It’s final: Lockdowns don’t work

Source: BusinessWorld.

I’d say the headline is overly ambitious, but the body of the article appears to be an evenhanded report. You can look up the subject paper here.

The question is, will the Biden administration and the state governments who “follow the science” follow this science? I doubt it. On this I agree with radical liberal Naomi Wolf, who made news this past week by claiming Joe Biden and our elites will continue to use the pandemic to usher in totalitarianism.

23 thoughts on “It’s final: Lockdowns don’t work

    1. You are recommending a 3-month old jounalistic “fact check” to say a 2-week old peer-reviewed study is somehow not to be believed?


        1. RE: “That’s a bit pedantic.”

          Not at all. You offered old data to counter new data. Pointing that out is not pendantry, it is practical logic.


  1. “…Joe Biden and our elites…”

    We just fired a bunch of billionaires from fancy schools, heirs of fortunes and Wall Street. Those are, by any definition, elites.

    The 25,000 National Guard troops we have in DC are the result of the last regime’s efforts to bypass elections and install “el presidente” for life. There was your totalitarian.

    Observations from a non-elite.

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    1. RE: “The 25,000 National Guard troops we have in DC are the result of the last regime’s efforts to bypass elections and install ‘el presidente’ for life. There was your totalitarian.”

      So you say, but the current administration could dismiss them at will, and doesn’t.


      1. Considering the ongoing threats of violence and the pending joint session of Congress for a presidential address I think the protection is warranted.

        I thought I saw where the loonies see March 4 as the new apocalypse when the Messiah with a long red tie will descend a golden escalator and wield his terrible swift sword.

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      1. Either way images of our nation’s capital as an armed camp is a legacy like few others.

        The ex-prez made a point that bad publicity is better than none at all. So he will go down in history…as he goes down.

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        1. In terms of ‘bad’ pub CPAC may end up in a class all its own, Both ‘22 and ‘24 will see repeats of the clown show theatrics in DEM political ads.

          And don’t get me started on the “golden Idol”….

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      2. ” . . . keep Biden from wandering off.”

        Is that what passes for funny in “conservative” circles? Apparently so. Helps explain why repeated efforts to find a right wing comedic equivalent of Colbert, Stewart, Kimmel, Meyers, etc, ended up with just comedian Rush Limbaugh. This would have been one of his kind of jokes. Nasty and not actually funny.

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        1. Make whatever excuses you will, DC was never a fortified compound while Trump was there.

          If the Democrats now in power feel they have to hide behind razor wire, they know what they are doing is wrong.


          1. “DC was never a fortified compound while Trump was there.”

            You have that right. Overthrowing the government with violence is a “conservative” thing. I was in that first million person protest in January 2017. No police bludgeoned. No eyes gouged out. No public buildings trashed. So, quite right. Until Trump summoned HIS followers, there was no need to physically protect the government.

            With that said, the intellectual dishonesty in your post is staggering – even for you. It is people of your ilk who have made this extra security necessary. People of your ilk who hate America, hate the people in it, hate democracy and have shown their seditious mindsets with deadly violence. And, like you, threaten more of violence all the time.

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          2. And I know you have a hard time dealing with it, but the offices responsible for security at the Capitol are the ones who are advising her to keep the fences up … at least until after the threat of violence by the MAGA-verse is under control.

            Your hatred of any and all Democrats blinds you to certain realities that you have a very difficult time accepting.

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          3. “What makes you think the fence is necessary?”

            I do not know if it is necessary or not. However the people whose job it is to keep the government secure seem to see compelling evidence that there are groups of “conservatives” who planned and carried out some of the January 6th violence and who seem to be preparing for more of the same – or worse.

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          4. “DC was never a fortified compound while Trump was there.”

            T**** was still in office on Jan 6th. And it was HIS supporters that made the fortifications necessary. Not ANTIFA; not BLM; It was the MAGA-verse and their belief in the “Big Lie” started by T**** months before the first ballot was cast.

            And it isn’t the Democrats feeling a need to hide behind the wire; it is the security officials who are tasked with protecting the seat of our government.

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