A Nightmare for Democrats

Democrats are well on the way to destroying themselves in preparation for the 2022 mid terms, so here is a scenario I saw for you to think about.

Democrats are clearly worried about Trump running again in 2024 as they tried to disqualify him, They are looking too gar down the road.

Trump runs for the House of Representatives in 2022 in Florida. He would be unbeatable, and would then be chosen as Speaker of the House, 3rd in line for the Presidency. He carries long coattails.

Now that Democrats have set the precedent for using impeachment in a totally partisan manner, Trump simultaneously impeaches Biden and Harris. A partisan Senate convicts,

Trump assumes the office of the President with less than 2 years remaining so he can still run again in 2024.

10 years of Trump as President.

Nighty nite.

Note that I do not mean this to be a prediction or endorse the result, it’s just a goblin to haunt your dreams.

73 thoughts on “A Nightmare for Democrats

  1. You have a rich fantasy life. But there is a swarm of flies in the ointment.
    1. Trump might win a Congressional seat (so far so good).
    2. Trump Republicans will NEVER be a majority in the House.
    3. The 2022 election has far more GOP seats in play (with four GOP retirements so far to boot) than Democrat
    4. There is no scenario where they get to 2/3.
    5. The impeachments were NOT partisan as evidence by their bi-partisan nature. Some Republicans are still patriots and would not go along with your scheme.

    Bottom line – I will not lose any sleep over this “nightmare.”

    Here is one for you – Joe Biden retires due to ill health. Kamala Harris becomes the President. She quits Biden’s pussy footing and forces through every aspect of the Democratic agenda. Starting with DC statehood.

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        1. He has plenty of company with the GOP Congress opposing the relief package.

          Of course, with over 70% of the public in favor of it, it’s a “company” only the truly out of touch would choose to keep…Now THAT’S political suicide.

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      1. I already saw Rand Paul trying to score points off the prejudice many deplorables have about the transgendered. Frankly, I found him repellant and disgusting. In short – what an asshole! Shamelessly pandering to the simple-minded haters of the GOP base. If you think his slimy antics are being warmly received by decent people you are wrong. IMHO.

        We have been down this road with the GOP before. For many election cycles there always was some sort of gay-bashing initiative on the ballot. It worked for a while but no more. Now they are trying the same shit with respect to another group who are different. You think it will somehow politically cancel the corrupt and seditious nature of the Trump GOP. I don’t.

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        1. Guns, God(s) and Gays. The Republican playbook whenever elections near.

          Nothing has changed since Gingrich took control in the mid-nineties.

          Meanwhile our nation’s capital is an armed camp with razor wire and 25,000 National Guard troops.

          Just like most Third World autocracies.

          Thank you Mr. “take our country back or you won’t have a country”. # LIBERATE.

          A legacy like no other.

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          1. Notice the GOP is trying to act Trumpian. Insults, conspiracies, enemies, lies are pouring forth like broken pipes spew raw sewage.

            Trouble is that few can copy the ex-president and just look like fools when they do. Such behavior is only possible if one is a totally narcissistic, pathological liar of long standing. The usual politician’s fibbing on policies is not enough.

            #45 is still spouting off about election fraud. Well, we expect that. Pigs don’t fly, but they do wallow in mud.

            However when GOP members still hedge and hum and haw when asked a direct question about the election we know they are not able to carry the chief’s load and look pathetic trying to. (Hawley comes to mind, white power fist salute notwithstanding.)

            Here is the thing. Election season starts up next year and the GOP cannot shed the fear of Trump. Yet his track record of supporting political winners is spotty at best and a dismal failure when GA went blue in the Senate.

            Biden’s schmoozing of Republican governors to get support for the stimulus package is a refreshing change of pace instead of threats to withhold aid.


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        2. Weird, the deplorables are those that try to tell you that natural anatomy is false. You know,males are not males and females are not females. Just like trying to change the meaning of simple English through parodies to suit an agenda, you can’t change facts. That is why they can’t win an impeachment. You just can’t change facts no matter how hard you try to spin it.


          1. I will not try to educate you on the complex realities of sex and gender. That would obviously be a waste of effort. I will simply note that you have marked yourself as the target audience for Rand Paul’s ugly and hateful blather.

