restriction

Former Ted Cruz and Jim DeMint communications director, Amanda Carpenter takes aim at the fight over voting rights.

You can’t have a reasonable debate about voting rights with people who wanted to cancel votes.

Makes a lot of sense. The same way those on the right proclaim any progressive program to be “socialism” or “cancel culture”, they use the phrase “voting integrity” to work at suppressing the voters who don’t vote for them. (Don’s way of doing the business of a democratic republic).

It has been said out loud by members of the GOP, and the de facto orange-faced leader, that Republicans can’t win elections when every eligible citizen practices their right to vote. Forgetting that the down ballot GOP candidates did exceptionally well in 2020,

” It’s clear that one of our country’s two political parties overtly prefers less voter participation and so, as a consequence, is now actively pursuing avenues designed to reduce—or suppress, or depress, or whatever perfectly non-judgmental verb you’d like to use—the number of votes cast in future elections.”

One of the more telling statements concerning Arizona’s proposed new voter suppression bills is from Arizona state Rep. John Kavanaugh (R) “There’s a fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans,” Kavanagh said. “Democrats value as many people as possible voting, and they’re willing to risk fraud. Republicans are more concerned about fraud, so we don’t mind putting security measures in that won’t let everybody vote — but everybody shouldn’t be voting.

Everybody shouldn’t be voting? Seriously? Why shouldn’t every eligible American citizen not be voting? Could it because when more people do, Republicans lose? If a citizen chooses not to vote, then that is their own personal choice. But to pass laws to PREVENT people who DO want to vote is as unamerican as you can get – IMO.

7 thoughts on “The Bulwark: “Election Integrity” Means Restriction

  1. “…laws to PREVENT people who DO want to vote is as un-American as you can get…”

    You are spot on. The scramble to change voting laws, shorten the hours, restrict absentee and mail in voting is reminiscent of an elevator full of people arriving at a floor after someone farted.

    The cult thought they had this election in the bag and along comes a pandemic, an economic crisis and an outrageous effort by the ex-president to stay in power when he was handily rejected by a margin of 7 million votes.

    Can’t have the “wrong” people voting again…wink, wink.

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  2. “Republican Election Integrity Means Restriction.” This is such convoluted sophistry, like complaining that enforcing laws against murder mean more people in jail. Gee, that’s terrible. No, wait a minute, that’s what we want…. The Bulwark, like the Lincoln Project, Is a niche for Republican ninnies. Please stop referring to it.


    1. It is not about enforcing laws, it is about changing them to make it more difficult for citizens to participate in our democratic process.

      You, like Don, only want the “right” people to vote. To that I say GFY.


  3. So exactly what is wrong with ensuring that votes are valid? You liberals claim accountability is some infection or a nefarious crime. You guys want massive no verification votes just like wide open borders as long as it supports your agenda. There is indeed verified fraud in every election. How much is the unknown and it may or may not be enough to overturn some elections but it keeps getting more and more difficult to nail down because of you people.


    1. If the laws being considered and passed had ANYTHING to do with “valid” votes (politispeak for GOP votes), that would not be an issue. But that is not what is being considered. It is about suppressing votes, keeping AMERICAN citizens from participating in the democratic process.

      This election had no levels of fraud to make it necessary for any of these laws. Closing polling stations, limiting hours (Iowa), even making it a crime to give food or water to voters waiting in line to cast their ballots (AZ) have NOTHING to do with fraud. If anything was proven concerning fraud during the 2020 election is that the system to catch it works. When GOP officials in several states say there was no fraud, when Bill Barr says there was no fraud, what is the justification for making these changes. Changes, by the way, to laws that were actually put in place by … wait for it … REPUBLICAN controlled legislatures.

      For crying out loud, the only loser in 2020 was T****; the down ballot Republicans kicked ass. Some of these moves can come back and bite them where it hurts the most: the Ballot box. That and opposing something that 75% of those polled like, including a majority of registered Republicans.

      Voter suppression is the only way the GOP thinks they can win. It has nothing to do with fraud; it is all about staying in power regardless of the effects it has on the electorate in general.

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      1. BS. This is not voter “suppression”. That is what lefties claim but it just ain’t true. Just like social justice claims, it’s nothing more than made up trash that the gullible swallow because they want a scapegoat for their own failings.


        1. What failing? T**** got his ass handed to him by someone he called “Sleepy Joe.”

          What do you call closing of voting precincts in primarily democratic voting areas? What do you call the shortening of poll hours ON ELECTION DAY? What do you call yourself to convince yourself that you have a clue as to what is being done?

          If Democrats controlled the legislatures and did everything in their power to prevent Republican strongholds from voting, what would you call it.

          It is not YOUR vote that is being threatened. Just like it is not YOU who has to deal with discrimination because of who you are. It is not YOU who is being told YOUR vote doesn’t count or shouldn’t be counted.

          To that I say GFY.


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