Al Capone’s accountant did him in. Are we seeing deja vu all over again?

In the movie “The Untouchables”, there is a masterfully suspense laden scene involving a baby carriage and the arrival of Capone’s accountant at the train station. The accountant kind of resembled Mr. Weisselberg, Trump accountant since 1973.

13 thoughts on “Al Capone’s accountant did him in. Are we seeing deja vu all over again?

  1. Makes you wonder if Hillary’s accountant is still alive.

    Seriously, you must really fear Trump to be so desperate to prevent him from returning to the fray.


    1. Me? I don’t fear Trump. I don’t even know him. But after this last year, we cannot afford another one like him.

      If Vance has a case, that means you and I have been paying Trump’s taxes for decades. I don’t know about you, but tax cheats are leeches we can do without.

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      1. “I don’t fear Trump.”

        I don’t either. But we all know who does: The current cadre of GOP Senators and Congresspeople who refuse to stand up to him and his ever-shrinking base of supporters.

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    2. Trump is the gift that keeps on giving – to the Democratic Party. We don’t fear him but – unlike you apparently – we believe in the rule of law and holding people accountable when they commit crimes.

      Unlike Trump, Hillary Clinton’s personal financial affairs have been an open book for decades. She did not fight all the way to the Supreme Court to keep her tax returns out of the hands of law enforcement. Trump did. Your silly whataboutism is beyond lame.

      But seriously now, do you really believe that Trump is NOT a tax cheat who has been cheating entire adult life?

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    1. Trump’s finances are being investigated. His lawyer went to jail for acting on his criminal instructions. Trump was “Individual 1” who could not be prosecuted then but can be now. No “conspiracy theory” required – just respect for the law, for evidence and a dash of common sense.

      Then too the NYT laid out the complete evidence for massive intergeneration fraud in the passing of Fred’s wealth to Donald. The statute of limitations has run out on prosecuting the crime but it does not mean that the IRS cannot demand reimbursement with interest. Whoops.

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  2. We won the Senate and the White House. No, Mr. Trump, we’re not tired of winning yet. But, your account is far more likely to be playing golf next year than you.

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  3. Coulda, maybe, might, possibly….aaaah…oh my god the suspense is killing me!!!! I’m leaving right now to go get a national enquirer, stat!!!


    1. …”national enquirer”…

      Not surprising seeing as that tabloid is T**** positive. You won’t find anything there about investigations into his financial dealings.


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