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    1. As I recall it as “over” in 2018 and then “over” again in 2020…

      I don’t think the DEMs are scared, but rather busy fixing the mess and making needed changes required to heal and help our Country.

      I do think you and those of your ilk are seriously out of touch and living in a world that is changing in ways you don’t like, can’t relate to or don’t understand (old and in the way).

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  2. T**** won’t run for a House seat. It would be too denigrating to have to listen to Pelosi and not be able to do a damned thing about it. He would be joining MTG in House purgatory; just being famous and doing NOTHING for the country.

    The idea of public Service is lost on the T**** cult and its adherents.

    Let me know when the GOP is no longer on life support. The “eating their own face” party is not good for the country. Not because it is about lesseer government (it isn’t); it is because it is dangerous to elevate an individual over the needs of the country.

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  3. RE: “just a goblin to haunt your dreams”

    An effective goblin, it would seem.

    My take is similar. Trump changed the GOP’s political calculations by showing the country-club set it could win working class support. Film maker Michael Moore, among others, has made note of this. The consequences will long outlive the man (Trump).

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    1. Not that they deserve it, but even the GOP sheepeople will benefit (as they did when Obama saved the economy) when Biden restores sanity and order. Many of the trump adherents will be voted out in 22.

      Tick, Tick, Tick…

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        1. At the condition we are in now it will take some time. The norms we have relied on for 250 years were damaged by the reactionary obscene gesture that elected a con artist by the slimmest of margins in the electoral system.

          When 3/4’s of the minority party believe in conspiracies, we have failed the citizenry. Political opportunists on the right are milking that in an effort to seal an impervious voting bloc. Without the ex-president, his imitators look like losers in a talent show.

          Trump was an anomaly. Getting elected after insulting all American POW’s as losers used to be, and hopefully still is, a deal breaker. And that was just the beginning for the national wake up call to avoid fascism.

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        2. “Biden will never restore ‘sanity and order.’ ”

          I can understand drooling hatred for Barack Obama. After all he was an uppity black man who did not know his place.

          I can understand drooling hatred for Hillary Clinton. After all she was an uppity woman who did not know her place.

          Both could be seen by certain kinds of people as threats to traditional white male hegemony in our country. But drooling hatred for Joe Biden. That I do not understand. I suppose that Trump has so polluted “conservative” thinking that ANYBODY who has a different idea is to be hated.

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          1. You can’t possibly deny that Obama’s election was a wake up call for white supremacists. Monkey faces on him and his wife?

            The whole birther issue was pure, out and out racism to a degree that boggles the mind. And we elected the head birther that shook loose even more racist pigs.

            Demanding his college records? What president ever had to prove himself like that?

            Every comment he made regarding race was parsed and flipped to say he was a racist.

            “Trayvon could have been my son” was so vilified as to be embarrassing.

            Shameful in my opinion. And a rewrite of history.


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          2. “Uncivil”?

            When stating obvious facts becomes uncivil sign me up.He could have added misogynistic to the comment and been completely justified.

            As to proving the again, the oblivious sickness that the current GOP/cult continues to exhibit and comment on in this forum: fuck that…

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          3. Yes, uncivil.

            Disliking former President Obama is not automatically racist, nor is disliking Hillary Clinton necessarily misogynistic. I despise both of them because of their utter contempt for individual liberty. but I feel the same way about Adam Schiff and Chuck Schummer for the same reasons.

            Race and misogyny have nothing to do with it, and I see no evidence that it does for Mr Roberts either. So unless you have evidence that his dislike for them is because of race or sex, and not policy, an accusation to the contrary is uncivil.


          4. My, aren’t you sensitive! Who did I accuse of racism? What is it that needs to be proved?

            There is a substantial reservoir of hatred for a black man or for a strong woman. That is a given. President Biden taps into neither and yet he too is on the receiving end of emotionally charged hatred as well. So, my explanation is that that Trump has so polluted “conservative” thinking that ANYBODY who has a different idea is to be hated.

            And you do me the favor of providing yourself as an example of an equal opportunity hater. Proving my point. Thanks.

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          5. I didn’t really interpret an “accusation” and was concerned (irritated) by the insinuation and threat.

            He had a valid point and John was not IMO being racist, nor do general comments denigrating HRC necessarily denote misogyny.

            However, it IS a very prevalent and ugly basis for attacking them both.

