A warning sign

Self righteousness of the cancel culture.

Go ahead, show me one time in history where those who set out to censor books or speech turned out to be the good guys in the end.

For that matter, show me where politicians who sought to disarm their people didn’t eventually need shooting.

15 thoughts on “A warning sign

  1. I have always been dismayed by censorship with some obvious exceptions such as child pornography.

    This includes the academic dilemma today of trigger warnings, hecklers’ vetoes, etc. I really think that the debate between Buckley and Baldwin in 1965 should be required viewing for anyone under 50, and especially in college. A very delicate and controversial subject with a respectful audience was possible. Not today.


    Seuss was yanked by the Seuss Foundation itself and its origins may be speculative. But it was not done in a vacuum.

    Literary and artistic censorship has usually been the bailiwick of the conservatives. But now the left feels emboldened to push the limits.

    So far, the governments are not doing the censoring by fiat or law. So, to a degree, I think the danger is not as great as the book bannings last century. And because of the internet, we have outsized the problem.

    Two things that come to mind:

    “Cancel culture” applies to the GOP under the dome of the ex-president. Anyone who even tangentially disagrees with him gets threatened with an end to politics. So one shouldn’t toss too many stones.

    Guns? Did anyone take yours in the “great confiscation” recently? I know you are saddened by the ones Obama took from you. He did take some, didn’t he? 😇

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    1. It is true that, at least so far, the government is not doing too much censorship externally, it is very definitely suppressing contrary opinion within.

      But I am more concerned that by extending section 230 protections to platform providers who do censor speech it is enabling that censorship


      1. The x-president’s administration was rife with hiding, removing or altering data when it came to the environmental issues in particular. Not to mention a revolving door as appointees dared get off-script, true or not. But that doesn’t excuse similar behavior, of course.

        There may be merit to the 230 protection removal. It could keep extremists and outright libelous falsehoods under the rocks if the hosts are responsible.

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  2. I dunno, but maybe I’m missing something. The Conservatives keep calling the Progressive policies by this term “cancel culture”. I don’t understand what it means.

    Perhaps one of you Conservative Republicans can explain it to me. But, gimme about 20 minutes so I can run out and buy you some freedom fries to go with that big Red whine.

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    1. It might have something to do with putting a jockstrap on Michelangelo’s David.

      Or scrubbing an order for yogurt.

      Or destroying political careers of Republicans who didn’t like the ex-president.

      Or conservative pundits trashing the name of murdered Democrats.

      Or that the attack on the Capitol was just “boys, and some girls, being boys”, ha,ha. Oh, in case that doesn’t fly, try “false flag” with actors from CT.

      I dunno, could be a lot of things.

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    2. It’s really pretty straightforward.

      When people realize they can’t win in the marketplace of ideas, they seek to silence the opposition.

      So, universities fire faculty, or deny tenure, because they are conservative, or just not progressive enough.

      They shout down speakers they don’t want to hear.

      The ban books that are persuasive of ideas others then their own.

      It’s a way of showing that they know they are wrong.

      But again, show me the book banners and censors who didn’t wind up as oppressors.

      As I wrote, it’s a warning sign, books get banned, speakers silenced, access to the marketplace if ideas is denied. and I go out and buy another thousand rounds of ammo.


  3. “For that matter, show me where politicians who sought to disarm their people didn’t eventually need shooting”

    Uh, let’s see . . .

    United Kingdom
    New Zealand
    Republic of Ireland

    To name a few.

    Your casual reference to politicians that “need shooting” is juvenile in the extreme.

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      1. Several?

        You mean One – Germany. Whose democratic government was overthrown by armed militias back in the 1930’s?

        Uh, you put eventually in the past tense. Alternative future histories are not evidence of anything. Your statement was empty blather unsupported by any actual evidence. All the countries on the list have both very strict gun controls and governments fully subservient to the rule of law. You asked for one. I gave you several.

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          1. “Hitler was elected on a progressive platform”

            More childish nonsense? Really?

            Hitler came to power through fearmongering, hatred and racism just like Donald Trump. But he was not elected Chancellor by the people. He consolidated power with more fearmongering, hatred and racism in the aftermath of the Reichstag fire which many historians believe he was responsible for. Kind of like the storming of OUR Capitol by the minions of Donald Trump in the hope of his consolidating power.

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    1. Censorship is generally not a good thing. Most of the examples in the Post opinion reference conservative efforts to root out offensive material, but the principle is the same.

      Note, however, that it was the Seuss Foundation itself that decided to pull the children’s books that had stereotypical illustrations.

      These books are not historical screeds or novels, but rather timeless fantasies. As such, if the owners and publishers decide that comical drawings of Blacks, Asians and others are no longer timeless, let them do what they feel will best protect the brand.

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    2. “The easily offended must be purposely offended and told to just shut the f $%& up”

      Maybe T**** can take your lesson about “cancelling” any GOP representative that doesn’t kiss his orange, gold-plated A$$


  4. Is it racist?

    HELL YES! Are we just so hell bent to be racist that to make it “okay” we simply use those who cannot say, “Hey!”

    Gee, if a genocide is successful, maybe we can use the victim? Rwandan Tutsi, maybe?

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