VA GOP proves it fears its own voters

By deciding to hold a drive through “convention” in Lexington (at Liberty University), not exactly centrally located, instead of a primary, the Commonwealth Republicans show how much they are concerned about their own voters choosing someone so unelectable by the public in the General Election that they could never win statewide.

The myth of Democrats participating in the GOP Primary to the point they would affect the outcome is as idiotic as the unproven election fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. Even the primaried GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman called it “Bizarre Drive Thru Idiocy”.

And let me be the first to congratulate Kirk Cox on “winning” the GOP nomination for Governor.

12 thoughts on “VA GOP proves it fears its own voters

  1. “ The myth of Democrats participating in the GOP Primary to the point they would affect the outcome is as idiotic as the unproven election fraud in the 2020 Presidential election.”

    The irony is that the only real drive to cross over voting was from the hero of the hard right, Rush Limbaugh. He organized and heavily promoted “Operation Chaos” to elect Clinton over Obama in the 2008 primaries.

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  2. Well, to be “fair and balanced” if the Democratic base consisted mainly of racists, nativists, misogynists and other deplorables they would want to hold a convention too knowing full well that a candidate selected in a primary by such people would be anathema to decent folks who love America and its ideals.

    Sounds harsh, I know, but it is obviously what is going on. Thanks Trump. No really, I mean it. Thanks Trump for kneecapping the Republican Party.

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  3. And you have some type of proof to back up your assertion that Democrats don’t try to sabotage GOP primaries? It’s possible that both sides engage in it but to claim it is a myth without some sort of proof makes the assertion, well, a myth.


    1. A few people from the other party may do what you say, but the only organized effort to screw around with the other party’s primary in this state was done by Rush Limbaugh.

      I know you want to find an alternative reason for this convention decision but it is pretty clear that it is exactly what the headline says – the leaders of the GOP want to have a chance to win and they are afraid of what all their deplorables would do in a primary. Their fear is justified. Important elections have been lost because of the decisions made by Trumpish voters. Remember the Woman who was not a Witch who handed a Senate seat in Delaware to the Democrats when she beat the most popular politician in the state – Mike Castle – in a primary. This is interesting and sad . . .

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    2. There is no proof that the election was stolen from T****, yet you believe it was.

      Don’t ask for proof when you don’t provide any to back your own arguments.

      Besides, it has been shown repeatedly that the idea of interference in primaries occurs in states where no registration by party is required, it does not happen to the extent others want to believe. Kind of like the fraud issue that even T****’s OWN AG, Bill Barr, said there was no evidence of the widespread fraud alleged in the 60+plus lawsuits.

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      1. You have no clue what I think so stop pretending you do. Again, your assertions are as baseless as you claiming to know what I think. That’s the trouble with Democrats, you assume way too much and then get mouthy wild and petulant claims against other people.


        1. “You have no clue what I think”…

          Correct me if I am wrong then. Do you believe that the election was stolen from T**** through widespread voter fraud?

          As far as my assertions go: Tell me how they are baseless. You seem to be all knowing, tell me.

          Mouthy and petulant versus crude and idiotic. I’ll take mouthy every time.


          1. I am following another’s example in not using the previous Presidents name. I explained this to you before. I have no problem reminding you.

            But you still have no clear answer to the question I posed. It is really quite simple: Do you believe the election was stolen via widespread fraud?


    3. Could be that a very, very low number of Democrats would ask for the ‘Republican Ballot’, but in all my years of supporting and working to get Dems elected, I have not one time met anyone planning to pass up a ‘Democratic Ballot’ when asked at the polling place, “Which ballot do you want, Democratic or Republican.?”

      It never seemed remotely sensible to waste even a ‘sure-thing’ vote in favor of voting for an R, when another piece of paper would allow me to vote for a D. Just saying.

      You obviously believe that Democrats feel much more assured that their fave candidate will win, to the extent that they are willing to toss their vote into the trash pile of the GOP.

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