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          6. Again, while speaking of the hatred addressed at President Obama and Secretary Clinton I was speaking in general and not accusing anybody of anything. Merely leading up to the conclusion that raw hatred is the mother’s milk of the Trump GOP.

            With that said, if someone sees themselves in my comments and takes offense, that is up to them.

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      1. LMAO, all Biden is doing is trying to take credit for Trumps vaccination program and trying to buy the black and Latino vote before it is too late. Even Northam is actively trying to buy votes for the next election.


        1. Why would anyone take credit for a failed vaccination program? That does not even make sense. Distribution of these foreign developed vaccines was floundering when Biden took office. The “plan” of simply dumping them on the states and hoping for the best was ill considered at best.

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          1. Snort!!!
            Biden didn’t do squat but pick up where Trump left off with no changes. Everything was already in place before he took office. Like I said. Taking credit for other people’s work. Biden is a putz!!!


          2. “Biden is a putz!!!”

            You are simply full of shit. You almost always are every time you parachute in with some slander or other.

            And your overtly racist meme about Biden “buying” the black and Latino vote is duly noted.

            Deplorable but not surprising.

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          3. Northam’s vaccine guy Dr Avulo explained why 80 yos weren’t getting vaccinated as the 65 to 74 yo group was getting priority over those over 75 because too few Blacks were in the over 75 group.

            The few open clinics held for those over 65 have been held in Black churches.

            So, yes, at least here in Virginia, the Black vote is being bought with vaccines.

            In addition to the teacher’s union, of course.


          4. I am pretty sure that Bobr was referring to the stimulus program.

            In spite of your whining about unfair priorities, African-Americans are falling behind in vaccinations – too many savvy white queue jumpers maybe?

            And, as you have often pointed out when it suited your purpose, African-Americans are more likely to develop severe illness or to die compared to other groups. Leave it to you to portray reaching out to overcome black resistance to vaccination by involving churches as something sinister. It isn’t.

            None of us can return to normal until nearly ALL of us have been vaccinated. That is the epidemiological fact of the matter. So, quit your belly aching.

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          5. I am well aware that Blacks suffer disproportionately. The risk for a 70 year old Black man is roughly equal to the risk for a 75 year old White man.

            I have no problem with reaching out and encouraging participation.

            What I do have a problem with is explicit allocation by race, particularly across different risk profiles. Prioritizing young Blacks who are public employee union members ahead of White Elders is a problem. I would also have a problem with the inverse.

            Would you be OK if the government were having vaccine clinics at country or yacht clubs?

            Everyone of an equal risk profile should have the same priority and access, regardless of race or party affiliation, but that is not the case. The allocation is cleverly skewed to favor Democrats.


          6. You are well-aware that blacks are disproportionately vulnerable to the virus. You also know that there is a degree of vaccine resistance in the black community that must be overcome before ANY of us are safe but still you whine about clinics in black churches and assign base motives to attempts to address these issues.

            You and people like you are what ails this country. First you gave us Trumpism with its failures in every area – not least of which is the pandemic – and now you seek to carry on his program of hatred and division.


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        2. …” all Biden is doing is trying to take credit for Trumps vaccination program”

          Your bubble mentality is showing. Biden has ramped up production with the DPA, which T**** did not do. Biden is improving the metrics of vaccinations nationwide through coordination with the states. T****’s plan was “Were ya go. Do what ya gotta do.”

          And I could remind you of the fact that T**** inherited a rising economy when he took office, but every one in the bubble wrongly praises T**** for doin things that were done by his predecessor.

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          1. Really?

            Exactly how many doses of vaccine have been delivered beyond the contracted original order and options?

            I’ll give you a hint. Zero.

            Trump contracted for 100 million doses, with an option for another 100 million from each of 6 potential developers.

            That’s 400million doses from Pfizer and Moderna alone. At 2 doses per patient, thats’ 200 million Americans.

            J&J is committed to 200 million doses of single dose vaccine.

            There are only 249 million Americans eligible for the vaccine.

            The rate of production is mot limited by money or intent, it is at peak. Pharmaceutical companies are already sharing the effort with those companies without a vaccine of their own making components for the winners.

            Biden can order them to go faster, but it will have no more effect than ordering the tide not to rise.

            I had hoped he would at least improve on the allocation plan by emphasizing oldest frost, but he has doubled down on “equity” first.

            He hasn’t added a single dose or in any way improved on what Trump passed on to him.


          2. Typically you focus on a metric that does not matter. The one that does is the vaccinations in people’s arms not the doses lost in transit or thrown in the dustbin. Trump promised 20 million vaccinations by the end of the year. It was off that by 85% or so. Distribution and inoculation were foundering when Biden took office. Now they are not.

            Under Trump states were struggling under the burden of unreliable delivery forecasts. Biden has focused attention on the underlying data systems that Trump ignored.

            Another metric you ignore is the flow of vaccination paraphernalia such syringes and protective gear. Biden has invoked the DPA to get those essentials moving to match the flow of vaccines. Trump did not.

            Biden is justified in taking credit for what he has done and that is far more than inheriting a robust vaccination effort from Trump.

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          3. Nope, The vaccines were delivered with the syringes.

            Distribution did not flounder at the Federal level. Pfizer was initially late on early deliveries but that was corrected before Biden tool office. Teh delays were at the State level.

            Some states, particularly our own, did screw up the rollout but not because they didn’t have the vaccines. Even Virginia never outpaced delivery. the delivery shortages early on were caught up before the initial supplies were used up. The interruptions were the result of initially retaining 2nd doses but Azar ended that practice before Trump left.

            The slow pace in Virginia is entirely the result of Northam’s political allocation of the vaccine.

            Biden is taking credit for the work of others.


          4. So a million doses per day (shots in arms) is now 1.5 million per day. Yeah. No change there. Just a 50% increase because of improved planning and coordination with the states.

            And like with the schools reopening, it is the states’ allocations, not Biden’s. If he were to tell states how to vaccinate their populations, you would be screaming how dare he.

            Can’t have it both way, Don. Though you do make a valiant effort at trying.


          5. Why is that?

            Trump’s initial order, plus the contractual options for more, are more than enough to vaccinate all Americans over 18.

            Any additional supplies will be for export until vaccine doses are approved for children.


          6. LOL!

            Trump promised 20 million vaccinations by the end of the year.
            The number was less than 3 million.
            You can spin and spin and spin but that is what failure looks like.

            As for your “Nope” there may have been syringes available for those first three million doses but matching the supply of syringes AND PPE to the supply of vaccines was an issue that Biden had to address because Trump hadn’t. While ordering vaccines in hundreds of millions, how many syringes were ordered by Trump? Here is a hint : Not nearly enough. One contract for 100 million.

            Per the GAO in February . . . “Shortages of ancillary supplies in particular have been a concern before
            and throughout the vaccination campaign.” President Biden has addressed this concern by invoking the DPA act.



          7. “. . . arranged for purchase of 850 million”

            Is this a joke?

            According to your link it was a whistleblower who got this problem into the public because the Trump administration was not talking about it. Typical Trumpian head-in-the-sand approach.

            According to your link Trump’s guy Navarro acknowledged the need for 850 million additional syringes. This was in February 2020. Acknowledging the need is NOT – as you claimed – making arrangements to meet the need. Did you read too fast?

            According to your link there was ONE government contract for far less than the acknowledged requirement. No mention of your “arrangements” to buy more.

            According to your link there was not enough manufacturing CAPACITY to meet the surge in world-wide demand for syringes.

            Uh, knowing about a problem and doing something about it are very different things. Your link documents that the Trump administration knew about the problem – thanks to a whistleblower. It does not document anything much being done. Where were the orders for 850 million syringes? Where was the deployment of the DPA to address this huge shortfall in capacity? It had to wait for President Biden.

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          8. “Are you aware of any vaccine clinics canceled for lack of syringes?”

            First you misrepresent the contents of a link and now you ask an irrelevant question?

            The answer is no, not yet and hopefully never. That does not change the fact that the need is real and it took the Biden administration to grapple with it.

            And then there is the fact that Pfizer is getting credit for six doses per vial but the need for specialized syringes to get them out has not been addressed. Until now.


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          9. We have nothing but your unsupported assertion that there is any shortage of syringes. The link I provided shows the possibility was seen a year ago and that steps were being taken. In any case, Biden has not been in office long enough for syringes to have been ordered and manufactured.

            Biden may claim he is coming to the rescue, but he lies a lot.

            Pfizer discovered that the overfill in their bottles could be recovered for an extra dose and asked the FDA for approval to supply low loss syringes.

            There is nothing terribly special about those. Most of the syringes have a detachable needle and a small amount of vaccine is lost in the spout of the syringe and the hub if the needle. It is for that anticipated loss that the overfill is there in the first place.

            The low loss syringes have the needle built into the syringe, with no spout or hub. They are basically diabetic syringes with a longer needle.

            Pfizer’s discovery that using such syringes gains extra doses when we need them is good news, but not a political issue.


          10. …” but he lies a lot.”…

            You really wanna go there on the “lying a lot” issue?

            You gave his predecessor a pass as “misspeaking” or “speaking carelessly” Now you want to claim that Biden lies a lot? Coffee out the nose hysterical.

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          11. Let’s recap. In your defense of Trump’s failure to get the vaccination program on track you . . .

            1. Completely misrepresent the contents of your linked evidence.
            2. Deliberately confuse knowing about a problem and doing something about it.
            3. Claimed that the needed syringes had been arranged for when they had not.
            4. Ask an irrelevant rhetorical question that does not address the issue.
            5. Tell us how simple these special syringes are without addressing the fact they are MIA.
            6. Call Biden a liar out of the blue and without evidence other than your own hatred.

            Sophistry, misdirection, alternative facts and name-calling.

            Laughable. All this rather than accept the obvious – Trump is a crappy administrator whose main skill is hoping problems will just go away. As I have said before, the concept of OWS was just what was needed. But the actual running of it was a shambles waiting for a return to competent leadership. Which Biden is now providing.

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          12. And still you present no evidence that the alleged exists.

            And the special syringes were not even suggested until early January, They are simple but it still requires time to start mass production.

            But again, have any vaccinations been delayed due to lack of syringes? If not, then it would seem Trump’s people did just fine.


          13. “And still you present no evidence that the alleged exists.”

            I don’t need to. You already did. It was documented in the link you shared.

            If the Biden administration successfully scrambles to meet the challenge of producing enough syringes, vials and PPE to match the vaccines, their success does not absolve Trump of punting.

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          14. No, the link showed the potential for a problem was recognized a year ago and they knew what was needed. It in no way shows the potential problem wasnt dealt with


          15. “It in no way shows the potential problem wasn’t dealt with”

            More to the point it in no way shows that it WAS dealt with.
            Even though you claimed that it did.

            You pulled the 850 million figure from Navarro’s FEBRUARY (not May) memo and stated that “[The Trump administration] arranged for purchase of 850 million syringes . . .” Uh, no. They did not. They may have assumed that the supplies would be there when needed but they did not “arrange” anything like what was needed.

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          16. “CNN’s fact checking does not impress me.”

            It is worth noting that when the WSJ writes a piece where they accuse President Biden of falsehood they use the “Trump-like” to make their point.

            Trump says “I won the election in a landslide” and you say “Oh, that is just hyperbole.”
            Biden says “The pandemic was out of control when I took office” and that is re-writing history.

            There is zero evidence that what Trump said is true and a lot of evidence that supports what Biden said not the least of which is that this country was failing badly compared to other countries, deaths and infections were through the roof and the vaccination delivery was floundering – 85% behind plan.

            In short, you have it ass backwards. Trump is re-writing history (of the election and a lot of other things) and, AT MOST, Biden can be accused of hyperbole.


          17. ” 85% behind plan.”

            Cite? What plan? Biden set a goal of 1 million doses a day, which had already been exceeded more than once before he tool office.


          18. Your own link concedes that 2.6 million doses had been administered by the Federal government and 12.4 million doses had been delivered to the States. And that more had been sent but had not counted due to lags in reporting.

            The States had 8 months notice that they would be administering the vaccines to their citizens, so it is hardly Trump’s fault that they were caught unready.


          19. “Hardly Trump’s Fault?”

            Trump made the promise. Trump set the goal. Trump punted responsibility to the states.
            The promise was 20 million people vaccinated. The actual was less than 3 million. That is a failure and a broken promise.

            You say it was not Trump’s fault? That is what you ALWAYS say about every one of Trump’s egregious failures. Always someone else’s fault. Not his.

            But no matter. The original point was that – whosever fault it was – Biden inherited a vaccine delivery program that was a mess. And he did.


          20. Will you be holding Biden to an equal standard?

            Trump set a goal, and in spite of the best efforts of the FDA to drag its feet, he got 15 of 20 million doses out to the States.

            That the states, and especially Virginia, sat on the doses is not his failure. They had 8 months to get ready, but they didn’t even start selecting those who came first until the vaccines were on the shelf.

            But it is pitiful that you will go to such extremes to try to deny the greatest medical triumph of our lifetimes.

            No Democrat administration, with their hostility to business and their fetish for control could have had a vaccine in arms in less that a year. They couldn’t have done it in 2 years and would never have had 3 in less than a year with 3 more coming. Nor could they have marshalled the cooperation between competitors Trump was able to inspire and assist.

            Right now, Merck, whose vaccine failed to get good results, will be using its resources to assist J&J get more vaccine to the market.

            But you’ll probably try to give Biden credit for that teamwork between competitors too, even though Big Pharma has been assisting each other since OWS was begun,

            Biden has been handed a fresh start, and instead of being grateful Trump dealt with the crisis for him, he and his tribe will try to denigrate what was done for them.

            But they will drive that fresh start into the ditch anyway.


          21. With all due respect, you are simply ridiculous.

            Your giving Trump credit for the development of vaccines in record time is ridiculous. The vaccines were developed in other countries. Duh. So too is your claim that no Democratic administration could get these vaccines distributed is one you have pulled out of your ass with no real world reference involved. That too is ridiculous.

            Now you want to move the goalposts from where Trump set them. The promise was 20 million inoculations by the end of the year. Not vaccine somewhere in the pipeline but in people’s arms. The actual was somewhere less than 3 million. That is a failure. Period.

            I blame Trump because he was the man in charge. “The buck stops here.” You want to find someone else to blame as if failures down the chain of command exonerate the man at the top. They don’t.

            Maybe you have forgotten but I haven’t – the 100,000 or more extra deaths caused by Trump’s passive and dishonest response THROUGHOUT the pandemic. Even now silly Republican lives are going to be lost because Trump will not use his influence to encourage social distancing and something as basic as mask-wearing among his cult. As I recall, you once referred to such deliberately mask less people as “sociopaths.” I guess that is “inoperative” now.

            But in all of this pathological absurdity one claim stands above all the others . . .

            “[Biden should be grateful that] Trump dealt with the crisis for him”


          22. “You probably have convinced yourself that garbage is true.”
            Back at ya.

            It is very telling that your basis for calling President Biden a liar is the opinion of a person who was one of those who failed to get the pandemic response right. He is the kind of hack that makes other political hacks look good. Check out his career as I just did. It is – to be generous – checkered.

            His rank of admiral sounds impressive until you realize that he never served in the Navy. It was a rank given to him by Trump. It should be noted that Giroir was Trump’s testing czar. He got that appointment although he had been summarily discharged from his role at the Texas A&M vaccine program for being “more interested in promoting yourself” than the health science. No surprise, our testing program under Trump was a disaster. Senator Romney publicly criticized Giroir for gaslighting success when there was none. Self-promoting again.

            There are a couple of other tells of hackery. First, anything on the Daily Caller is highly suspect. I instantly judged correctly that I was going see raw bullshit. And second, Giroir is spinning his tale of Trump success as a guest of Sean Hannity. That alone is enough said for anybody with any sense.

            But, Trump did have a vaccination plan. It was simple.

            1. Buy vaccine.
            2. Have the sellers ship it to the states.
            3. Hope for the best.

            THAT is the essence of the “plan” that Biden inherited. No wonder Trump would not share the “plan” during the transition.


          23. The “plan” was a bit more involved

            “Buy vaccine.”

            What vaccine? There wasn’t any. More accurately, provide incentives to rapid development and manufacture of vaccines by protecting developers from risk by prepurchase of vaccines before they were developed.

            “Have the sellers ship it to the states.”

            Arrange ahead of time for super cold storage and transport, and notify states of their role in administering vaccines 8 months ahead of delivery, and provide funds for distribution by the states.

            “Hope for the best.”

            And sadly, fail to prevent Democrat governors from using the vaccine as political patronage instead of to save lives.


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